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  1. 8 hours ago, gene said:


    amen to that!!!!!!!!!! the fireworks lasted foreeeeeeeeveeeeeeer!!!! It was so awesome! and the new tree light show was great too! loved it so much and made me so proud as well as happy to see my area looking it's best and entertaining so many happy people...especially all the families with kids that were there! AND on top of that I went to watch some friends at the finish line of the Turkey Trot that morning and quite a few people were talking about how great it was and how they loved the new look of Post Oak Blvd (where the finish line was)...such a fun day in Uptown Houston! 

    Just wait until they eventually redevelop those strip centers!

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  2. 15 hours ago, Skyboxdweller said:

    I"m 63 and now live in Four Leaf Towers. My 6000 sq. ft. house in Hedwig Village was a great place when I had two kids in school and had tons of gear, a son who played guitar and drums and parking for our three cars.  It had a back staircase that allowed a summer to go by without having to meet my daughter's then-current boyfriend. But the kids are now in L.A. and Austin, one is married and my wife is nearing the end stages of a decades long rare neurological disease, By the time both kids were in their mid-=twenties, when they were at home, it was like running a small hotel and I was the staff.  I miss my garden and pool, but not much else about the property. At Four Leaf Towers, I have someone to unload my packages from my car after returning from Costco or HEB  and bring the stuff up to my apartment.  I;m now living in 2690 sq. ft. and its certainly more than enough for my needs.  Right now, I have one guest room and when  both my son and my daughter and son-in=law visit, I usually book one of them into a hotel for a few days. I think one could live nicely with a family in this apartment, but for many reasons, including the amount of personal possessions amassed by the affluent, including sports gear, cars, etc. it would feel cramped by most families.

    You had 3 cars 👀

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  3. 2 hours ago, X.R. said:


    A few things as someone who sorta - recently moved into the area:

    1) The two realtors I worked with, when I finally chose museum district, was like "hey, this is a largely established neighborhood, very stable, quiet and the residents LIKE it like that, so...just be aware." For context, I was looking at midtown/east downtown/downtown too. And they were not wrong. I think in part the lack of "energy" is that this area is very, very residential, without many coffee shops or bars, but we do have TURKEY LEG HUT! There are a loooot of townhouses here. Some older homes on bigger plots, but they are either going, or gone, it feels like (I mean, just look at this, the Boone's have been there since the 50s). And those made way for the condos and apartments. The next step of development has to be away from the museums and more toward Midtown along San Jacinto, and propping up Almeda. Basically, Blodgett and north of it. 


    2) Bobruss is right, that entire list of stuff he put up has gone up in the last 5 years, and they are in the middle of adding more "affordable" condos down the street from the 10 story condos he mentioned. To that end, I've spoken to friends in residential/commercial real estate and they lament how long they've been trying to buy tracks of land in the area. It seems to be hard to come by, as the people who own them tend to lease in this area for some reason/want to keep the land within their family. Hell, it was hard to buy a house because so many people preferred to lease versus sell the damn thing to me. 


    3) The museum district super neighborhood group are very nice people, but they like the quiet. They are hyped about the capping of 59. They are hyped about the bike lane on Austin. They are not super hyped about Turkery Leg Hut (but still support it), but they are very hyped about Barnaby's/Fadis/Dak and Bop. I think a little of the lack of "vibrancy" is purposeful. 


    Finally, if you're on the streets of the MD at 7:30 - 8, there are dog walkers, joggers, bikers, people heading to Hermann park, Lucilles and MF Sushi, people walking to the Asian Society Center and the Glassel, and students going back to Rice. I think tho, I agree in part with Luminare. Theres so much activity, its just needs...a bit more. Something else. My older neighbors seem to think what it lacks is retail/restraurants with outdoor seating and patios. They've been wanting it for 10 years. So maybe thats it. 

    Of course they're not hyped about Turkey Leg Hut 🙄

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