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  1. https://skyscraperpage.com/forum/showpost.php?p=9688147&postcount=222

    In case no one has pointed this out before, CTBUH shows that 2 of the 8 tallest US buildings under construction now are in Austin, with the other 6 in NYC. In a way, Austin has supplanted Chicago:

    1    JPMorgan Chase World Headquarters    New York City (US)    
    423 m

    2    The Brooklyn Tower    New York City (US)    
    324.9 m

    3    The Spiral    New York City (US)    
    314.2 m

    4    98 Red River    Austin (US)    
    311.2 m

    5    262 Fifth Avenue    New York City (US)
    304.7 m

    6    50 Hudson Yards    New York City (US)    
    299 m

    7    Two Manhattan West    New York City (US)    
    285 m

    8    Sixth & Guadalupe    Austin (US)    
    266.7 m

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  2. 16 hours ago, toxtethogrady said:

    That skyscraper has languished, as the oil industry has downsized. Chevron has said they will leave the headquarters in San Ramon, but they are hinting they will move most of the remaining California employees to Houston (and have incentivized it). I'm not sure there are enough personnel to justify a new tower anymore, especially with remote work situations. I'm also not sure we can expect new hires. The industry's been burned too often. On the other hand, they might have a need for contractors, and those contractors might be expected to be onsite. Also, vacant space is plentiful. All of that together says no new skyscraper anytime soon.

    Would like to be proven wrong but I agree as the article is pure speculation of a proposal from nearly a decade ago. We don’t know how many employees they are bringing-maybe a HQ move will warrant a new tower. 


  3. It is said the building will have the highest pool not only in Texas, but the entire Western Hemisphere.


    The penthouse pool will be the tallest pool deck in the entire city, at 830 ft.

    Currently Market Square Tower has the highest pool in the state at 500 feet.

    I live two blocks away from this beast, I can see it from our back driveway and kitchen windows.













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  4. http://www.houstontx.gov/council/committees/housing/20220621/agenda.pdf

    HCDD recommends Council approval of an Ordinance authorizing a Loan Agreement between the City of Houston and Covenant House Texas (CHT), providing $6,700,000.00 in Home Investment Partnership Grant - American Rescue Plan (HOME-ARP) funds for the redevelopment of their Building for Life campus, which will support proven programs that successfully guide homeless youth to independence. (District C)[/quite]

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