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  1. Any recommendations for a stylist/salon that excels in cutting naturally curly frizzy hair? It's very long, took me 4 years to grow it out, mostly gray which I like. It's all one length & I'd like to have it layered (but still long) to get my curls back without looking like a 1980ies poodle mullet.
  2. I picked up a couple of quite good oil paintings -landscapes - a few years ago at a resale shop that were framed here in the 30ies. The signature on the paintings is R.C. Records. Does this ring a bell with anyone?
  3. The now-defunct Catfish Kitchen used to serve and sell their own pickled green tomatoes. They were great, both sweet and spicy! Does anyone have that recipe to share or one close to it? Please hurry, I have several pounds of green tomatoes, and there are only so many fried green tomatoes I can stand. Thanks, Kitty
  4. Did anyone use a solar-powered generator during an outage post-Ike? How did it perform? I'm reading up on them for the next time I'm out of power for 15 1/2 days. I don't like gasoline powered generators.
  5. In the early 1970ies, I worked at a tiny, wonderful plant place on Chimney Rock near Richmond called "The Olfactory." It was owned by Harold Peterson, a bearded Viking of a man. We sold plants and made terrariums, which were all the rage then. We stocked a large variety of dried herbs in bulk (unique to stores at that time!) that came from Madelaine Hill's Hilltop Herb Farm. Harold was closely associated with them and used to take groups up there (around Huntsville?) for the Saturday lunch. I never went because it seemed too expensive, and I was too shy to ask my boss for a free or discounted meal there. Too bad! We sold tons of handmade potpourri at Christmas and ground flour for customers. Before he opened The Olfactory, I believe Harold shared store space with "Aunt Pookie's" that used to be in a converted gas station on Richmond. Aunt Pookies sold homestyle biscuit and sausage breakfast sandwiches created by the real "Aunt Pookie." This was long before the Egg McMuffin and about a thousand times better. They stayed open for a long time. Does anyone rmember the wonderful little Olfactory and/or know what became of Harold? I think his wife's name was Mary, and they had a little orange kitty they named O.J. (for Orange Juice, not Simpson.) It was one of my very favorite jobs.
  6. I was an usherette at the late, great Windsor Theater on Richmond. All summer long they played "Ice Station Zebra." I saw the same parts over and over and over.
  7. Mayor Christie, that's right. I do remember The Point, but not from my childhood. It closed sometime in the 90ies, I think. Tom's Treat was on the south side of Spenser directly in front of the S. Houston swimming pool. The water tower was right behind the pool. The last time I went by there - it's been years ago - Tom's structure was still there, but it was a used-car place. Pecan Drive is the first street that runs parallel to Old Galveston to the east of it. It doesn't intersect with Spenser. You'd turn into my old neighborhood one more intersection south off Old Galveston...pretty sure! Mobud's was on the west side of Old Galveston; I'm not sure which street. Ask your Mom if she remembers a tiny dress shop that was next to the movie theater. It was called "Helen's Dress Shop," and was owned by my mother's friend, Helen White. She had a fashion show at Pearl Hall Elementary (1958?) and I was in it.
  8. I first noticed the house on Memorial/Chimney Rock because the older man who lives there always plants tomatoes by the metal barricade fence next to the road since his property is completely shaded! I've wanted to knock on his door for years to tell him just how cool that is! And to see the house, of course.
  9. No, this is definitely not the same place. The walls were completely glass in the front and on the right (north side. ) I would swear that it was right off of Bellfort, but this was 10 years ago. The mystery house described in another post sounds very similar.
  10. Hm. This view doesn't look familiar; maybe it's the back side? The front was definitely an atrium... I hesitated calling it that since it had carpet, but yeah. I'm going to have to roam around over there soon & see if I can find it. Speaking of mod, I was on Chimney Rock near Memorial yesterday. The three last houses (# 211, 207, 203?) before you hit Memorial if you're traveling north on Chimney Rock look very mod. The one on the corner is actually down in the ravine and another one is hanging over it. These have probably been mentioned elsewhere, but I'm new to the forums and am lousy at searches.
  11. Until about five years ago, there was an old Motor Court along the east side of the Gulf Freeway near Fuqua (I think...) They were rows of tiny cabins/houses. The Motor Court was still open until sometime in the 90ies, then it was still standing while the property was up for sale for years. I thought about calling the realtor so I could really look at them, but that never happened. They've been razed or moved. Does anyone know what they were called & what happened to them?
  12. Did anyone else here live in the City of South Houston in the 50ies? We lived on Pecan Dr which had Pecan trees in the esplanades for years until according to my parents, "too many people ran into them when they were drunk" and they were all cut down. Do you remember Mobud's Department store? Tom's Treat on Spencer in front of the swimming pool? The South Houston Theater where I saw "The Seventh Voyage of Sinbad" at least three times and was scared to death by "Black Sunday" a vampire movie, still one of my favorites? Who was the long time mayor of S. Houston? He had a "palatial" (to a small child) white stucco home on the main drag. Charlie Holocheck had a meat market farther down the road. We lived there until I was 7...halcyon days. I remember the guys who would drive around the neighborhoods demonstrating yoyos, a hula hoop contest at a local car lot, riding my trike down the street after the "stink man" spraying DDT (good Lord!), the old Kellog's plant. Lotsa memories.
  13. I lived in Dogpatch on Oleander Court for 15 years because my uncle (who lived there) & father owned 4-5 houses there. They were all very small frame houses, very poor neighbood, but I had some great neighbors and felt very safe. Probably shouldn't have, but did! It's main borders were Old Galveston Rd. (east), Howard Dr. (north), Monroe (south), not sure how far west would've still been considered Dogpatch.
  14. As a young teenager, I stood outside Lew's Records waiting for them to open anytime a new Beatles single was being released. I loved that place. Didn't it have those old listening booths? I think Lew's and Playhouse were right next to each other on the north side, but I'm not sure which was where.
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