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My photos: Berlin, Germany

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Nice. I would love to visit there some day.

I went to Berlin and Frankfurt. The two cities are VERY different, which surprised me. I always assumed that all German cities would be alike. Except maybe for Munich and some of the alpine areas.

I liked Berlin a lot more. It seemed more cultured, more interesting, more historic. Far cleaner than Frankfurt.

There's history in Frankfurt, but it's mostly confined to one district. Frankfurt is a lot like Houston -- a modern metropolis growing out of what was once a smaller city. But Frankfurt has all the filth and nastiness of New York in the 70's. My hotel was only a few blocks from the train station, and I had to step over or around SIX passed out junkies on the way. And while the skyscrapers are nice, like Houston in the 90's, the downtown shuts down on weekends and there is little to do and see.

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