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How to find information about a project in Houston?


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The last time I lived in Houston, you couldn't just look up city information online.  Naturally, that's changed now.

How does one find out about a project in the city of Houston?  Every time I move, all of the department names and structures change, so I have to go through this every few years.

Starting small — The retail space in The Star (111 Rusk).  There's been a red-and-white sign in the window for months now with some kind of cryptic serial number on it, instead of any actual information that might be useful to the public.  Is there a city web page where I can plug in that number and find out what's planned?  I suspect something is going to happen soon, because the well-dressed people who are leasing that space have been around the building a few times in the last week or so. 

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Thanks, that's a start.  But I'm still not able to find any information based on the address.  Maybe they're going to use the San Jacinto side for the address.  I'll have to write down the number on the sign.

Does Houston have a public GIS site?  Lots of cities added them around 2010, but I've noticed some have put them behind paywalls recently. 

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