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Found 18 results

  1. I noticed this Brooks System Sandwich Shops' One's A Meal spinoff called Dean's Meal-In-One. From what I read, Brooks System Sandwich Shops were nicknamed One's A Meal after a huge sandwich. The sandwich was so big it was considered one meal. This spinoff is called Dean's Meal-In-One and was located at Southgate Blvd. & Travis St. in the TMC. I found this business listing in one of Rice University's The Thresher publications dated April 18, 1968.
  2. Farmer's Fresh Meat has IMMEDIATE openings for the following positions: * Cashier - $9.00 per hour, $13.50 overtime * Prep-Cook - $8.50 per hour, $12.75 overtime * Janitor - $8.00 per hour, $12.00 overtime * Meat Cutter - Based on experience, $8.00 - $12.00 per hour ($12.00 - $18.00 overtime) * Line Server - $8.00 per hour, $12.00 overtime --- BUSINESS LOCATIONS --- Farmer’s Fresh Meat on Cullen 8630 Cullen Blvd, Houston, TX 77051 Farmer’s Fresh Meat on Mesa 9541 Mesa Dr. Houston, TX 77078 ----- REQUIREMENTS - Please Read Carefully ----- Must have reliable transportation. Must be able to stand extended periods of time. Must work well with others. Must be able to follow instructions and orders from management Must have good communication skills. If applying for Cashier, must be available to arrive at work precisely at 6:30am. If applying for Cashier, must be available for a full day shift 6:30 am to 7pm with half hour break in the middle If applying for Prep-Cook, must be available to arrive at work precisely at 6:00am . ----- HOW TO APPLY ----- Applicants MUST complete form at: https://farmersfreshmeat.com/about/employment/ ------------------- More details here: https://houston.craigslist.org/fbh/d/houston-hiring-now-cashier-prep-cook/7210462031.html
  3. New Irish bar / Restaurant in lower 5th ward (East Bayou District) Location: http://www.har.com/3502-melva-st/sale_58204662
  4. Located at 9441 FM 1960 W in the Humble Crossing Shoping Center. It's called Dirty Juicy Burgers. Great burgers with handmade 100% Angus beef. The bread is homemade and the taste alone will have you talking. Nice selection of burgers & sandwiches. Here's the website... dirtyjuicyburgers.com
  5. Received this brief note in the e-mail yesterday: True Food Kitchen Coming to BLVD Place True Food Kitchen, an innovative eatery developed in partnership with Fox Restaurant Concepts and best-selling author Dr. Andrew Weil, will open in BLVD Place. The menu features a global cuisine with seasonal and locally sourced products, influenced by the Mediterranean, Asia and California.
  6. I didn't see this any where: http://www.29-95.com/restaurants/story/chef-kevin-bryant-head-new-seafood-restaurant-montrose-neighborhood New seafood-centric, high end place coming to the old Biba's location at 607 W Gray.
  7. During the 1970s, my grandfather (my mother's stepfather) had a Sambo's Dollar Bill which he saved for many years until he lost it (for me). I used to buy things with those Sambo's Dollar Bills. I bought a stuff tiger and a kite. That is all I remember! I remember one room with colored striped wallpaper too. I remember the bar and the lights above the bar which told the story of Sambo and the tiger. I think how the tiger chased Sambo around the tree and that how they made butter or is it tiger butter. I loved going to Sambo's with my grandparents (on my mother's side) especially with my grandfather (my mother's stepfather), because we used to go together alone to Sambo's Restaurant.
  8. The original location was my favorite place to eat during family trips to Austin in the 1960s. When I lived in the Austin area (briefly) in the the mid-1980s, there were at least two locations.
  9. My little block is blowing up! http://blog.chron.com/primeproperty/2011/10/washed-out-property-gets-restaurant/
  10. There was an article in the Chronicle today outlining some new developments in the Midtown area that sound incredible... Houston Chronicle In short: 1. Big white mansion at Elgin @ Austin will be renovated ($3 million cost) into a new upscale restaurant, lounge, and event center 2. Old Boy Scouts of America building at Bagby and Victor: Work on the Boy Scouts building will begin in February. The $20 million project will include Moor's Restaurant and Tapas Lounge, serving mainly Moroccan and Spanish cuisine and be leased and operated by Hicham Naffaa and Ali Bendella, owners of Coco's Crepes, Cava American Bistro and Cielo Mexican Bistro. The building, scheduled to open in October, will also have banquet space and Chopra's offices. 3. Parking garage w/ retail: Across the street, Chopra owns land on which he plans to build a seven-story public garage with street-level retail. (NOTE: I believe this is the lot at Bagby and Victor across the street from Christian's Tailgate) Here's a Google view of the areas being talked about: Old Mansion Boy Scout building and new garage w/ retail across street
  11. I've seen this bar/club mentioned on this site, in the "Montrose" section. Lynn Hornaday was one of the owners of the bar, and I worked with Lynn at a downtown stockbrokerage house, during the period when she and Marion were getting the bar up and running. I moved to Australia early 80's and had lost contact with Lynn long before that. Does anyone know Lynn's whereabouts? Is she still in Houston? She was from South Texas originally, if memory serves me correctly. Thanks! Mick
  12. My wife and I love the Heights area and have enjoyed our first year living here. One thing that we wonder about though is the lack of restaurant diversity in the area. We enjoy the new Thai Spice quite a bit...but find ourselves having to go to Montrose or Rice Village if we ever want anything other than a burger, sandwich, chinese food or pizza. It seems like recently the Heights just started getting some new restaurants outside of the same old lines. We love Onion Creek...but Dry Creek, 6th St. Bar & Grill, etc. all serve up the same burger and fry options. For example we love Indian food as many of our friends do in the area but it seems as if no Indian restaurants are venturing into the area. Just more burger joints. Question...is the lack of restaurant diversity in the area from wanting to keep the small town feel or is it from restaurant owners not realizing there is a demand for this in the area? I think progress is being made. We like the recent additions of Glass Wall, Thai Spice, etc. Your thoughts.
  13. We are planning to open another location in the Medical Center, but we want to know where the best retail space would be to maximize traffic. We know rent would be high, but think the location is worth it. Just trying to get information on the most crowded spaces since we are never down there for lunch or dinner. Thanks
  14. if i have time i'll take a picture and post it. my girlfriend goes to u of h and i'm always down there (it's right across from the robertson stadium parking lot), so...some of you may disagree, but i think it's a wonderful little gem of a building, that seems totally overlooked...
  15. White tigers move into Downtown Aquarium 10:14 AM CST on Wednesday, December 1, 2004 From 11 News Staff Reports HOUSTON -- The Downtown Aquarium is now home to four white tigers. They're part of a new exhibit called White Tigers of the Maharaja
  16. http://www.chron.com/cs/CDA/ssistory.mpl/m...politan/2926288 Nov. 30, 2004, 11:32PM Bayou Place may add residences The developer is considering high-rise units By RON NISSIMOV Copyright 2004 Houston Chronicle The Bayou Place entertainment complex that has helped revitalize Houston's downtown with pedestrian-friendly restaurants and theaters may be joined by lofts or apartments. Developer David Cordish of Baltimore, who transformed the former east hall of the Albert Thomas Convention Center into Bayou Place, is considering building high-rise residences in the adjoining west hall, which is vacant, according to Houston city documents. The city owns the former convention center that closed in 1988, and in 1991 it gave Cordish a 60-year lease to redevelop it. After years of delays, Bayou Place opened for a New Year's 1998 celebration along Texas Avenue. Cordish also was granted an option to develop the hall of the convention center west of Bagby, on the condition that any construction be substantially completed by Dec. 15, 2005, said Dawn Ullrich, director of the city's Convention and Entertainment Department. Cordish has asked for a three-month extension so he can conduct a feasibility study on building high-rise residential units on the property rather than developing more entertainment facilities. City Council is scheduled to vote on the proposed extension today. Cordish did not return calls from the Houston Chronicle. "We think it's an intriguing idea and one worth exploring," Ullrich said. She said she did not know what the possible residential structure would look like, but heard it might involve as many as 300 to 400 units. She said she did not know if it would involve demolition of the former convention center. Ullrich said the city is not planning to help fund the construction. She said even though the city owns the land, it would explore with Cordish the possibility of selling or leasing housing units that might be built. Under his lease, Cordish pays the city $50,000 a year in rent for the former east hall, plus 25 percent of profits, which account for an additional $40,000 a year, Ullrich said. The lease stipulates that Cordish would pay the city $25,000 a year for the former west hall, plus 15 percent of profits. Experts in the emerging downtown housing market said loft apartments next to the Bayou Place would be a welcome addition. "I think it's a pretty good idea," said Ric Campo, CEO and chairman of Camden real estate company that owns the 300-unit Camden Midtown apartment complex at Louisiana and McGowen. "It would be a great location, especially with the convenience of the location that is so close to restaurants and theaters." Campo and Stacy Hunt, another Midtown apartment developer, said that the market for downtown lofts has recently cooled because of the sluggish economy and because about 3,000 units have been built in the past several years. But they said the market should pick up by 2006 if the economy improves as expected. "For rental units right now, the market is saturated," said Hunt, a partner in the Greystar Real Estate Partners firm that manages the Calais Cortland Square apartment complex at Louisiana and Elgin. Minnette Boesel, owner of Minnette Boesel Properties, which brokers downtown housing units, said four development groups recently drafted a plan to try to increase the number of people living downtown to 20,000 by 2025. She said the proposed Bayou Place development "fits into the whole plan that has been developed. "Increasing the residential component downtown would enhance retail development downtown," she said. ron.nissimov@chron.com
  17. Off-topic, but maybe on too..... I have something to confess, I work Downtown, spend a lot at the Park Shops (best place for low-hastle-day-before-Christmas shopping IMO), go the Angelika on a regular basis, etc. But, I have not spent much time on Main. I always favor Market Square if I do wander into the area at night. This weekend though, I have out of towners coming in and want to show them around the hip new nightlife area we have. If they are over 30, in jeans and casual wear, what places do we walk into as we stroll down Main Street?
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