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Splitting Land Into Units

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Good day everyone,


I work as a construction manager for a builder here in Texas and have racked up enough cash to start working on building my own homes. Im currently working on designing building plans and will soon start working on getting permits with the city. Here my question(s)


I currently own a empty lot in a residential neighborhood that's the size of four regular properties. I want to build four separate single-family homes here and sell them off one by one. I wanted to know if its possible to split this property into four units and sell the units separately. Example. 123 A Jane Street, 123 B Jane Street, 123 C Jane Street, 123 D Jane Street. Sell 123 A Jane Street and then start building on 123 B Jane street, sell that and start building again. Or do I have to replat the entire lot into four separate addresses. 


I ask this because I've seen developers buy out a lot and shove as many townhomes in there as possible and sell them off. 


Any information is greatly appreciate, thank you 

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