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Welding Services needed... and I got glass.


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I am trying to shorten the structural cross members of a desk to create a new furniture piece.


Looking to remove the middle section out of 5 members (each about 1" round tube) then weld the ends together.  I assume this would need and include putting a smaller diameter tube "peg" at the new joint for added structural integrity.


Any haifers weld and offer their services for such small projects ?

Can any welders gimme a clue as to how much i should pay for services like that?


Also.. doubt i'd be so lucky as to find a welder in need of glass and willing to barter...

But I also have a 3/8" sheet of glass from said desk that I no longer need - 30" x 58"


So does any artist or furnituremaker need a piece of glass.. make me an offer... especially if you also weld.



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Found a friend who did the welding..


Figured I'd share my project...

Turned a crap 90's desk with a glass top into a desk half the size utilizing an old breadbasket and engineering drafting table top I had laying around. Breadbasket will be my printing station.


Also..  I still have that glass laying around. 3/8" sheet of glass - 30" x 58"

At this point..  anyone willing to come pick it up.. it's yours.  Direct message me if interested.








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