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  1. "What you are seeing in the HDs is a lot of very high end redevelopment. Outside the HDs, you are seeing the add water Italiante-ish boxes that make a quick buck for a builder, but provide no lasting value for the neighborhood. What? You do know that the builders in the SW corner and the rest of the Heights are one in the same? Our builder has houses in both areas, along with 5 other builders we have talked with. Glad you aren't my neighbor.
  2. We recently purchased a lot in the SW corner of the heights between Allston and Nicholson. There is more construction in this area than any other part of the heights and it's been this way for over a year. Our builder and others will tell you its because they don't have to deal with the city and the historic district. There were more dilapidated homes with owners/slum lords ready to cash out too though. Housing prices are at almost 85% (my estimate from watching the area very closely over the past 18 months) of the east side (unless west of Nicholson) on a per sq ft basis. That 15% is t
  3. wow - I watched the whole first segment of that video. That commmittee is filled with morons. But then again, its the City of Houston so completely expected incompetence. So glad I just bought 2 blocks outside the HD in the Heights. Complete DEMO this summer Also - its hilarious the committee is worried about every single piece of siding. I personally can't believe the builder in the video wasn't pushing for all hardiplank. I would never buy a wood siding house in houston. I don't know the history of the district and what foresight the city council had, but the resulting backloaded bun
  4. How about respect for the businesses and residents that live there too. These organizations go to the same spots everytime and therefore the homeless just squat. Thus creating an envirnoment no one wants (trash, beggers, etc) - Something about teaching a man to fish, rather than just giving him one..... Actually, I'd say downtown actually belongs more to me than the homeless. I pay taxes, where as they dont. They are just sucking from the proverbial govt teet. I know - no bleeding heart here....sorry. Now that I've responded to a few of your personal attacks, obviously something should b
  5. RedScare - way to keep track. Obviously my opinion doesn't coincide with yours - but I must be hitting a nerve somewhere with all comments back, eh?
  6. Everyone is missing it. I work downtown and live nearby - downtown will never be vibrant (except for the tunnels/park shops at lunch) because of all the homeless and vagrants. At least a few times a week, I am having to push off beggers walking to lunch with co-workers. The city refuses to deal with the problem. It's freakin unreal over near the ballpark. I've seen hundreds just sleeping on the side of the road and in every corner. There are several 1000 downtown because thats where all the handouts are located (particularly near the ballpark). What the city and all the churches that
  7. Well I'm at work when they are here during the day. Do I need to take vacation days to stay home and kiss their arse for them to do a competent job? Your insinuation that I was pissing vinegar on them isn’t accurate, but thanks for the assumption.
  8. So centerpoint is doing poll maintenance in the heights and first ward. This includes digging down around the poll. The polls are in the right away, but the property is well manicured and maintained by a group of townhome residents - the polls are right in front of the houses. I understand the grass will need to be torn up, but they put it back completely uneven and leave dirt all over the sidewalk and street. It's a complete mess. It's almost as bad was when the public works dept messes with anything. So now, the homeowners (through the HOA) must pay to have the landscapers correct it. Th
  9. Hanging out at 2 am with groups of people drinking 40's, stealing shopping carts from the Target nearby and leaving them in the their yard, several people coming in and out at all times of day with cars driving up - stopping for 3 min while someone from the house comes up to the car window and then leaves, etc enough?
  10. - agree about Martin tailor on Feagan. Quality has gone way down. Seaching as well.
  11. What is cruel? Trying to get people to maintain property values and live in a decent place? Also - I don't get the whole "maintain the historic nature of the neighborhood" argument for the parts of 1st ward originally discussed in this thread and in many parts in and around the Heights in general. Shotgun shathole shacks aren't historic. Just because it's old doesn't mean it's historic. We're talking about residences that should be condemned and demolished. I'll take the hated townhomes so many on here despise over this blight any day.
  12. Here is a picture of one of the houses - its actually gotten even worse since the picture. IMO, this isnt a house for possible restoration.
  13. No offense to your dad, but just cause it was there first dosen't mean it should be ignored. That kind of attitude is why many people like myself look at the HPD in the same way as the criminals.
  14. So - I live in the first ward over by Target. I love how its becoming the "arts" district etc. However, I've had about enough of the crackhead properties right in the middle of the neighborhood at Crockett and Sabine. The whole neighborhood is florishing except for this one little block. (for the most part) Specifically there are a few buildings that are basically falling over, have trash everywhere, and a very shady element living in them. I looked these properties of HCAD. One of them has over $15k in delinquent taxes going back to 2008. It's owned by a "trust". - 1720 Crockett St. I
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