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  1. https://commprecinct2.org/communityparks/ https://communityimpact.com/houston/conroe-montgomery/government/2023/03/29/montgomery-county-approves-master-plan-creation-for-fish-creek-regional-park/ " A master plan for the Montgomery County Precinct 2 Fish Creek Regional Park is underway after the Montgomery County Commissioners Court approved a professional services agreement with Burditt Consultants, LLC during its March 28 meeting. The agreement was approved as part of the consent agenda, on which items are approved with one motion without discussion. Fish Creek Regional Park will span 391 acres and be located off the Fish Creek thoroughfare near the Woodforest community, according to Precinct 2’s website."
  2. Houston area to get a new commercial airport? Whoa! Now this would be interesting. What airlines would service this? Southwest maybe? https://m.chron.com/neighborhood/moco/news/article/Conroe-North-Houston-Regional-Airport-could-add-13637260.php
  3. French Quarter Plans $100M for Resort Redo By Amy Wolff Sorter 600 Del Lago Blvd.LAKE CONROE, TX-A 174-acre vacant resort will have a second life with help from its new owner, Atlanta-based French Quarter Group. The buyer plans to invest more than $100 million into the Del Lago Resort & Conference Center, its first property in Texas. http://www.globest.com/news/938_938/houston/161872-1.html
  4. Fidelis breaks ground on HEB-anchored shopping center in Willis community https://www.bizjournals.com/houston/news/2021/09/07/fidelis-market-willis-shopping-center-broke-ground.html Fidelis, a Houston-based commercial real estate company, has broken ground on The Market at Willis Shopping Center. The project is at the southeast corner of Interstate 45 and FM 1097 in Willis, north of Conroe. Construction on the first phase of the shopping center, anchored by an H-E-B, has already started. The grocery store will occupy more than 110,000 square feet, according to Fidelis' marketing brochure for The Market at Willis. The Market at Willis is part of a new 510-acre master-planned community on the former Moran Ranch land. Houston-based Satya Inc. and Stolz Partners of Alpharetta, Georgia, teamed up to purchase the tract in Montgomery County in 2019, and Fidelis bought its initial 31.6 acres for the shopping center shortly thereafter. Fidelis later purchased two adjacent tracts, bringing the future shopping center to 69.7 acres. Phase one is expected to create over 200,000 square feet for retail, restaurants and service tenants. So far, restaurants include Crust Pizza at 3,000 square feet, Mod Pizza at 2,800 square feet and Akashi Asian Bistro & Sushi Bar at 6,000 square feet, according to the brochure. Retailers include the Texas Hair Team at 1,600 square feet, Great Clips at 1,200 square feet and Community Dental Partners at 2,000 square feet.
  5. Traffic crashes linked to distracted driving increased 3 percent statewide from 2015 to 2016, totaling 108,962 crashes last year, according to a March 30 statement from the Texas Department of Transportation. To spread awareness of the growing trend, TxDOT hosts its “Talk, Text, Crash” public safety campaign in April. According to TxDOT data, the number of distracted driving crashes in Harris County increased 45.6 percent between 2010 and 2015, growing from 9,786 incidents to 14,250 incidents. The post Distracted driving crashes have increased in Harris, Montgomery and Fort Bend counties since 2010 appeared first on Community Impact Newspaper. View the full article
  6. Dinosaur City seeks '08 opening in Montgomery County By BRAD HEM Copyright 2006 Houston Chronicle TOOLS Email Get section feed Print Subscribe NOW RESOURCES More on the theme park Location of Dinosaur City East Montgomery County could become home to a dinosaur theme park complete with dinosaur skeletons, animals and mock fossil digs, park developers announced Thursday. .............................................. The park, which also would include an IMAX theater, water park, conference center and hotel, is expected to provide up to 1,000 jobs and could draw more than a million visitors a year, said Frank McCrady, president and CEO of the improvement district. A destination tourist attraction would also draw restaurants, retail and hotels to the area, providing tax revenue and making the district's investment worthwhile, he said. "It's going to be a tremendous amenity for our area and for the city of Houston," McCrady said. "It's a win for our entire area." The park's creator is "Dino" Don Lessem, author of 47 books and an adviser to the movie Jurassic Park and Walt Disney Co.'s Animal Kingdom. Dinosaur City would be like a mini-Epcot Center, "not an amusement park but an experience park," said Don Holbrook, the park's site selection director for the developers. Kids would be able to excavate dinosaur bones from mock dig sites. Various birds, emus, alligators and other animals would be on display. And wooded walking trails will feature dinosaur replicas, Lessem said. ........................... http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/business/4307187.html ____________________________ I hope this plan goes through.
  7. The Chronicle has the scoop on a new master-planned community on the Vaughn Tract in Montgomery County -- Think I-45 North Freeway at Grand Parkway. The developer is Toll Brothers, a pretty large national builder. It bills itself as a "luxury" homebuilder, but then they all do.
  8. A young woman from Houston successfully landed her plane in a Conroe street after an engine failure. http://blog.chron.co...owntown-conroe/ The pilot, Sarah Chantal Rovner, was doing a Civil Air Patrol flight from West Houston Airport to Lone Star Airport. This was at night, with few visual aids. She had completed around 100 hours of training before the accident flight. It was a very skilled, successful emergency landing. She has been compared to Chesley Sullenberger by one news story: http://www.39online....0,5920169.story A video about the event is here:
  9. Linky: http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/business/7572681.html
  10. Today I got to wondering--with exponential growth taking place in Montgomery County right now, what will the county, mainly south county, look like in 20 years from now? What are the chances of highrises moving in ( to the likes of Anadarko) or commuter rail? Will we have Metro moving in? Will the county deal with density by growing 'up' or will homes and infrastructure continuously be pushed further and further out? With 'Earthquest' moving into Porter, I'd imagine East County has the greatest potential to see most of the growth as major hotels, restaurants and housing developments take advantage of the some 3 million visitors per year that is being projected.
  11. Don't really have a problem with the DA's new policy......if that is how they want to roll. But, will the DA's office ALSO Tweet a retraction if the person arrested under suspicion of DWI is found NOT GUILTY or the charges against them are dropped ?
  12. Has anyone heard of and/or know the location of the Lake Trails Condominiums in or around Montgomery? It does not showup on a Google search. Were they sold or renamed?
  13. I researched and my cousin owns 22 acres in Shannon Owen in North Houston. Since he is no longer with us, I am tasked with finding this place. Yet the Montgomery County Appraisal District only gives me the Lot and Section numbers - no map or address. Is there another way I can find this property? Legal Description: A0036 SHANNON OWEN, TRACT 24 PT, 39, ACRES 21.970 Acreage: 21.970 Cross Reference:0036-00-02400
  14. Montgomery County has been ranked number 16 in the entire Nation for job growth. http://www.hcnonline.com/articles/2008/08/..._job_growth.txt
  15. Interesting piece today in Slate about a Montgomery County newspaper (The Bulletin) that has been "borrowing" articles from other sources / newspapers / magazines without giving any credit: Dude, You Stole My Article My first impressions? Mark Williams totally doesn't exist. And I'm surprised that even after being called out for their alleged plagiarism, the newspaper went ahead and printed a new issue with even more cribbed articles!
  16. I know real estate agents have come across all kinds of crazy things in houses they're showing, but this is just terrible: Real estate agent finds body in Montgomery County home Yikes.
  17. I posted this a few days ago in The Woodlands Thread. But I think it's better located here. Talks have begun between Montgomery County and Metro to extend the HOV lanes from Cypresswood to FM 1488. These lanes would be Diamond lanes and would not have a barrier. FINALLY!!!! I say they make part of the shoulder the new diamond lane. God knows, it's wide enough for probably three lanes! http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/nb/woo...ws/5879322.html
  18. Talks have begun between Montgomery County and Metro to extend the HOV lanes from Cypresswood to FM 1488. These lanes would be Diamond lanes and would not have a barrier. FINALLY!!!! I say they make part of the shoulder the new diamond lane. God knows, it's wide enough for probably three lanes! http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/nb/woo...ws/5879322.html
  19. In reviewing home values over the past two years and the effect of the housing downturn, I noticed much more severe devaluations in Montgomery County. Houston worst devalued homes is some 10% while Montgomery devaluations are up to almost 30%. http://www.chron.com/apps/HomeFront/hf.mpl...nd=1&subdiv=
  20. looks like Montgomery county is really looking to put 2 toll flyovers to exit onto 242 (east and west). the commissioners will vote on the rate in the next few weeks.
  21. World's largest Dino-Theme Park to open in Montgomery County in '08: http://www.usatoday.com/travel/news/2006-1...saur-city_x.htm
  22. Aug. 7, 2006, 4:16PM Montgomery County moves to preserve wetlands location Mussel pond site west of Conroe area adds to conservation efforts around region By BETH KUHLES Chronicle Correspondent A little mollusk is making big waves in a pond west of Conroe. The "spectacle case" mussel is a rare find in Texas, and it has made its home in the latest tract to be preserved in the area. Montgomery County obtained the land as part of a wetlands mitigation project and turned it over to Legacy Land Trust with a conservation easement that will preserve it in its natural state for future generations. "It's a good cooperative effort between the pubic and private sector to provide nature preserves for posterity," said Precinct 2 Commissioner Craig Doyal. "It will provide an area for different nature groups and school groups to go find these mussels that they might not normally get to see." full story Aug. 10, 2006, 8:55AM Shenandoah land grant marks six acres for wildlife preserve By BOB HOWIE Chronicle Correspondent Six acres of heavily timbered tracts which are part of the city of Shenandoah's original subdivision have been donated as a permanent wildlife preserve. The tract is worth about $1.5 million at today's typical lot prices within the city. "Two 3-acre tracts held in reserve by Shenandoah's original developer have been donated to the city by the late developer's family," said City Administrator Chip VanSteenberg. "The tracts are within the original Shenandoah Valley subdivision and it's the City Council's wish that these lots, which are uncleared and heavily forested, remain in their current pristine state forever." full story Aug. 9, 2006, 11:39AM Magnolia planning 20-acre park City to buy property from school district By KIMBERLY STAUFFER Copyright 2006 Houston Chronicle Magnolia City Council initiated plans to buy and convert 20 acres of land into the city's first park. The city plans to buy 20 acres from Magnolia Independent School District for $10,000 per acre, a total of $130,000. The park is planned off of Nichols-Sawmill Road near FM 1488. full story
  23. I recently read that Montgomery County was putting up a bond for building an overpass from I-35 on to 242. Does anyone have more information about when this could be built and how many overpasses it will consist of? Also does anyone know any future plans for Research Forest or forseeing it having an over pass to eleviate its congrestion.
  24. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- County ready to roll on housing projects Montomery program set to dole out $1.2 million By BETH KUHLES Chronicle Correspondent Montgomery County soon hopes to set priorities for allocating some of the $1.2 million in federal funds for a local program aimed at improving low-income housing opportunities. The Home Program is a federal initiative to assist low- and moderate-income residents with housing opportunities. Efforts to administer the Home Program on a local level in Montgomery County have been in limbo since the first grant was awarded last year. The county has accumulated $1.2 million in funds from the program, but has no plans yet on how to spend it. "We have never had the program kicked off," said County Judge Alan B. Sadler. "We have until October 2005 to identify programs." New priorities Montgomery County's Community Development Department is expected to set new priorities for the Home Program and send out requests for proposals for projects in the next several weeks, said Julane Tolbert, county budget officer and newly appointed director for the Community Development Department, which administers the federal funding for the local programs. "It's the county's responsibility," Tolbert said. "The county is the participating jurisdiction. Since we have the responsibility, we accepted the funding." Montgomery County Commissioners Court had been negotiating with Montgomery County Housing Authority/Montgomery County Emergency Assistance to operate the program for the county, and that agency had identified two projects for the funds
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