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  1. Former spot of Aramco Services Building. 17.2 acres for sale. I wonder what will go in? If something big goes in, we can move this into the Going Up forum.  http://www.cushmanwakefield.us/en/properties/s119411211-1
  2. http://www.newquest.com/pdfs/South_Cross_Center.pdf Goodbye outback steakhouse hello new development!!
  3. A little lesser known bayou in Houston called Willow Waterhole Bayou. Information here: https://www.willowwaterhole.org/flood-control-wwbayou-increased-flooding Willow Waterhole Bayou is a narrow 4-mile-long natural tributary of Brays Bayou. It flows through Houston’s Brays Oaks area—once oil tycoon Walter Fondren's ranch—and Westbury neighborhoods. In the 1940s, when the ranch land was being developed, portions of the original stream bed were rerouted. Today the bayou emerges southeast of the intersection of W. Bellfort Blvd. and Fondren Rd. and eventually flows northeast from Braewick Dr. through the Westbury and Willow Meadows neighborhoods. The bayou, Scout Lake, its weir (similar to a spillway), and the culvert connecting the lake to the basin complex can all be seen at the end of the 500-foot-long Bayou Trail, which begins at the left of The Gathering Place on S. Willow Dr.
  4. Yea that is a good article, I guess I should ask about the history of the Spanish Style home that one has been there since before 1944. AS seen in the pic here. Also thx for the responses guys I appreciate it.
  5. Anyone have experience with this mom and pop self storage? I believe the MC Management family developed this. I wonder how this differs from the big self storage companies in town. Website: https://www.meyerparkstorage.com/
  6. I was looking at The Age. magazine dated February 25, 1876 and saw a business ad for Jos F. Meyer Travis St., Houston, Texas Dealer in Iron, Carriage, and Wagon Maker Materials. Jos F. Meyer was the person who responsible for the Meyerland neighborhood.
  7. Guest

    Brays Bayou Master Plan

    The greatest, most well-thought out plans to improve a big city will always be stained somehow by the lesser members of the population. Littering is a behavior that is hard to police and the damage seems temporary; give it a little time and it will be blown or washed away so no one feels its damage, and so it persists. The picture below is ironic because the litter ended up in a pond designed to purify runoff. All the pointy-heads who designed this project surely had to have accounted for this scenario? The good thing is that this won't go unnoticed and will likely be dealt with. When I went to the park this weekend to take some shots of the Project Brays freshwater tidal basin work at Mason Park, I intended to post the progress here to show the non-East Enders something positive that is taking place in town. This project is a combination of flood control, habitat restoration, water purification and recreation. Really a textbook, inner-city, all around winner. However, here is what one of the water purification ponds looked like after the minor rain we had. This was disturbing to me. Prior to this rain, this pond in particular had started to have large water birds in them just about every time I've went. Now, I'm guessing they'll stay away. Here are some other shots of the project; Looking from the Forest Hill bridge, which will be replaced as the bayou is widened, northwest towards Downtown (skyline visible in the background) The only way I can imagine this can be solved is by, perhaps, to tether a giant net off of the storm drainpipe upstream and empty it after each rain. If nothing is done, this wetland habitat will become the beginnings of a landfill in a matter of months. I think the mayor should see this and get HPD to crack down on litterers and, if they ever catch one, assign them to that pond with waders, gloves and a bag. Then, get one of the local channels to do a piece on it to help teach people to behave.
  8. Anyone know who originally developed this garden style apartment complex? I wonder the date as well.
  9. I noticed we don't have a thread for the small retail strip center near 610 at Beechnut. Arc Three Studio has an office here. Loopnet listing: https://www.loopnet.com/Listing/4660-Beechnut-St-Houston-TX/11995478/
  10. This is the first multifamily apartment complex across from the Meyer Park Shopping Center. The property has an address of 9550 Meyer Forest Dr. Website: https://www.lakesidemodernliving.com/#
  11. I did not know there was two separate apartments on the outside of the Meyer Park Shopping Center. Anyone have experience with the Meyer Forest apartments? The complex is located at 9701 Meyer Forest Dr. The property is 3-stories and is in between a garden style and a luxury development. Probably built in the 1990's since it's not a 4-story wrap that you see now. I wonder who the original developer was? It has probably traded hands by now. Website: https://www.meyerforest.com/
  12. I visit Escalantes in Meyerland Plaza a lot and I've always driven by this old garden style apartment complex. The old complex is located at 4600 Beechnut St. in the heart of Meyerland. While searching HAIF I noticed we didn't have a thread for this. I wonder how much longer this 1960's garden apartment will be around. I know a similar complex down the block at 4605 N. Braeswood Blvd. called Meyer Grove Apartments was demolished to make way for water detention for the flood-prone Meyerland. I doubt we'll see a high-rise here, but it's possible we will see your typical 4 to 6 story multifamily wrap. I wonder who the original developer was? Marvy Finger, Martin Fein, Ted Dinerstein, or Harold Farb? Website: https://www.meyeroaks-apartments.com/
  13. My old boss did plans for this shopping center back in the 80s or 90s. I also helped with the drawings for the Chase bank addition on the corner. This shopping center is anchored by the famous Belden's Supermarket.
  14. Architect - https://www.stellamarisarchitecture.com https://www.rightmovestorage.com
  15. All steel frame house being built in Meyerland. It has 72 piers, 18 ft deep and is over 10ft in the air. Will have a stucco-like exterior, but is sprayed on hardy board, and is made of cork. It is anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, fire and water resistant and steel.
  16. Any updates regarding this shopping center? It's located at Stella Link & South Braeswood. The shopping center has been doing very poorly over the years. Lots of vacancies and no remodels. Looked around on DMRE's website today. Looks like the property was sold. 9.70 acres. Future housing or a major retail redevelopment? https://dmre.com/property/stella-link-and-braeswood-9-70-acres/ Old site plan.
  17. iBurn, one of Houston's only dedicated hot sauce stores will be moving into this retail center soon. At the corner of Hillcroft and South Braeswood. Property is owned and managed by MC Management with addresses of 9600-9611 Hillcroft Ave. https://looplink.mcmanagement.com/Listing/9600-9611-Hillcroft-Ave-Houston-TX/12047418/
  18. Nob Hill Apartments In Meyerland For Sale. https://communityimpact.com/houston/bellaire-meyerland-west-university/development/2020/02/19/meyerland-apartment-community-nob-hill-is-for-sale/
  19. Does anyone know if there used to be a payphone in Meyerland Park back in the 1980's-1990's, and if yes, where in the park it was located at? I also am curious how long that whale slide has been in the playground area? Any old photos/videos pre-2005 of the park would be very helpful.
  20. TIRZ pitched as answer for Meyerland infrastructure woes https://communityimpact.com/houston/bellaire-meyerland-west-university/government/2021/09/08/tirz-pitched-as-answer-for-meyerland-infrastructure-woes/ It was on July 14 during the Brays Bayou Association’s monthly meeting that its president, Charles Goforth, presented to the neighborhood group an option for revitalizing the Meyerland area’s aging infrastructure: a tax increment reinvestment zone. “I’ve been thinking about it for a while,” Goforth said in an interview with Community Impact Newspaper. “Being somebody that is born and raised here in the community ... I keep looking at the state of the infrastructure, especially in the older parts of Meyerland.” Goforth’s vision for a TIRZ comes mainly because projects through both a Harris County Flood Control District bond program and those under the ongoing $480 million Project Brays flood damage reduction initiative have not been enough, Goforth said. Tapping into neighborhood tax bases along the Brays Bayou watershed, like Meyerland, is key to making significant headway on those projects, he said. Goforth, a realtor in the Meyerland area, estimates that the more than 2,300 homes in Meyerland constitute a tax base of more than $1 billion. Currently, the two nearest TIRZs to the Meyerland area are being considered in an annexation process—TIRZ 16, also called the Uptown Houston TIRZ, and TIRZ 25, also known as the Hiram Clarke/Fort Bend TIRZ.
  21. Maybe I am posting this in the wrong section, but I live in Meyerland and I have often wondered why we do not have a Super Walmart in the SW Houston/Meyerland area. We have a normal Walmart off of South Post Oak and 610 (which is always REALLY crowded), but not a Super WM. Anyone else think there needs to be one?
  22. Retail strip center at 4946-4990 Beechnut Street. https://www.frpltd.com/properties/meyerland-commons Visionworks will be a new tenant.
  23. Does anyone remember this plane crash? http://es.houstonisd.org/herodes/About_Herod/Our_Hero.htm We were living in Marilyn Estates and I had just gone to bed when I heard the plane go over the house and then heard it crash. The explosion lit up my window. I actually thought the Russians had dropped the bomb - this was the time of the cold war. My dad (who was a professional photographer at the time) grabbed his camera and ran out of the house. He was joined by our neighbor who was a mortician. They got wet running across Braes Bayou and were the first ones at the site. My dad told me that he saw the helmet on the ground and then realized that it wasn't empty. That's all he would say and I never saw any of the pictures. A short time later a tree was planted near Meyerland Plaza with a plaque dedicated to Captain Herod.
  24. Advance Meyerland is the small retail strip center next to the Kroger's on South Post Oak at West Bellfort. Was browsing permits and noticed a proposed building going up here.
  25. http://swamplot.com/doctors-without-borders-kelsey-seybold-clinic-taking-over-pole-position-at-meyerland-plaza/2012-07-18/ where are there other examples of medical biz setting up new facilities to cash in on the affordable care act? Either in previuosly underserved areas, or currently well served areas?
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