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  1. Has anyone been to the new movie theater at GPM? What were your thoughts? I saw in the news that Exxon-Mobil is moving to the 45N/Hardy Toll Road area in the future. Bad news for the Greenspoint area. I know that EM leases signifcant space in the area.
  2. I am also an Hidden Valley Elementary Alum! I was there in the late 80s, early 90s. The last time I went to the school on a voting day, the planting bed was still there. Just outside the front office door.
  3. As of the end of February 2011, Brother's Pizza has served its last slice of pizza. They guy at the counter (who i think is part of the family) stated that they had been in GPM for over 30 years. They moved to a location in Cyperss (290 and Barker Cypress i beleive). That was hands down the best pizza in town. The Brother's pizza on cypresswood is not the same. I was really saddened by this. It really was the only reason that I ever went to that mall anymore. We, Aldine HS band, played at GPM for the grand opening of the new at the time food court, the Ellipse. I think this was Christmas 1996 because I remember playing Christmas songs around the mall. I remember eating at Picadilly and going to the movies as a kid. I remember watching Back to the Future II and An American Tale: Fievel Goes West at the General Cinema. My girlfriend, now wife, worked in the mall in high school. She worked at Body Shop, Contempo, and Express. From driving by, the Fitness Connnection gym always seems to have a lot of cars in the parking lot.
  4. Wow, this is some great information. I've enjoyed reading about the area I grew up in and the high school I attended. I'm 29 years old and graduated from Aldine High School in 2000. My family first moved to Hidden Valley in 1986. My parents still live there today between Bunny Run and Deer Trail. Although the neigborhood has changed a lot in the last 25 years, I think its still a pretty calm and quiet place to live. Although I don't know Mr. W.W. Thorne personnaly, I did know that he lived down the street from me. He was very active in the neighborhood Civic Club. As far as I know he is still alive. I think he was given an award by Lone Star College (I hated the name change, still do) a month or two ago. Someone mentioned Allen Office Supplies and Printing earlier, I think they used to print the monthly Civic Club newsletter. I attended Hidden Valley Elementary from 1986 - 1992 (K-4th), Anderson for 1992-93 (5th), Stehlik Intermediate for 1993-94 (6th), Stovall MS for 1994-96 (7th-8th), and Aldine HS for 1996-2000 (9th-12th). I know that the school was renamed a while back, but if will always be Hidden Valley to me! I remember my Elementary principals were Mr. Godwin and Ms. Serkala. I am misspelling her name but that's how it sounds. I was in band from 6th through 12th grade. I have too many high school memories to list here, but the marching and the football games were the best. The team my freshman year was so close to playing for the state championship in 1996, but we lost to Austin Westlake in the Astrodome. Local businesses that I can remember are: Stop & Go and the Archer Mazda at Gulf Bank and 45. The Circle K, Airline Dry Cleaners, TG&Y, Weiners, and Eckerd at West Mount Houston. There used to be a grocery store in the shopping strip where Weiners was, does anybode remember the name? For some reason the colors yellow and black come to find and that the place always smelled like fish. I also remember Furrow's and Claytons. We would ride our bikes as kids to the Diamond Samrock next to HV elementary which is now a Valero. I remeber the Fiesta across the street from Aldine HS being an Apple Tree. We primarily shopped at Kroger (Store #159) on West Mount Houston and 45. I actually worked there from August 1997 to March 1999. There was a woman there that I think had worked there since the store first opened. Her name was Pat. She even appeared in a Kroger once due to her long years of service. I have many great memories of that Kroger and the people I met there. I was sad to see it close. I am going to keep following this discussion. Thank you everyone for your input!
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