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Found 16 results

  1. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- HoustonChronicle.com -- http://www.HoustonChronicle.com | Section: Humble/Atascosita/Kingwood News Bush airport prepares for noise study Determination could decide if FAA buys out local homeowners By SUZANNE WEST, Chronicle Correspondent Residents living near George Bush Intercontinental Airport could learn within four to five months if the noise levels generated by airport operations near their homes meet or exceed the standards set by the Federal Aviation Administration for triggering noise mitigation efforts. Airport manager Tom Bartlett and Rick Barrett, senior project manager for noise compliance, discussed the status of a planned noise model study and noise monitoring with members of the Coalition of Homeowner Alliances Requiring Government Equity (or CHARGE) at a town hall meeting Monday at North Harris College. HoustonChronicle.com -- http://www.HoustonChronicle.com | Section: Humble/Atascosita/Kingwood News This article is: http://www.chron.com/cs/CDA/ssistory.mpl/t...02/news/2831337
  2. This thread was created to host all news relating to DFW Int'l Airport. via DFW Int'l Airport's website
  3. Southwest Airlines adding 15 daily flights to already crowded Love Field Airways Project Location
  4. When I was a kid, late 70s, early 80s, I had heard stories of a planned airport for short-takeoff craft that was planned to be on the south side of 59 at Greenway Plaza, between 59 and Westpark. I think the plan originated in the 60s, but never came to, probably due to obvious safety and noise issues. Had anyone else heard of this? I did a cursory google search and came up empty handed.
  5. Fort Worth Alliance Airport, world's first industrial airport, expands with int'l charter service. HILLWOOD Airways Earns Coveted Part 121 Air Carrier Certification Airport Location
  6. Earlier today, I found a photo of the Naval Hospital (now the VA site) under construction in around 1949. In the background of the photo just beyond OST, you can see some grass runways and some hangars. I remembered seeing a reference to this airfield on some old map of Houston, but I don't recall where I saw the map, or the name of the airfield. It's close to the Houston Main Street Airport, which is shown on a 1930s map of Houston (located at the current intersection of Broadmead and S. Main), but interestingly, I can't find any reference to this field on maps I've found from the 30s through the 50s. Here's the photo of the Naval Hospital with the airfield in the background. You are looking due southwest from the intersection of Almeda and Holcombe. The boundaries of this field were OST to the north, Almeda to the east, Knight Rd. the west, and El Paseo St. (which didn't exist at the time) to the south. Google Earth shows the airfield in a 1944 aerial view with 3 unpaved runways: an E-W runway measuring about 1300 ft, a NE-SW runway measuring about 3000 ft, and a NW-SE runway measuring about 2700 ft. By 1949, there are more runways (or else more runways are viewable in the imagery): a N-S runway measuring about 2400 ft (north threshold located where Kroger is now), and an E-W runway measuring about 2300 ft that seems to have replaced the old 1300 ft E-W runway that was closer to, and more parallel to OST. By 1953, Google Earth shows the airfield to be abandoned with a road or pathway running through some of the runways. In the 1960s, Historic Aerials shows development on the site as there was encroachment of one of the runways by the old Army Reserve Center. Sometime between 1973 and 1978, the hangars and buildings were demolished. The outline of some runways could be seen in the land behind Kroger (then Safeway) in an aerial view from 1981. By 1989, the land behind Kroger was developed into a park, and no trace of the airfield remained. What was the name of this airfield? Was it for civilian use? Or perhaps Air Force training?
  7. I am still looking for any photos of the old water tower that was at andrau air park
  8. On a 1952 Houston road map there is an airport shown north of West Road and west of Airline Drive. Somewhere in the vicinity of where Aldine High School is today. Was there ever an airport at this location? -- Also just curious if anyone has any old pictures of Andrau Air Park.
  9. The track across from Buff stadium was used for midget races. Not sure if stockers ever ran there. It is talked about in PBS's "Houston; Remember When" episode #3. Note that Playland Park didn't even have a race track yet. This era of photos certainly proves there once were race tracks on Stella Link. I used the Googly Earth flight simulator function to visit the old airfields around town, even the South Main Airport across the street from Playland. It is an amazing pleasure to see all this again.
  10. Another topic on old airports got me interested in this one. I used to know where there was an old Houston map online showing this small airfield located along Holmes Rd near Sunnyside. Now, I can't find the link to the map, or remember the name of the field. I believe it sounded like it was named after a female person. I asked someone about it on an aviation forum a few years back, and according to them, it was the "colored" air field in Houston. I think it closed down in the 50s or 60s, and I don't think any trace of it exists since 288 goes right over Holmes Rd. where it was. Does this airport description ring a bell for anyone?
  11. And there was also Skyport Airport in the area of present day 610 Loop South and Mykawa.
  12. You may be thinking of Sky Ranch Airport which was started by 3 Tuskegee Airmen after WWll. It was at the northwest corner of Almeda Genoa and now Hwy. 288.
  13. http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/nb/cyf...ws/4924786.html Tomball city officials have been given the green light by the Texas Legislature to annex the 600-acre David Wayne Hooks Airport property in unincorporated Harris County even though it does not border Tomball city limits. Texas Gov. Rick Perry signed Senate Bill 1349, authored by state Sen. Dan Patrick, R-Houston, on June 16.
  14. The Westbury Square thread reminded me about this article which I had not exposed to the web. It provides history of the airport from its origins in 1941 to the article date in 1947. As noted in the Westbury Square thread, the airport property is bounded by present-day South Main, Chimney Rock, Hillcroft and West Bellfort. http://houstonfreeways.com/images/sam_hous...ew_complete.jpg
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