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Why do I constantly punish myself by going to C-D?


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I always end up meandering to that dumpster fire of a site every other day only to be reminded why I need to avoid it like the plague, yet I keep finding myself back there, reading the mindlessly biased drivel of realtors and concerned mothers alike, bouncing off eachothers' exaggerated notions predictably like a soundboard. Urban Dictionary got it right:


"A relocation forum that claims to allow all points of view but is really just a front for Realtors. moderators are given extreme power and control to ban members they disagree with."\


All in all, thanks to everyone here for being everything that elephant graveyard isn't. :)

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Trying to create a topic about a history of any part of a city is an exercise in frustration, you're lucky if you get more than 3 responses, and you better hope that someone's active there, or else it will be lost in the endless tides of "[Minority] family moving to [city/neighborhood]" topics and clickbait. Not even a community exists there, except in the horrifying off-topic sections, which you'll find when disturbing/weird topics float up in the "Recent Topics/Replies" sidebar.

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