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  1. Thanks for running the contest ... It was fun ...
  2. Haven't noticed your thread till now, nice photos. Wife and I went to NO last week. Echo many of the same things you said. Happen to take the same vampire tour with Johnathon, very fun. French Quarters was fantastic and the Garden District. Can't say enough wonderful things about the city. Love the trip to NO, can't wait to go back. Visiting NO truly help me realize and put in perspective many things about Houston. Especially how young Houston is and how fast we have grown. I may be way off here but from my eyes it seemed like NO lacks average middle-class neighborhoods though. Y
  3. If Parker wins, we can count out any continued develop to the city core. No money for museums, no support for metro rail, no support for the dynamo stadium. etc...
  4. Think they were putting the crane up today...
  5. You don't have a clue, pal! I know of plenty of people in that age group that absolutely love it here. There are also plenty of people who appreciate this city. I am one of them. I think you are gathering info from individuals who have moved here and straight to the burbs. Individuals who do not explore and embrace the great things of this city. As far as Austin... it is place where people try to hard to be "cool" or "wierd". It is a city of posers. Austin had wanna-be hippies and UT. The only plus it has is the surrounding hills. As far as the article... What sprawling ci
  6. Where else could you have an accused rapist while he was married and a man with HIV because he cheated on his wife 1000+ times? Also a reverend that has 10+ illegitimate children celebrate a man who abused drugs and was an accused child molester.... I know the key word was accused, not convicted but is it a coincidence how a circle of people find a way to be connected? Similar to politics....
  7. Sure there is better ... But my favorite is Frank's DT.... Maybe it just taste better after drinking all night....
  8. When it is 100 + outside people, including myself, don't won't to walk outside and come back to work smelling like that lady in the picture..... The people eating in the tunnels are walking the same 1000'/distance if they were on street level
  9. Take mass transit and bike as much as possible... Plenty of neighborhoods can be accessed/traveled this way. A lot more then people think, including many areas outside the loop as far west as the Energy Corridor. For walking and biking, I wish sidewalks were wider though. Especially around some of the new developments in Midtown, 4rth Ward area.... I have always thought when a building is built. For all that block, the builder should bury the power lines and make the sidewalks wider all the way to the curb This should be some sort of law...
  10. Little Update.... Went to HP today .... Guadalajara del Centro for lunch was good... Place was very busy, 20 min wait though..... Forever XXI was full of shoppers as well as BAM. BCBGMAXAZRIA had a couple shoppers as well... Saw people with bags from all three places... Clique Salon had customers but the Unity bank was completely empty. Work was being done inside Yaos and Petes as well as two or three other places.... I wish several other clothing retail shops would open though. Been to HP several times but today was the best experience.. Plenty of happy people, and over-heard sever
  11. Whaahhh, The sky is falling. This project didn't break ground the exact day that was announced. Its dead just like I predicted. whhaaahhh...
  12. Thanks for calling... I sent an e-mail voicing my opinion. At the end of my e-mail, I let him know that I would be supporting whom ever is running against him no matter what position he is running for. I hope Joe Pickett political career is over. He basically took a bribe from some rich pain-in-the -***. He tried to sneak this nonsense into an existing bill....
  13. Isn't street parking free on the weekend? If we want more retail and better retail DT, we need not to delicate flower but to support what is there so more will come. When you need a shirt go to Macy's or if you need a book go to BAM. If you need cheap shoes, go to the payless.... If you have time hit main street for lunch occasionally, there is several decent places. However I still think DT still has a so much competition. Its going to be a problem. You have the village, highland village, lower westheimer, river oaks shopping center, etc... all so close to DT. All good shopping a
  14. Having chron.com comments agreeing with you is something to be proud of... I went ahead and sent an e-mail to Mr. Pickett. I want to know how much culberson and his highway buddies are paying him. E-Mail Pickett Why wouldn't a bill include highway expansion? It takes property away as well....
  15. Thanks for the help!!! Went to chase tower today and the old gulf building.. Very Cool!!!
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