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  1. Update. "Affordable housing developer considers scaling back proposed Heights project": https://www.chron.com/business/real-estate/article/Affordable-housing-project-proposed-in-the-Heights-13611746.php#photo-16923093
  2. https://www.chron.com/business/article/Affordable-housing-project-proposed-in-the-Heights-13611746.php
  3. Last night, from approximately 12:45 a.m. until 1:30 a.m., there was a helicopter circling over the Heights. Does anyone know why?
  4. I haven't read the claims in the Petition yet, but Judge Kirkland is pro-historic preservation. Check out the judge's bio: http://www.justex.net/courts/civil/CourtSection.aspx?crt=17&sid=281
  5. My friend's house has been burglarized several times in the past few months, and they recently captured video of the (alleged) burglars in action. Check out the story/video below from KHOU Channel 11 about these burglaries in the Woodland Heights, and please pass it along in the hopes that someone recognizes these people so the police can catch them. Thanks. http://www.khou.com/...-130735488.html
  6. Late last night/early this morning I heard a helicopter, maybe more than one, circling overhead for an hour or more. It was very loud and I found it odd considering the time of night (probably around 4:00 a.m.). Did anyone else hear this, and does anyone know what they were doing? I couldn't find any news stories this morning which related to a helicopter search. On the same topic, it seems like there is some sort of helicopter flight path that goes directly over the Heights, because I seem to see and hear them a lot flying the same routes.
  7. Is there an organized opposition group to the proposed amendment? A website maybe? I have been out of the loop and was not able to attend any of the meetings, but would like more information regarding how to oppose the proposed new historic district/amendment. Thanks.
  8. Has anyone had a radiant barrier installed? If so, who did you use and would you recommend them? Also, did you use the spray or foil type, and is there a ballpark price for this type of service? Thanks.
  9. I have several very large trees which need to be trimmed. Has anyone used a good, and preferably reasonably priced, tree trimming service in the Heights? Thanks in advance for any input.
  10. We went to Pie-in-the-Sky for breakfast the week before last. My bottom line review is that the food was "OK," but priced appropriately for breakfast (unlike most other places, especially in the Heights), the service was below adequate, and the wait for food was poor. During our visit the place was pretty crowded, but we were seated immediately. We were not told what table number we were seated at, nor were we told that we were supposed to fill out our order on a writing pad with our table's number on it which was a basket on our table (plus, we didn't have a pen anyway). Our simple order (2 omelets and two cokes) was taken quickly enough, but we didn't receive our food until 40 minutes later. At no time were we aware that this was a "soft" opening for the restaurant. Our drinks came quickly enough, but we were never told that we had to get our own refills, in fact, I'm not sure that is even the proper procedure. So, after waiting for 15 minutes for a waiter to come ask me for a refill, I just got up and got my own. Considering the fact that there was literally a ratio of 1 person on wait staff for every 2 customers in the place, this was ridiculous. I agree with heights_yankee that I don't like this type of setup, or at the very least, if you do have this set up, don't expect me to serve myself and then tip you for it. I have worked in the service industry when I was younger, and I would never expect to be tipped 15-20% for this type of arrangement. I feel that those who think lower tips based on this service arrangement will result in staff turnover and a cycle of mediocre service may be correct, but I think that it is more properly blamed on a poor business model. (Not to get off topic, but I feel that a tip should be earned, and tipping servers regardless of the service arrangement/quality will also result in a cycle of mediocrity because it will foster a sense of entitlement instead of tip earnings based on merit.) As I stated earlier, the food was fine, it didn't blow me away, but it was a simple omelets breakfast which I would happily eat again. Also, it was very reasonably priced for breakfast, which is difficult to find in the Heights. Everyone was very polite to us, and all of the waiters seemed to be busy doing something, but I couldn't tell what with. All I know is that they weren't busy getting me refills or asking me if I needed anything. In my opinion, maybe a few of the waiters should be converted to kitchen staff or cooks so that they can get the food out more quickly. One last thing, a very interesting scene developed while we were dining. Not only did a couple of tables get up and leave because the food was taking so long to come out, but another table with two couples were sitting next to us, and one of the men expressed his irritation at the long wait to his waiter. The waiter apologized and said there was nothing that she could do but that she would go get the manager to talk to him. Admittedly, he may have been a bit on the rude side, but not excessively so. A few minutes later the manger (or maybe an owner, I don't know) came to his table to "discuss" his issue. Again, he was a bit on the gruff side, but not outside the realm of common decency. Typically when a customer is upset about poor service, regardless of whether the restaurant has recently opened or not, and the waitress sends a manager over to deal with the situation, you'd expect the manager to apologize and/or offer something or promise to fix the problem to the customer in return for their patience. Not the case at Pie in the Sky. The manager came out swinging and didn't attempt an apology or even attempt to be polite, to be honest. The manager immediately blew up and yelled, "we've only been open a week, ok!" and the customer responded, a bit more abruptly this time, that this very slow service was unacceptable. The manager then yelled at him and demanded that he leave her restaurant. She actually yelled, "get out!" This blew our minds. Whatever happened to "the customer is always right?"--that's what I was always taught. The two couples then got up and left, with the one man bickering back at her the entire way out. If this lady was the manager, or especially an owner, then she needs to take a serious lesson in customer service and hospitality. Yes, the man may have been a bit rude, but they did not deserve the treatment they got. In fact, in writing this down, that situation really irritates me more, and I may be reluctant to revisit the place. For a manager/owner to yell at a complainer instead of apologizing and offering to allay his concerns is bush-league and demonstrated very poor business skills. Regardless of my less than average first experience at Pie-in-the-Sky, I will probably reluctantly go back to give them a second chance because I understand that it takes time for a place to get running smoothly. But, they still need to work out the kinks and learn a bit about customer service.
  11. Do you know who the contractor/designer doing their renovation work is? I'm in the very early stages of planning for some renovation work and am looking for the names of some quality design and renovation firms, especially with experience in the Heights. Thanks.
  12. Other than waiting for the monthly heavy trash pick up day, is there any place in or near the Heights where you can legally dump tree trimmings, branches, lawn waste, etc.? Thanks in advance for any info.
  13. Does anyone have more specifics on how to obtain a permit to cover the culvert and build a parking space? Is the additional parking space which is built over a culvert private, or can anyone park there? Thanks in advance for any info.
  14. Here's a good article and video about another one of her town hall meetings: http://lonestartimes.com Apparently there was a fake doctor who supports the new health care reform bill planted in the front row.
  15. The sign says "Yummy Fatz Desserts"
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