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  1. Right, I don't think that anyone would respond with "It was much good!" if asked how they liked their steak.
  2. Was that the logic for the "lauGh" sign? Why not make it all caps?
  3. It was featured on Swamplot a week or so ago. You may find some answers there.
  4. The Panhandle Plains Historical Museum in nearby Canyon TX is outstanding, in my opinion. Also, part of old Route 66 is in Amarillo and the Cadillac Ranch is not far from there. When we were last there in 2010, there was a prairie dog town on the outskirts of Amarillo. It took up an entire block and was very interesting to observe.
  5. Without knowing what things you like to do, I'm going out on a limb here but why not try one of the county fairs in neighboring (or near) counties? I believe that Washington County is having theirs this weekend (Brenham) and Colorado County (Columbus) is next weekend. Ft. Bend (Richmond/Rosenberg) should be coming up too. Fayette County (LaGrange) is always Labor Day weekend so it's over. The small town county fairs have plenty of entertainment, with live bands and dance floors. The local high school kids have their FFA project animals on display and my favorites are the many varieties of chickens. One year, a big sow had her babies during the fair, about 20 of them! Our county, Fayette, always has a carnival at the fair grounds in conjunction with all the local hoopla. You could check out other things to do once you decide which fair to attend. Several counties around the hill country have wineries now and we even have a meadery, called Rohan Meadery. The fourth weekend in October is Czhilispiel in Flatonia TX. They close of Hwy 90 in downtown and set up a huge tent. They also have a carnival, live music all day and night, food booths benefiting local organizations (Lions, high school, KC etc), chili cookoff, bbq cookoff, parade, car show and some arts & crafts. It's a lot of small town fun, they do get crowds but nothing like Houston.
  6. I have a neighbor that sometimes leaves his vehicle on the street overnight. He never leaves anything in it, valuable or not. But, he always leaves the doors unlocked. So far, he's not been robbed or vandalized.
  7. Right, it's on Idylwood's web page too. www.idylwood.org Now, however, Idylwood has other woes. The Houston Parks Board wants to put a parking lot at the curve on N. Macgregor Way & Sylvan for the hike and bike trail. Idylwood just found out about this when park folks were tagging trees to be cut down. "They" said that the parking lot has been in their plans all along but no renderings or maps can be found showing this. With so many other locations around that could be used, it's a mystery why they want to put it in a neighborhood. They'll have to destroy a green space and trees to put in asphalt.
  8. There are many fourplexes on Lawndale across from the golf course. 6600-6700 blocks. Very close to UofH via Wayside to MacGregor Park. One of my kids used to bike to class on decent weather days. Not exactly Eastwood, but not far away, nearer Forest Park Clemetery and Forest Hill/Idylwood/Country Club Place.
  9. Is there a story about #46, 1822 L K of P? Great photos, many thanks for posting them.
  10. Quite likely their plans have changed as the information in the link you provided seems to have been current in 2009. Also it would appear that the Idylwood facebook page is incorrect. In the August 2013 newsletter "Idylwood News", it is stated that: "Jeff Ross--August Civic Club Guest Speaker will be discussing his proposal to turn Gus Wortham Golf Course into a Botanical Garden. He would like input from the community." The information in my previous post (the one you took exception to) was taken from an email blast sent out to the neighborhood on August 19, from the civic club president, regarding the meeting to take place on Tuesday August 20. Why in the world would the Botanical Garden folks be wanting input from east end residents if the garden was to be placed in Cullinan?
  11. This group's proposal is for a Botanical Garden at Gus Wortham Golf Course. I didn't find that information on their web site but there was to be a speaker on the subject at the Idylwood Civic Club meeting last night. I did not attend so have no more information.
  12. Agree, I love those 99 cent cartons of blueberries, strawberries, blackberries, etc. It's the same size carton that HEB has at $2.98.
  13. There used to be an HEB in the strip center across from Eastwood Park. I believe it was at Harrisburg and Adams. I shopped there often. Then, HEB moved out 45 south to Bellfort in the building that is now Northern Tool. I also made the drive to this location. When they opened the large new store in Gulfgate, I was there the first week. Then, slowly the store seemed to slide downward. Now, I am completely disillusioned with HEB at Gulfgate. That store is no longer "my HEB". I've shopped HEB in different locations and in different towns and none is quite like Gulfgate.
  14. If you mean the huge hole on the corner of Griggs and the I-45 N. bound service road, I've wondered about it too. I believe that property belongs to Forest Park Cemetery.
  15. A couple of weeks ago, I saw some bucket trucks by that billboard. It has been completely reworked and is now standing tall and upright, awaiting new business. There are other signs still standing though. Does anyone know anything about sign ownership? Do they go with the land or remain the property of whomever paid for them? As far as cut through traffic on Maxwell to Sylvan, it's not possible at this point. Idylwood paid for a gate across Maxwell quite a few years ago. Lee Brown was mayor. Last we heard, the gate will remain. Maxwell itself is in pretty sad shape along there too. Many deep potholes that do not get city attention. All the old palm trees and oaks that were on the Holiday Inn site are gone.
  16. Mr. Wolf, The homes that Wallingford is referring to "at the bend" would be 6732 and 6736 Sylvan. They are shown on the HCAD maps listed in Sylvan Dells. I believe that the cemetery would be under the apartments or their parking lot.
  17. Yes! Where is he now? I used to like him, with his dog Remy doing the hunting and fishing outdoor segments.
  18. We in Idylwood have not heard anything recently. Some are concerned about property values, that's true. But, we have found that actually working *with* Walmart is more conducive to good relations than trying to create a rukus that benefits no one. I'm of the opinion that Walmart will get their way eventually. The main thing I and some of my immediate neighbors can hope for is that TxDot will see fit to put in a left turn lane for the folks coming from Harrisburg towards I-45. That stretch of Wayside, once the road changes from 2 one ways at Polk, (Wayside and S/Sgt. Marcario Garcia, formerly 69th St.) into a simple undivided 4 lane US Hwy (Wayside) is already backed up almost to Harrisburg during rush hour. Before Walmart even completed the purchase of the Oshman's properties, at a civic club meeting we were told that TxDot would not get involved BEFORE a deal was finalized. Or, I should say, I was told that by a representative of our state rep's office who was in contact with a rep from TxDot. Yeah, I know, try tracking that one.
  19. In the very early 90s, perhaps '91 or '92, my 2 son's Boy Scout troops had their annual banquet in the old Tropicana location on Lawndale. Victor Trevino attended and even presented some of the awards. It was clearly not a bowling alley any longer but was interesting anyway. I've not been in it since then but it does draw a crowd on weekends. You may want to drop in some Saturday evening.
  20. I just wish some would learn the difference between anti ordinance & anti preservation when posting here. That and the difference between "then" and "than".
  21. I have always thought that one of his "subjects" would seek revenge some day, only I thought he would go the way of Hoffa. Surely the whole story will come out in due time.
  22. Unless there is a new method of testing for rabies, the animal will be have to be killed in order to do the test. It has to be done on brain tissue after death. Some twenty five years ago or so, I had to take a product to the city health department for testing and there I observed a sign telling the public to bring only the head of an animal for rabies testing. If you'll remember past news stories, when a person is bitten by an animal suspected of having rabies, and no animal is available to test, that person has to take the series of shots as a precaution.
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