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Austin-Layne B&B On Westheimer Rd.

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The huge "OPEN" banner on the attached Demitasse Cafe notwithstanding-- The Austin Layne B&B has closed-- not sure if they were open for an entire year or not-- The family that owned it was friendly, The renovations to the two 1910 structures was commendable and the coffee was good-never seeemed to have a huge amount of business but locals seems to use it for a gathering spot-- I will miss it- I hope that another B&B will go in--

It's nice to have an alternative option to stay if you don't want to be downtown and the Lovett Inn is full---

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I watched them renovate this place--The orginal huge wooden plank walls were left exposed--the stained glass windows were still intact--both fireplaces were original-- all from 1910-- it's amazing to think that the Link-Lee mansion wasn't built until 1915--the whole place was very appealing but didn't get as much business as the owners were hoping-- I walked out of the brunch at Sorentos today and saw a car stop and knock at the door of the cafe--the Open sign must be confusing--I think the lawyers next door are moving out of that old house also-- so i guess there is a potential to buy and turn all three buildings into something? I agree that tearing the B&B down would be a shame.

There are rumors that a new B&B is being rehabed on Avondale blvd next to the old Montrose Guest house-- which has sold recently-

the back yard of that place is totally torn up and i guess parking will be provided in the back yard to avoid the terrible mess of permit parking on that particular block of Avondale blvd -- I am going to miss this little business also.

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