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  1. 2 hours ago, Tumbleweed_Tx said:

    Driving up 59 inside the beltway was a surprise for me - THEY EXTENDED THE HEIGHT OF THE MEDIAN BARRIER!! You can't see opposing traffic anymore if your car is low (like mine). So far, they have done between the Beltway and halfway between Bellaire and Hillcroft.

    I don't understand why they won't raise the barriers between the feeder roads and freeway.

  2. 1 hour ago, Tumbleweed_Tx said:

    Some of the highways in other states now have 6' high median barriers. The new I-10 construction in Louisiana has these. Not only do you not see wrecks on the other side unless you drive a high vehicle, the glare from opposing traffic's headlights doesn't mess with you anymore. That is the best reason for high walls.

    I notice Atlanta has high walls as well!

  3. 4 minutes ago, editor said:

    After looking at the presentation, I'm relived by what I see.  This could have gone very bad, but as it is — it's fine.  It's not spectacular, but it's far better than a lot of freeway trenches and caps that were poorly executed in other cities (*cough*Cincinnati*cough*).

    I'm not excited about the Third Ward Signature Bridges.  They look very much like the ones over the existing trenched portion of the Southwest Freeway.  And I expect them to be maintained just as carefully.  Meaning, not at all.

    That set of bridges used to be a spectacular asset to the city.  Now they're an embarrassment.

    I hear there's gonna be a cool signature bridge over Buffalo Bayou.

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  4. 3 minutes ago, mattyt36 said:

    I'm sure it varies by parcel--they take what they can get.

    Legally there must be some standard by which the land can be acquired (e.g., freeway footprint plus a certain "buffer" area), but in practice it has to be negotiated with each land owner.  I'm sure it some cases you get more and in some cases you get less than "desirable," but still allows the project to work.

    I'm just curious because where Doggett Ford and tractor dealership are the new freeway pretty much takes their front parking out.

  5. 56 minutes ago, Amlaham said:

    Building up for demo, honestly really glad about this one. This area needs some serious love, especially since its right off a major highway and close to the galleria area.



    I always think about how cluttered it looks right there. 

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  6. On 3/30/2022 at 5:32 PM, arche_757 said:

    Wondering if we did end up with a new (relocated) NHL franchise if the Toyota Center’s days would be numbered?  It’s 20 years old next year, and while I am not advocating its replacement I do understand that with 2 major league teams using it that in the next ~5-10 years I couldn’t imagine the team owners not pushing for a brand new facility.

    *assuming we land an NHL franchise*


    6 minutes ago, mattyt36 said:

    I sure would endorse such a plan, as long as it stayed downtown.  The Toyota Center is certainly underwhelming.

    Toyota Center isn't going anywhere if anything it will get renovated like they have plans to do already and like other arenas that are about the same age has done.

  7. 1 hour ago, j_cuevas713 said:

    Yeah I think Greenstreet was just a bit ahead of the curve, doesn't mean it still can't work. The shell is still good. I like that Dallas St was picked because it forces the cities vision further south. And as more stuff opens up on that end, we'll see the need for more retail. There are still about 4 lots I would like to see turned in to residential on that side of downtown. Trebly Park is basically going to become "Discovery Green south" in time so maybe we'll see more than just the standard midrise. It won't have the same affect but I can still see developers building around it. 

    For sure it's not going to have the same impact. I'm just saying that it will draw attention and events. And the return on that is more foot traffic for that side. And we've seen it before, things could expand and change just because of this little park. It's a small investment that has a ripple effect. 

    THE FIRST THING YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT TREBLY PARK? “We want it to be the heart of the neighborhood,” says Angie Bertinot, the Downtown District Director of Marketing and Communications. “We do see it as a catalyst project that will hopefully encourage even more development.”

    It bothers the hell out me that the new park is not on the full city block I don't why 🤦🏽‍♂️

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  8. 25 minutes ago, gene said:

    Haha I almost feel like they saw my post or someone alerted them to it! There is now a new post that says they are moving their PAGE!!! They took down the post from earlier saying they are MOVING and put up a new post at 820pm tonight saying they are moving their page… ?! very strange 

    If I'm being honest I called and they seemed confused but they said they weren't moving. That wouldn't make any sense lol

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