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  1. Three months in my awesome new mcm home and Nationwide canceled my insurance because we have a "flat roof." It's not actually flat, but apparently it's low-pitched enough to call flat. I'm young and ignorant...this is my first house...any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks!
  2. Where can I find a plain solid slab wood door for my MCM house?
  3. To answer my own question, here's the google street view link.
  4. Anyone have pics of the outside? Love the beams in the HAR pics.
  5. I keep driving by an old school that's boarded up, fenced off, and looks ready to be demo'd. But there are some concrete benches that I think would look good in my backyard. How would I get them? Legally. Thanks!
  6. Found this topic randomly. It's great. I wish more people were on board to makeover Westheimer...someone give this guy a billion dollars and let him do his work.
  7. Those all look nice, so I'll have to explore East End more. I'm still curious about Third Ward too, I've driven through there several times but all I see are a lot of new townhomes with sketchy characters hanging out on the corners near them, as well as some beautiful old brick homes that would look great if there were only trees on the lot.
  8. Price range - $130-170 Heights - mostly fixer-uppers Oak Forest - fixer-uppers, or next to powerlines Way out west - awesome homes, great prices, but too far. East End - fixer-uppers Third Ward - um...I still can't find the good part. Okay, sorry for the whining, but I just want a nice place that won't require tons of maintenance. I'm a bit overwhelmed. Any suggestions? Or should I just wait a year for prices to drop(maybe) and save up for a better neighborhood? [i realize this is a very general question, just a shot in the dark!]
  9. Everything I looked up online said a house must have been owned for at least 90 days by the seller in order to purchase it with an FHA loan, but someone smarter than me said that it's 1 year. Can one of you smart people clear this up for me? Thanks!
  10. Without knowing the property or the area my realtor, in our first phone conversation, stated that if you're asking for closing cost you can't negotiate for less than the asking price.
  11. Damnit, and I've read that book too! Ugh, I'm pissed now.
  12. I'm buying my first home, and my realtor says that since I'll be asking the seller to pay closing that I can't negotiate for anything else. I finally agreed to offer the asking price, but I wanted to ask the seller to pay for some repairs (less than $1500). My realtor thinks I'm demanding far too much. She keeps bringing up the figure "six percent," but the closing plus repairs comes far short of six percent. Is she crazy or am I just stupid?
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