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  1. Carnival to add another year-round ship to island operations Posted: Thursday, April 24, 2014 8:06 am | Updated: 9:56 am, Thu Apr 24, 2014.By LAURA ELDER GALVESTON -- Carnival Cruise Lines next year will base a third year-round ship in Galveston, luring thousands of additional visitors to the island while marking the first time a cruise line has deployed three passenger liners in Texas.The Miami-based company, which homeports ships Magic and Triumph in Galveston, said it would add Carnival Freedom to that lineup in February 2015, beginning with a special six-day Caribbean voyage before the start of year-round seven-day departures from Galveston.The news secures Galveston’s status as the No. 1 Gulf Coast cruise port and underscores Carnival’s bullishness on the seaport city.“In partnership with the Port of Galveston and the local community, we have been able to increase our passenger counts fivefold since we first launched service from Galveston in 2000,” Carnival President and CEO Gerry Cahill said.Moving the 2,974-passenger Freedom from Fort Lauderdale, Fla., to Galveston represents a 38 percent capacity increase for Carnival in Galveston; the cruise line’s ships from Galveston carry about 600,000 passengers a year.Before arriving in Galveston, Freedom will undergo a multimillion dollar makeover, Carnival officials said... http://www.galvestondailynews.com/news/local_news/article_33618be6-cbb1-11e3-afba-001a4bcf6878.html?TNNoMobile
  2. Baybrook Mall began getting its act together when Tanger Outlets moved down the road in Texas City. I had never seen an Almeda billboard/advertisment in the Texas City/Dickinson area until Tanger went up. These malls serve the same area. An amusement park was announced near Tanger, now Almeda is adding a Dave and Busters, plus 30 stores. The local news paper reported Tanger is expected to announce an expansion this summer.
  3. I sure hope it does. Galveston County will add to Schlitterbahn, Kemah Boardwalk, and Pleasure Pier!
  4. We were taught in school the holiday originated on the island. An impromptu celebration on the streets of Galveston by freed slaves in response to General Granger's speech. Kudos to Third Ward for this wonderful project!
  5. From the Galveston County Daily News site...
  6. Won't miss Broadmoor. Eubanks has been pushing for this demolishion for several years now.
  7. ( I don't object to the rich living downtown, or those who profit from them, my gripe is that they shouldn't be the only ones allowed to do so. Itex Property Managment, who willingly invest in mixed income ventures should be allowed to turn a profit also. Not to mention, they are turning an eyesore of a building downtown, (whom no one would invest for decades) into something special.
  8. I don't understand why the rich should be the only ones allowed to live/play downtown, because currently that's all that resides downtown in those nice lofts. I do agree in that I don't know how the have and have nots will be able to coexist in the same tenement. We'll see. I'm just glad something nice is being done with this historic building. It will also give downtown Galveston a little bustle.
  9. Jean Lafitte Hotel to become apartments By Rhiannon Meyers The Daily News Published December 22, 2009 GALVESTON — Owners of the historic Jean Lafitte Hotel in downtown Galveston plan to use federal dollars to renovate the rundown 82-year-old building into a mixed-income apartment complex with half the units set aside for low- and moderate-income tenants... http://galvestondailynews.com/story.lasso?ewcd=4689525a18c388e2
  10. Thanks for the info! Your username is in Hebrew right? I've seen your photos on flickr for years now, you take some great shots. Welcome to the forum
  11. Never heard of this mall, before my time It's the PCP building here right? I've been in this building a lot, and quite recent. It resembles nothing of a mall on the inside. They've sectioned it off with walls and doors for a variety of clinics. Now that you mention it, it does look of an old mall, go figure
  12. The necessity for public housing By Michael A. Smith The Daily News Published November 8, 2009 Galveston Housing Authority got off to a bad start with its planning to rebuild after Hurricane Ike. The authority’s initial plan for more than 1,000 units of various housing types sent a current of opposition through the city. That was a reasonable reaction to an unreasonable plan. The opposition that has grown up in the meantime, however, is shortsighted and every bit as dubious as the authority’s initial plan. People in that opposition group argue any public housing would be a universal negative, and, therefore none should be rebuilt... http://www.galvestondailynews.com/story.lasso?ewcd=f7a96708aab58fd5
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