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  1. /\ That's what a power center is. It'll just be nice like the Fairfield Outlet Mall I'm guessing. I've seen the signs on the way to Austin, and when I went to Brenham a few weekends ago.
  2. Klein pushes so hard to win this bond election, then pushes the projects back. Just another way to piss off Klein ISD residents.
  3. 50% of stores would virtually end Willowbrook. Where would you shop in there if 50% of its stores closed down? I would have to drive to Northwest Mall or the Fairfield Outlet Mall (Yikes! Too far).
  4. On a recent trip to Austin, I noticed that some cheap looking suburban houses were going up in Hockley past Bauer Rd. (Cy-Fair ISD boundary line). It interested me to know that people are going to be moving out here and further into the Hockley/Waller area, and past Cy-Fair ISD, into Waller ISD. When the Cy-Fair area is built out, I'm wondering if Hockley and Waller are going to be the next big booming areas. They are so far away from downtown (Hockley- 36 miles; Waller- 41 miles)...
  5. Spring's Five Zone Plan pretty much dooms HS#5 of being just like Westfield. Also, opening Dekaney did nothing to bring Spring's reputation as a school district up. Having played Dekaney, it's just like its friend Nimitz about two miles down the road. HS #5 will be nice architecturally but it's getting the bottom part of the district bordering the Eisenhower zone. I think if families start moving into Spring again, they will want to move into the HS#4 zone, because it seems like it will become the districts premier school if they go with the five zone plan.
  6. Nice pictures. Gotta love that Galveston water.
  7. I saw this magazine previewed on some TV show. Maybe it was the news. I wanted to get a copy of it.
  8. I would think Montrose. I personally never go to Montrose because I don't live near that area, but I've hear lots of gay and lesbian couples live there peacefully. Westbury is also a good area. The only thing is that Westbury HS had a gang problem (what HS in Houston doesn't have gangs?), but HISD has a good magnet program there and at lots of other schools. I'm not completely familiar with the inner loop area and west/southwest Houston, but I believe Montrose is in HISD as well around the Lee/Bellaire (or maybe Lamar) zone which means you have the option to attend Westside, Lee, or Bellaire if you apply soon enough in the year. They also have great elementaries around this area, and HISD has magnets like Lanier, and great middle schools like Pin Oak. Montrose also shouldn't be far from the Texas Medical Center, Hermann Park, the Museum District, U of H, Reliant Park, Downtown, River Oaks, Memorial Park, etc. Hope this info helps. Oh, I also just thought, I see lots of gay and lesbian couples around the Marq*e/ I-10 area when I go to the movies there. It is in Spring Branch, but the areas considered nicer in Spring Branch are extremely expensive. I don't know about further out like in the Stratford zone, but I know it's more affordable. If I had to guess, I'd say that the Marq*e is in the Memorial HS zone, a place with great schools through all grades.
  9. 1. Have you tried asking the church? This may sound dumb but they probably do know how old their building is if this is what you want. 2. You could try looking for William Henry Shackleford's death certificate to confirm that their was a cemetery named Brooks Cemetery and that it was in Houston. You could also ask the church if you could look through some of their old records, because I know churches that have records from cemeteries on their property. 3. Again, go ask the church, or look up public records dealing with the piece of land at 5203 Fulton. Anyway you want, it will take some research. Hope I could help, and hope you find what you are looking for. (What are you looking for?)
  10. /\ I could not agree more. People need to see that having demographics that qualify a school as a "good school" does not mean that the school will get better TAKS scores than a school with minority demographics like MacArthur which got a Recognized rating for its second year in a row.
  11. Although I don't go to Stratford, I know it has not fallen into the same category as SWHS or NHS, and even SWHS isn't as bad as NHS. I also think you got it switched around because although Cy-Fair has some schools that aren't considered the best like Cy-Springs or Cy-Ridge, it still is a great academic district, whereas Spring ISD has Westfield, Dekaney, and Spring (oh, that's all three of their high schools) that aren't good. The Woodlands, well, I don't know. I guess just because you live in a nice area doesn't mean you go to Recognized schools. Lastly, kids who don't pass the TAKS test aren't idiots (I passed all mine though), and they don't ruin schools. I believe lazy teachers, weak administration, and poor attitudes of kids towards education ruin schools. That may sound like I'm disagreeing with the point about kids who don't pass the TAKS ruining schools, but there are lots of kids who don't pass because they genuinely tried and don't understand the information.
  12. /\As far as I know, nothing has changed from previous years in the way that their TAKS criteria is to make the accountability rating. It has been that every ethnic group must make 70% passing rates since the TAKS was started after the TAAS. Things didn't go "downhill" that much, they just "cooled off." I'm so suprised about Stratford. I thought for sure it would be Recognized or Exemplary. I'm also suprised about Klein Oak as well.
  13. I wonder which schools weren't in there (cough-Cy Springs)? Good news for this district nonetheless.
  14. I feel the same way since I'm a black male. People always think I'm a thug because I go to an Aldine school and get bad grades, when in reality that's not the case at all.
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