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Hey everyone,

I'm just curious if anyone out there has advice for a landscape architecture student that has completed 3 full years of school. I'm trying to find a summer internship but am not sure of all the different companies out there hiring for the summer. If anyone has more information that could help I'd really appreciate it. I'm not too concerned with what the company specializes in, it just needs to have a design facet because I'm not looking to get into any kind of maintenance work (I've done enough grunt work in the summer.) Anyways, thank you in advance to anyone who has some good information.


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Bryan - I'm sorry as this is most probably coming way too late, but just FYI . . .

There is a gentleman named Wayne Franks who is the owner of a landcape company in Houston called Outdoor Homescapes who was looking for people like you several months ago. You can try to contact him at wfranks@houston.rr.com or call him at 713-569-1341 if you are interested, or save it for your next break from school. He does some very sophisticated, computerized landscape design and said his business was growing so fast that he needed more landcape architects with computer skills to help him. Best of luck!!


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