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  1. i am sad that i finally see this thread and the photos have been removed.
  2. i suppose i could take this to cafe artiste and leave it on the book shelf with a little note that says: "take me home and build me" (on the box) ?
  3. now fella, as it says: that's the ACTUAL structure. :closedeyes: i would hate be responsible for all those little people if they were included though.
  4. i've had this thing for years... it's still in the box (which is shelf worn) and everything is intact. it's a card stock color model 1:250 scale, non-perforated with a booklet... it was purchased at the MFA in the clearance bin because the box had been flattened and re-taped. if you want it or know a kiddo/student who would enjoy it... it's yours. here is a photo of the actual structure i would rather not throw it away.
  5. thank you danax! also on that website under the presidents tab: "The other temperament, the Idealist, has provided one of the great surprises in this study of character: we find that there has never been an Idealist President in all the two hundred year history of The United States of America. We will comment later on this curious void in American politics..." neat stuff.
  6. INFJ 89 50 25 22 edit: good lord. i also voted wrong... perhaps DSLXC would have been better for me.
  7. maybe he would blend in? if not there, argentina perhaps?
  8. i imagine that with david adicks plaster sculptures all around. bet he could make some huge whimsical scupltures/structures to augment a park like that...
  9. attempting to reach zero debt carpentry, restoration & A/V supplies food books coffee
  10. not to seem detached but the chronicle's wording is very odd: "Two women who were beaten on their heads" also, one odd and random murder scenario is not a red flag that the neighborhood going down the drain.
  11. that is up to the moderators. most folks send them a PM to let them decide... for the sake of organization.
  12. was anyone else doing so on a bicycle? could you please try to have a little fun? :closedeyes: i really liked those... it was local architecture all the same. jr. moderator -or- volunteer deputy moderator?
  13. hints of an upcoming project vs. an actual physical press announcement... i would hope that folks post could post new announcements on HAIF without worry of people splitting hairs.
  14. how long have you had your band?
  15. bicycled past the pig stand today and noticed that the two wall mounted wooden pig waiters are missing. i think they had the location numbers on them... hope they went to a good place.
  16. perky's nutty rice. a cross between grape nuts and rice crispies... the name makes it a little embarrassing to ask for. before that it was frosted mini wheats. about 5 years ago, i found a rat poo in the sealed bag part. it made it to the bowl but luckily not my spoon. they sent a mailer and the full box was tested --- negative they said. i've owned a rodent and know that stuff when i see it... they did send about $10 of free and 35 cent coupons though.
  17. i never read it but... here's some good info
  18. is there any sort of government assistance available since your son has this medical issue? and you in turn, have large medical costs?
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