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Found 13 results

  1. In early 2018, construction at the site of Fort Bend ISD’s new James Reese Career and Technical Center unearthed a forgotten piece of Sugar Land’s past: a historic cemetery where 95 individuals were buried, believed to be a part of a convict-leasing program that began in the late 1800s. https://www.fortbendisd.com/sugarland95
  2. Does anyone have information on Spring Branch ISD's bond project estimates? It's weird that they a haven't released that besides requesting A&E services for their entire bond.
  3. Mike McGuff of mikemcguff.com reported that after 1 year and a 1/2, TV reporter Amanda Perez is leaving KPRC-TV NBC 2 Houston for the world of education. "I'll soon be working for Fort Bend ISD as the district's media relations coordinator," Perez told mikemcguff.com. "It's hard to say goodbye to all the amazing folks at Local 2, but I'm ready for a new challenge." http://mikemcguff.blogspot.com/2014/09/amanda-perez-leaves-kprc-2-for-fort-bend-isd.html?m=1 Reaction from anyone on Perez leaving the Houston NBC affiliate?
  4. After hearing HCBU's stories about how Fort Bend ISD has made Willowridge into a stepchild... why not place Willowridge into Houston ISD? Willowridge can serve as a reliever school for Madison High School, which, from what I can tell, will receive a lot of students - some immigrants, and some people pushed out of other Houston neighborhoods. Some shiny brand new subdivisions - i.e. Corinthian Pointe, have opened in the Dowling and Madison attendance zones. Dowling Middle School already has major overcrowding issues, with over 1,900 students in one school.... Dowling: 1,911 students - http://dept.houstonisd.org/profiles/Dowling_MS.pdf Madison: 2,403 students - http://dept.houstonisd.org/profiles/Madison_HS.pdf McAuliffe: 1,155 students - http://www.greatschools.net/modperl/browse_school/tx/2582 Willowridge: 1,688 students - http://www.greatschools.net/modperl/browse_school/tx/2560 Also, by joining HISD, FB Houston residents will have access to Houston ISD magnet schools, which vary in more ways than FBISD magnet schools. Now, let me show you some boundary maps: * Madison High School: http://dept.houstonisd.org/ab/schoolbounda...s/MadisonHS.pdf * Dowling Middle School: http://dept.houstonisd.org/ab/schoolbounda...s/DowlingMS.pdf * FBISD High School zone map: http://www.fortbend.k12.tx.us/cmf/var/tidb...070227_0917.pdf * FBISD Middle School zone map: http://www.fortbend.k12.tx.us/cmf/var/tidb...070227_0915.pdf What would be taken into HISD? Of the Willowridge attendance zone, I would carve out this portion - Super Neighborhood 41 - http://www.houstontx.gov/planning/suprnbhd...use/sn41lu.html - and give that to Houston ISD. The Super Neighborhood includes Willowridge HS, McAuliffe MS, Blue Ridge ES, Briargate ES, Ridgegate ES, and Ridgemont ES. Besides this super neighborhood, what would be assigned to McAuliffe MS and Willowridge HS? For Willowridge, the portion bounded by Almeda, West Fuqua, and the Beltway would be zoned there. For McAuliffe, the portion bounded by Almeda, Anderson, South Post Oak, and the Beltway would be zoned there. In addition, Dowling would set a population cap at about 1,400-1,600... with extra students going to McAuliffe. NOW, what about the bits left behind by the taking of the zoning boundary? Well... 1. The bits of Willowridge HS' boundary in unincorporated Fort Bend County would go to Hightower High School. 2. The bits of McAuliffe HS's boundary in unincorporated Fort Bend County would at first go to Lake Olympia Middle School. Once the area develops, then a new middle school should be built in that area.
  5. I've recently been told by a builder that FBISD and AISD are in talks and Alvin is trying to get all of SCR to their district. Anyone know anything on this or has this been going on for a while and continue to just be speculation. I am just nervous of the schools on the Fort Bend Side. Am I overreacting to all of this? I would think in 10+ years a new high school will be available. Willowridge as it stands has subpar dropout rates, ect. This is a make or break deal for moving to SCR (Arbor Lakes). Any help would be great.
  6. Can any area long-time residents or Sugar Land area experts tell me about this specific area - the southern half of FM 1464? Subdivisions would be Orchard Lakes, Old Orchard, Chelsea Harbor, Shiloh Lake Estates, the subdivisions near Austin High and Garcia Middle, and now Aliana. These are all zoned to Austin High School (which I understand to be a good school). Then you've got Nick's Italian Restaurant, Texas Safari Ranch, Houstonian and Shadow Hawk golf courses, and not much else from what I can see. I've heard a developer bought the open farm land on the west side of the road across from the gas station, and was supposed to be developing a subdivision of single family homes with little lakes, similar to nearby developments. Not sure what's going on with that. What about the prisons in the area? I know the one in Sugar Land off Hwy 90 is supposed to be relocating so that the airport can expand, but what about the one on the west side of the Grand Pkwy in Richmond? What about New Territory and Telfair directly to the south; will the establishment of a new high school in Telfair cause a bunch of rezoning of the New Territory students out of Austin High? How do you see this impacting Austin High? I noticed Perry Homes has some very nice, large homes in Old Orchard... in Telfair the same exact home models are going for nearly $100k more! Seems extreme to me, as these areas are only a few minutes from each other. One concern I have is these subdivisions on FM 1464 are not in Sugar Land or Richmond city limits; in fact, though they have Sugar Land / Richmond postal addresses (depending on what side of the road they're on) they are all technically in Houston ETJ when looking at a map. How might this affect things - is it anything to be really concerned about? I would imagine Sugar Land or Richmond would want someplace like Aliana in their city limits to get the taxes, but as of now only Houston would be able to annex it unless there was an ETJ swap like what happened with Katy Mills Mall. How do you see this area 10-15 years from now? Any insight would be greatly appreciated. I'm not looking for the "creme of the creme" area so to say; just something family-friendly, with good schools, relatively affluent, convenient, and easy on the eye (meaning not a bunch of billboards and unattractive surroundings as in parts of Houston).
  7. A long time ago there was discussion about a new FBISD high school in Telfair. I thought that idea was discarded, but someone recently told me that it will happen. Does anyone know for sure and if so, what is the time frame?
  8. Pearland ISD should have tried hard to grab the Fort Bend County portion of SCR. Willowridge HS is not attractive at all now unfortunately.
  9. does anyone seemed concerned that Fort Bend ISD has allowed its dumb policy of smaller schools lead to overbuilding of schools and the potential HISD model (too many schools with no enrollment)? The east end of the district says it all as they let Willowridge, the only school in the district who had a national name, go to shambles as they dropped a $22 million dollar palace named Thurgood Marshall eight miles away that has now dropped in enrollment? I saw a band video from 2 different eras and its sad how the nation's premiere marching band has been reduced to a thread of itself due to blatent rezoning by the district (jealousy) and lower enrollment due to the district implementing freedom of choice On the west end, you have Travis, a small school just built literally miles away from 2 other high schools, Bush and Austin, going to burst at the seams and a new one about to come shortly.... in 20 years with an economic downturn, what happens to all of these schools when they aren't filled to capacity? Do you foresee another Houston ISD where they built schools for whites only to see them dump the school within a few years for other districts? The east end proves that is going to happen as they beg for your yes vote during bond time, build your school of choice only to realize the same individuals who are begging for these schools are usually long gone by the time these schools open...Marshall was promised in the 90s but the families the district solicited for the vote never sent their kids there.... I forsee a major contraction coming in the near future as the district continues to build small when building big would be better...
  10. Shadow Creek Ranch announced where the Fort Bend ISD neighborhoods are zoned. SCR in Fort Bend County is zoned to Willowridge HS, McAuliffe MS, and Blue Ridge ES. All three schools are in Houston. SCR states this here: http://www.shadowcreekranch.net/education/e_defaultfs.html In 2005 it was announced that FBISD residents could send their kids to Marek ES (on the Brazoria County side in Alvin ISD) until FBISD builds new schools. So far FBISD has not built schools for the FBISD part of SCR http://www.thefacts.com/story.lasso?ewcd=93cbae23a45c958b
  11. The Fort Bend Independent School District is in the process of rezoning the entire district. Many parents and community members are against some of the newly proposed plans. The district has several overcrowded schools and will be rezoning hundreds of students. Fort Bend ISD Rezoning Proposal Story found on HCN Online
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