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  1. The Houston Motor Inn was on 45 north going towards Dallas. I believe that is between Crosstimbers and Greens road. If you are going towards Dallas, it would have been on your left hand side of the freeway. I hope this helps you. I remember seeing it as a kid and thought of the 60s space age look. There was a motel demolished across from a fiesta on 45 north. How old were you when you last saw it? Or what year was it?
  2. I have done some research about the theatres in Houston and the one on Rusk between Travis and Main was the Ritz Theatre. The original Majestic was off Texas, but I have seen reports of there being two "Majestics." There was only one Majestic built by John Eberson and it was the first "atmopheric" theatre that he built, but unfortnately it was demolished in the early seventies. He has two others that are still standing in San Antonio and Dallas. They seem to perserve their history better than us. If you know where the other majestic was, do tell. Subdude,Sunday, June 26th, 2005 @ 3:42pm] Is
  3. Well, Osaka (been there four times) has been on Marvin Zindler's list, too. Kirin (been there three times) is not quality sushi..the fish was not fresh and the rice was real dry. Cafe Japon (have been there a few times) has its nights as well...I would not necessarily call it "consistently" good sushi, but it is okay. Yan Sushi (have been there five times and the sushi chef kept asking for my opinion) was on Marvin Zindler's list as well...it was all right. Miyako (used to go alot until they started being skimpers on the nigri and makis) is okay, but the staff can be sort of a pain and the
  4. Is there anything we can do to stop this. It is disappointing when history is destroyed like this. I feel so helpless and I am really, really upset that this builder is choosing to destory this piece of history rather than perserve it.
  5. If it is the correct place, I used to have dreams about going there and thought it was a figment of my imagination. I went in the early eighties... Please help clarify, if this true. I would be really interested in seeing pictures of this place because I thought it was just a dream.
  6. I remember Hanna Barbara Land it is currently Splashtown. They still have some of the stuff that used to be there like the fake trees. I know because I grew up over there off 45 North. I hope this helps you. If there are pictures, please post them.
  7. My grandmother used to go that library when she was a little girl and has fond memories. She told me once of the phantom violinist that haunts the library. I think he used to be the caretaker or the librarian?? I am not really quite sure. I need to ask her again, but if anyone has any insight that would be great?
  8. I have heard from a few people that this place was haunted? Any stories or possible disbeliefs?
  9. Something is happening at the Plaza right? Does anyone know? By the way great pics of the hotels. Unfortunately, I have no memories of the Shamrock. We all know the motto of Houston though: "Out with the old, In with the new."
  10. This one is my favourite building. The gothic arches give the skyline a european feel. I love the lobby..it reminds me of something. If I remember, I will post.
  11. The transco is one of my favourites. Please clarify my statement: Is it true that the light on top was inspired by the light on top of the light towers? The light always indicates to me (on 59S) that I am getting closer to home.
  12. interesting building. Does anyone have photos of the interior?
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