Magnolia house built early 1950s - rotted floor beams

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JDB    0

Pier and Beam house in Magnolia, built early 1950s, the floor underneath kitchen completely rotted, kitchen gutted down to the dirt.  Concrete foundation/crawl-space wall on three sides of the kitchen location.  This crawl-space area under the kitchen has had very poor ventilation for the last 60 years.  When it rains, water collects inside the concrete foundation walls.


I am in need of a structural engineer who has experience in working with homes built in the early 1950s.  Recommendations with moisture barrier installation; crawl-space ventilation; answering questions such as "what wood is rotted and what isn't?"; etc...


I have gotten a quote on kitchen repairs, but I don't want to build something that's going to completely rot out in 10 years.  Any advice on a good structural engineer with experience dealing with old pier and beam homes?

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Ross    699

My grandparents house was built like this, but had concrete where you have dirt. They never had any problems with water standing, as the concrete was sloped properly.

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