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  1. I found that there is a new elementary school will open in sienna plantation sugarland in 2008. It is near the riverstone community. I am considering to buy a house in riverstone. Any information about this new elementary school? I think riverstone will be rezoned to this school because it is closer than the Settlers Way elemetary school. School is my first consideration. Should I take this risk for this new school? any recommendation will be highly appreciated. Thanks
  2. How is the traffic on Fort Bend Tollroad in the morning peak hours? according its design, it should not have serious a traffic problem because it doesn't have a lot of on-ramps. The only bottleneck may generate in the section which connects with US90A. Is my analyse close enough? Thanks
  3. thanks, I traveled there a few days ago, it seems there are no traffic lights on the 90 connecting the toll road and 610.It looks like a freeway. No traffic at that time but that day is holiday. Thanks
  4. I did some research about this builder but only found two reviews which are all negative. Thanks
  5. I am moving in Houston and looking for a house in Sugarland area. I have a question about the traffic on Main st(90A) which is connecting Toll road and 610. Is it horrible in the peak time? Thanks
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