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City Council Election - Sherman For Pearland

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Last Saturday's Pearland City Council Election ended in a runoff for Position 2. The leader, Scott Sherman, secured 45.56% of the vote. Scott's closest opponent in the 4-person race had 28.69% of the vote. Without a 50% majority, a runoff election is required.

Scott is a resident of Shadow Creek Ranch. Scott's priorities include crime, traffic, city services and a greener Pearland. You can find more information about Scott by visiting his website, www.shermanforpearland.com. From there, you can contact Scott directly or make a campaign contribution. You can also become a fan of Elect Scott Sherman for Pearland City Council on Facebook!

The runoff election will be held on Saturday, June 20, 2009. PLEASE take the time to early vote or visit the polls on June 20th! Even if you did not vote in the general election, you ARE eligible to vote in the runoff! Your support is important and helps ensure that we have someone looking out for our interests at the Council table!

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from The Journal of Pearland

Run-off between Carranza and Sherman scheduled June 20


Updated: 05.11.09

Pearland's city election on Saturday resulted in a run-off for City Council Position No. 2 between Ben Carranza and Scott Sherman.

In order to have a run-off, none of the candidates can win more than 50 percent of the vote. Sherman won 45 percent while Carranza won 28 percent.

According to County Clerk Joyce Hudman, the run-off election is scheduled for June 20. Early voting will take place from June 8 to June 16, but voting locations have not been determined yet.

Felicia Kyle re-captured her council seat for position No. 4. Kyle took 71 percent of the vote against Terence Norman who won 16 percent and Richard Oliver who won 11 percent.

In the Pearland ISD Trustee election, Andrew Solomon defeated Ethan Crowell for Position No. 4 with 55 percent of the vote.

Virgil Gant ran unopposed for Trustee Position No. 3.

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Another endorsement. I don't hear/read much about his opponent.

The Developers of the

WaterLights District

are pleased to support, endorse and vote for

Scott Sherman

for Pearland City Council

Please join us in supporting Scott Sherman

By Voting Early or on Election Day (Saturday, June 20th)

Early Voting Dates and Times

June 15

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