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  1. Noticed a new flying field! You don't see that everyday so I wanted to share with HAIF. Found in the newspaper Galveston Tribune dated February 2, 1912. Aviation Meet! At Aviation Park Denver Resurvey, Galveston Friday, Saturday, and Sunday February 2, 3, and 4 At 3:30 p.m. each day Hamilton Will Fly! Mr. Chas. K. Hamilton, the flyer of world renown especially engaged by the National School of Aviation, will give an exhibition each day at the meet of his famous spirals and dips, the most startling spectacle ever seen in the air. There will also be an exhibition each day foreign and American aeroplanes. Different program each day. Admission, 50 cents / See the Bird Men Fly. All children under 16 years admitted free Friday afternoon only.
  2. I was looking at a Houston history site and found an image of car. The caption read: Rice Airfield 1910. Anyone know of such a thing? I thought I read a Rice journal about an airport next to, or near, Rice University. Would have guessed they were speaking about the South Main airports Houston Main Street Airport & Sam Houston Airport. Could there have been an airport/airfield in Rice's backyard? Would love to know more. I'll search for that I read a while back.
  3. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- HoustonChronicle.com -- http://www.HoustonChronicle.com | Section: Humble/Atascosita/Kingwood News Bush airport prepares for noise study Determination could decide if FAA buys out local homeowners By SUZANNE WEST, Chronicle Correspondent Residents living near George Bush Intercontinental Airport could learn within four to five months if the noise levels generated by airport operations near their homes meet or exceed the standards set by the Federal Aviation Administration for triggering noise mitigation efforts. Airport manager Tom Bartlett and Rick Barrett, senior project manager for noise compliance, discussed the status of a planned noise model study and noise monitoring with members of the Coalition of Homeowner Alliances Requiring Government Equity (or CHARGE) at a town hall meeting Monday at North Harris College. HoustonChronicle.com -- http://www.HoustonChronicle.com | Section: Humble/Atascosita/Kingwood News This article is: http://www.chron.com/cs/CDA/ssistory.mpl/t...02/news/2831337
  4. In another thread, someone posted a link to a web site with information about abandoned local airfields. I took a peek and it's pretty cool. More importantly, you can still see the scars on the land from where the some of the old airports used to be. Here's a Google Maps link to the old Pearland Municipal Airport. You can still see traces of the runways and taxiways. And there are still roads with names like "Lockheed." History is fun.
  5. I was reading the newspaper The Houston Post dated April 1, 1921 and came across an advertisement for the Wild-Cat Aerial Circus. Have You Bought Your Tickets For the Great Aerial Circus? Mrs. S.E.J. Cox, Director of the Circus. The world’s most exciting, thrilling, sensational and hair-raising dare-devil stunts ever preformed are to be shown in Houston at the great Wild-Cat Aerial Circus which will start at 2 o’clock on Saturday afternoon, April 2d. No real red-blooded American whose every pulse tingles when excitement is high can afford to miss this greatest of all aerial exhibitions. The greatest daredevils of all time, with new thrilling and wonderful aerial stunts, the best that the combined talent of America and Europe produces, will all be shown to those who attend this marvelous circus. $10,000. This is really a circus and everyone who attends will get $10.00 worth of entertainment and excitement; but as the whole show is being given for the benefit of the Volunteers of America and their charitable work in Houston, the tickets will be sold at the very low price of 50c and $1.00 each. Anyone who has not already obtained a ticket for this record-breaking entertainment should secure one immediate at the following downtown stores: Radford Drug Co. , Main and Preston The Olympia Candy Kitchen, Main and Congress J. Loewenstein & Son Cigar Store, 216 Main American Confectionery, Main and Preston Max Block, Candies and Cigars, Main & Texas Anderson Drug Co. Main and Rusk Public Drug Co., Main and Walker South End Pharmacy, Louisiana and McGowen Pressley & Reed, Louisiana and McGowen Lieut. H.C. Block, Miss Marry Cox, Capt. O.B. Freeman, H.B. Snow, Daredevil Dick Seal, and Percy Hoose. Saturday afternoon, April 2nd. N.B. - Don't come to the circus if your heart is weak. Cox Field : : : : South Main Street. Attend the Aerial Circus Saturday, April 2 At the South Main Street Flying Field Benefit Volunteers of America
  6. This week I noticed a new Houston airport that I have never seen before. I searched around HAIF and couldn't find a mention of it. Thought I would contribute and add information about a cool, old airport. From the Sanborn map, volume 12, 1946: Located off State Highway 35 / Telephone Road; bounded between Mahan St. and Major Ave. and next to Municipal Airport.
  7. I am wondering if anyone else remembers (from about 1943) a P-47 fighter aircraft power-diving into the ground right next to Old Spanish Trail not far from the old OST theatre (in the direction towards Main st). It left a huge crater right next to the OST pavement; the pilot was reputed to have been buzzing his girl-friends house, and got into a flight condition from which he couldn't recover. I wonder if there are any photos of that crash site? Almeda Road & Old Spanish Trail?
  8. I got a physical copy of the small book called Truths, Myths, and Rumors about the City of Bellaire by J. Michael McCorkle. My book, Life and Times Around Bellaire, Texas 1909 - 2013. www.bellairebook.com Spruce Street Runway Spruce Street is wider than other streets in Bellaire because that is where airplanes landed. One resident relates being almost run over by an airplane while riding her bicycle down Spruce Street in the 1920s.
  9. http://www.chron.com/cs/CDA/ssistory.mpl/f...hoffman/2836077 Oct. 9, 2004, 11:33PM It's time to lobby for a shuttle stop at Hobby, as well By KEN HOFFMAN Copyright 2004 Houston Chronicle Q: Thanks for pushing for sensible public transportation from Bush Intercontinental Airport to downtown. Maybe you could convince Metro to extend an express route all the way to Hobby Airport, too. It would be convenient for travelers needing to change airports in Houston. ADVERTISEMENT Jay Badugu, Houston A: Metro is thinking about starting a true, nonstop express bus between Bush Intercontinental Airport and downtown, which is so overdue it's ridiculous. The bus will run from the airport to the Downtown Transit Center on St. Joseph and Travis, which is really several blocks south of the touristy part of downtown. Reader Bob Martin sent an e-mail criticizing (correctly, in my opinion) this plan. He said tourists aren't going to shlep their luggage several blocks just to hop a bus to the airport. He said the bus should make three stops downtown (two at centrally located big hotels and one at the convention center) and then go directly to the airport. That's how they do it in other big cities. Metro needs to think smarter. Q: When does three strikes mean you are not out? Answer: when you are Ken Caminiti. Apparently this rule does not apply to baseball players since his agent said he has a great future ahead of him. Maybe he should have added if he keeps his nose clean. Just wondering. Mary Booker A: Caminiti was found guilty for violating his parole agreement on a drug charge and sentenced to 180 days in jail. Since he already served that many days (and more) in jail he was released. The conviction stays on his record. However, the Atlanta Braves shortstop recently was sentenced to jail ... as soon as the Braves are eliminated from the playoffs. And it looks like a Baltimore Ravens running back will have to go to jail ... during the offseason. It's unfair and ridiculous. No wonder some pro athletes think they're above the law. Last weekend I completed the MS150 bike ride from San Antonio to Corpus Christi. I did it very slowly. I was perfectly paced to get rained on the entire first day. Did you see the lady riding with two dogs in baskets? She passed me with ease. Repeatedly. Wave when you pass me next spring on the MS150 to Austin. Or join me on the Sun and Ski team and we can ride, slowly, together. Jim Tidwell, Houston From now on, I'm riding with an umbrella
  10. They just received a $2mil grant for a "feasibility" study on future expansion on the airport for possible use as a support center in the avionics industry. While initially they are talking about buying out the prison and surrounding areas, I find it interesting that they are doing this just as SL residence are finally getting some "peace and quiet" from the new railroad improvements that were passed only just recently. Once this airport gets the nod (backed by Congressman ® Lampson), I'm sure things will move on relatively quickly. I imagine this will pretty much squash any hopes that pearland's hopes of expansion (as discussed here).
  11. The Westbury Square thread reminded me about this article which I had not exposed to the web. It provides history of the airport from its origins in 1941 to the article date in 1947. As noted in the Westbury Square thread, the airport property is bounded by present-day South Main, Chimney Rock, Hillcroft and West Bellfort. http://houstonfreeways.com/images/sam_hous...ew_complete.jpg
  12. Currently looking at a General Highway Map, Harris County, Texas dated 1939 and came across Howard Hughes Airport. Looks like the land and name change eventually became Hobby Airport. According to the TSHA, the Howard Hughes Airport was deactivated in May 1943, when the mission was transferred to Sweetwater Army Air Field at Sweetwater, Texas. Cool piece of history to see this on a map!
  13. The track across from Buff stadium was used for midget races. Not sure if stockers ever ran there. It is talked about in PBS's "Houston; Remember When" episode #3. Note that Playland Park didn't even have a race track yet. This era of photos certainly proves there once were race tracks on Stella Link. I used the Googly Earth flight simulator function to visit the old airfields around town, even the South Main Airport across the street from Playland. It is an amazing pleasure to see all this again.
  14. Noticed this airport in the magazine Automotive News dated June 27, 1929. Looks like, on a 1930 map the airport featured the Curtiss Wright Flying Service. The Curtiss Airport featured headquarters buildings as well as administrative buildings. On the opposite site of the street, there was Well's Flying Field that included the South Main Speedway located within the Well's parcel of land. More information on that later, if I can find it. Curtiss Buys Airport Site at Houston, Tex. Houston, Texas., June 26, - The Curtiss Airports Corporation of New York has announced the purchase of 450-acre tract on the Old Main Street Road two miles south of Rice Institute for a consideration of $500,000. The tract will be improved at once and will be used for an airport with hangars, a flying school, and an aviation service center. Automotive News dated September 24, 1929. Houston Curstiss Airport To Be Erected Soon. Houston, Tex., Sept. 23. - Actual development of the Curtiss Airport on the Kirby plot, adjacent to the Old Main Street Road, will start within ninety days, according to Paul C. Jackson, manager of the-- (airport?). Another short magazine/news paper article. Forget where I found this. Looks like it was dated after 1929 as the airport was completed. 1930, 1931? Curtiss Interests in Houston, plans have been completed, and the first unit will be erected shortly, together with a hanger 100 by 150 feet. The location of the airport can be found on the Houston Adjacent Subdivisions Map 1930. Printed on front: "Compiled from data and information furnished by City Planning Commission, City Engineering Department, resident engineer of State Highway Department and other sources by W.G. Jones, Secretary-Manager-Motor League of South Texas and R.M. Stene, road log engineer." Shows city blocks, named streets, major highways, proposed highways, subdivisions, bayous, and ship channel. Includes lists of schools, hospitals, and cemeteries and index guide to streets of Houston. Title from title block. Scale of map is approximately 1 mile to 2 in. Across the field on South Main, you can see the Houston Main Street Airport, called South Main St. Airport, Inc.
  15. I was reading the newspaper The Houston Post dated July 10, 1919 and came across a business advertisement for Republic Tire Company located at 1111 Main Street. Manager was Geo E. Blohm. They were having an event at the Southern Aircraft Flying Field on the south end of Main Street. Will your car win four Republic Tires Free. In order to acquaint more car owners of Houston and vicinity with the famous Republic Tires, a complete set of four tires will be given without cost to the car owner who picks up the winning number to be dropped from an aeroplane of the Southern Aircraft Corporation at its flying field Saturday, July 12, at 4 o’clock p.m. Southern Aircraft Flying Field. In addition to the tire event, an enjoyable flight program has been arranged and prominent Houstonians will make their first flight over the city. Come and get a close-up view of the operations of a modern aeroplane. Get out the car and bring the family to the flying field of the Southern Aircraft Corporation, south end of Main Street, near the Rice Institute.
  16. I was reading the newspaper The Houston Post dated December 1, 1923 and came across an advertisement for W.C. Munn Company "The Fastest Growing Department Store In Texas." Santa and Mr. Horwitz land at the Flying Field at West Alabama and Shepherd's Damn Road at 9:30 this morning. First, however. they will fly over the city several times before landing. Everybody is invited to the flying field to see him. On leaving the field Santa will use a "Lincoln" automobile to ride in the procession to Munn's store, where he is scheduled to arrive at 10 o'clock.
  17. Where exactly was this? Does anyone know anything about it? I wonder if it's on that famous abandoned airport website? I was browsing the newspaper The Bellaire & Southwestern Texan dated September 11, 1974 and came across this business ad for help wanted. Cashiers wanted: Positions will be at the Houston Intercontinental Airport, Greenway Plaza Airport Terminal, City Post Oak Airport Terminal, & South Main Airport Terminal. Air Coach, Express Airport Transportation. Connections can be made to 26 other Metro routes, the West Loop Park & Ride lot for downtown commuters, the City Post Oak airport bus terminal and the greyhound bus terminal at Northwest Mall.
  18. I was browsing the newspaper The Citizen dated January 28, 1948 and came across an article about a proposed City of Bellaire municipal airport called Bellaire International Airport which was going to be located on Richmond Road (now Bissonnet Street) and Bellaire Boulevard. The airport master plan was designed by architecture firm Leigh Fisher Associates, Inc. Very cool find!! Signed by C.E. Nayland, president of the board of directors of the organization, the letter to Mayor Massey stated: "It is the board's opinion that the purchase of this tract of land is very desirable to provide future airport facilities which will be needed in anticipation of our city's growth. The land in question consists of a 4000-acres tract west of Richmond Road and Bellaire Boulevard lying in the Westmoreland Farm area. Glenn H. McCarthy, millionaire Houston oilman, has leased the acreage which he has offered to turn over to the airport commission for the construction of the huge air terminal.
  19. When I was a kid, late 70s, early 80s, I had heard stories of a planned airport for short-takeoff craft that was planned to be on the south side of 59 at Greenway Plaza, between 59 and Westpark. I think the plan originated in the 60s, but never came to, probably due to obvious safety and noise issues. Had anyone else heard of this? I did a cursory google search and came up empty handed.
  20. I am wondering if there ever was an airport called "Sportsman Airport" in and around Houston. In 1947 during the response to the Texas City Disaster, planes were sent down to provide aid. Some brought down nurses and doctors. I have one report where a guy flew a Aeronca Champion two-seat out of this "Sportsman Airport". I would love to know where this airport was located.
  21. From the book Houston, a history and guide published in 1942. Modern Transportation, Inc., Holmes and Griggs Rds., charter service, flight instructions, air- port taxi service (no charge). https://archive.org/stream/houstonahistory00writmiss/houstonahistory00writmiss_djvu.txt I wonder if this is actually the Linda Sue Airport located at Highway 288 And Holmes Road?
  22. I was looking around old Houston airports and I discovered an unknown airfield named Minor Stewart Air Field. Does HAIF know anything about it? Where was it located? I bet that historical Texas airfield website would have it? They have everything! Here's a 1943 list of Houston airports - Cunningham Airport Houston Main Street Airport Houston Municipal Airport Minor Stewart Field Sam Houston Airport Skyport Airport
  23. Houston area to get a new commercial airport? Whoa! Now this would be interesting. What airlines would service this? Southwest maybe? https://m.chron.com/neighborhood/moco/news/article/Conroe-North-Houston-Regional-Airport-could-add-13637260.php
  24. I am still looking for any photos of the old water tower that was at andrau air park
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