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Found 20 results

  1. I was browsing the City of Houston Public Library's Digital Archives and I found the Hugh Waddell mansion in the neighborhood Quality Hill with an address of 2404 Caroline Street. I really love these old homes! The tall circular turrets are cool. I can definitely see how Quality Hill was the original River Oaks. All these grand mansions sitting on high value land.
  2. I was browsing the City of Houston Public Library's Digital Archives and I found the Edward Peden mansion in the neighborhood Quality Hill with an address of 1017 Bell Avenue.
  3. I was browsing the City of Houston Public Library's Digital Archives and I found the Jonas Rice mansion in the neighborhood Quality Hill with an address of 2304 Crawford Street.
  4. I was researching the William Hutchins Mansion located in the Quality Hill neighborhood of Houston. I first started reading the Houstonhistorymagazine's article about Quality Hill. That gave me: In 1850 Hutchins built one of the earliest and what was considered one of the finest houses in Quality Hill. It stood on the corner of Franklin Avenue and La Branch Street, near Hutchins’s place of business on the corner of Franklin Avenue and Main Street. I then came to a City of Houston Landmark Designation Report for the Palace Hotel located at 216 LaBranch Street. In that report, I saw: Sanborn insurance maps from 1885 show Block 25 with the Globe Hotel down the street on the corner of Congress and Austin. The present location of the Palace Hotel building is vacant land. The large house on Block 25 that faces Franklin was the Hutchins house, one of the large houses that were once common in this area known as Quality Hill. Ownership by the Hutchins family of the lots of Block 25 can be traced back to 1853. I then went to the Library of Congress to look at the 1885 Sanborn insurance map. I then located the mansion on Block 25:
  5. I couldn't find information on the old Charles Longcope Mansion located at 109 Chenevert Street in the Quality Hill neighborhood of Houston. The Houston Daily Post dated April 25, 1898: Unfolding the flag. The Lords' Bicycle Club the Scene of a Gallant Event. Yesterday morning at 10 o'clock the old Longscope building on Chenevert street, now the Lord's Cycle club headquarters, was the scene of a jolly, enthusiastic and most patriotic crowed of member and friends of the bicycle club-- Houstonhistorymagazine.org: The Southwestern Historical Quarterly dated July 1967 - April, 1968:
  6. I noticed this awesome home the other day. Owned by the Henke and Pillot team member C.G. Pillot. This was featured in the Standard Blue Book of Texas Houston Edition dated 1907-1908. I wonder where this was. The Heights? Downtown?
  7. Found this on a web site called [link removed]. Says it was taken in 1943. Any ideas?
  8. I was researching the Quality Hill neighborhood and came across the home of Cornelius Ennis located at 216 Congress at the corner of Jackson. Houston city directory for 1882-83:
  9. I was looking at the Standard Blue Book of Texas Houston Edition dated 1907-1908 and came across a few cool, old, homes. I found the Residences of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Meyer. Very cool! I wonder where this was located?
  10. Does anyone know where I might locate a photo of the now-demolished Dillingham residence that once stood at 1214 Rusk Street in Houston? Architect George Dickey claimed to be the designer of the home, but it was actually a slight variant of design #485 published by Robert W. Shoppell in "Shoppell's Modern Houses" (1887). Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  11. Although it was more in a transitional style of architecture, the original design of the Waldo Mansion had some Second Empire elements (tower, mansard roof) before it was moved out of Quality Hill.
  12. Here are some links to a very interesting house that started it's life in 1916 in downtown Houston and was moved south to the Brazos river area in the 30s. http://lifeonthebrazosriver.com/ScanlanHouse.htm https://mylifebehindbars.net/2017/02/02/the-scanlan-mansion/ Here some lucky kids got to explore it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hc4O32eiT5Q Coordinates are approximately 29° 28'44.35"N 95° 28'58.64" The story doesn't have a happy ending. This lovely historic home was recently demolished to make room for more Sienna Plantation homes. So sad.
  13. The Witch's Hat House, from the Houston Architectural Guide, second edition. I used to see this house all the time because I used to bank at Gibraltar, now Bank of America, on San Jacinto and it was right across the street. In the late 80's it looked pretty sharp and slowly deteriorated. Sad, but no one wanted to live there in those days. Interestingly, it won a Good Brick award in 1981!
  14. I may be wrong, but I think the couple of houses left over by the Convention Center were part of a neighborhood called Quality Hill. Some of the ones on Main though, rivaled Bishop's Palace.
  15. I know Mitchell Louis Westheimer owned hundreds, if not thousands of acres of land in the Houston and surrounding areas. From what I gather, his plantation ranch was near the intersection of Westheimer Road and Buffalo Speedway. I believe Mitchell gave HISD the land to build Lamar High School on Westheimer rd. Does any photos, or drawings, of his plantation ranch exist? I'm looking for his historic mansion. While looking at the Houston Public Library Digital Archives I see a historic mansion that housed the business Westheimer Undertaking Company. It was one of Mitchell's many business ventures. Did he and his family also live here? Or was the mansion just an office for Westheimer Undertaking Company? Grand mansion housing the Westheimer Undertaking Company 1929-03-29
  16. KBR Headquarters? Really? I thought they were in the KBR Tower downtown. Also, I should have been more specific on the last one -- I'm looking for the name of the blue house on cinderblocks in the center of the frame.
  17. I'm looking for help trying to find the Taub family mansion in Houston. Where did Ben Taub live? Any info would be greatly appreciated! Thanks
  18. Anyone know how Kirby Drive got its name? I found an old story from the 1986 Chronicle about street names, but it doesn't talk about Kirby. Anyone know?
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