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  1. Apologies if this is considered thread-jacking, but something I haven't understood in all this soccer stadium talk is why the money isn't being devoted to improving the existing UH stadium. They play there now, right? It brings tons of people to that part of town, increases UH's visibility... but apparently the stadium is too yucky for the professional team. Why should UH have to live with a yucky stadium while money is being spent on a new professional one? Improve the UH stadium instead and everyone wins.

    I should point out that I know almost nothing about sports, or the business of sports, and have been in very few stadiums, so my question is a sincere one, coming from ignorance. I'd just honestly like to know why what I proposed wouldn't be a better solution.

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  2. I wasn't going to vote because it looks like both candidates would do a good job. But when certain people started making it a gay thing, I went out and voted for AP. If someone's going to try to make it an issue, then I'm going to go out and show them it's not an issue, to me. I hope other people stand up against that kind of bigotry, too.

    It helps that the more interviews I've heard, the more AP stands out as a better candidate than GL. She seems to have more informed, more detailed answers to every questions. I felt good about voting for her.

  3. Memorial is nice. Did you know that Memorial Park is twice the size of Central Park? Not quite a peered comparison since Memorial is merely inside the loop rather than inside downtown but still, it surprised me.

    I've never quite figured out Memorial Park. There's the running loop, which has cars screaming by. And the arboretum, which is lovely. And some picnic areas. What is happening in the rest of the space?

  4. That is indeed sad. I was just there last week, and looking around in wonder at the acreage, thinking it was something of a miracle that so much space was devoted to a nursery. It's so pretty in there. That stretch of Bellaire Blvd. (and much of the rest of Bellaire) is full of some of the most god awful homes I've ever seen. I guess we can only hope for a developer with better taste.

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  5. Why do I need to explain the obvious?

    Both were hailed by the populace as saviors of a nation which was perceived by that populace as headed for failure. The parallels are uncanny and are obvious to those who don't have their head stuck so far up Acorn's ass. Obama and the ultraleft thugs that he has in his administration will do much harm to this nation.

    I am reminded of why I've been avoiding this thread. One clearly can't seek complex thought, reason, or intelligent dialogue here.

  6. 20 Apr 1939 - New York Times - Millions in Berlin Hail Hitler as Leader -

    25 Jul 2009 - New York Times - Obama, in Berlin ... 200,000 people came to hear him speak.

    Be careful what you wish for.

    The law of unintended consiquences.

    I don't get it... are you suggesting that because both leaders spoke in the same city, and the NYT covered both events, Obama is somehow like Hitler?

    There must be more to your point than that, since it would be incredibly stupid to connect the two in that way.

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  7. I wonder if it's possible to channelize a waterway and yet not make it look like crap. I recall that the RIver Liffey which runs through Dublin has concrete (or stone?) banks and yet it is pretty scenic still (and it also does not have many trees, it's in a really dense urban area). Maybe that's not a good example though because Dublin is probably less flood prone than Houston. It has to be possible to at least balance the flood prevention aspect with ecology and aesthetic though. Does anybody have any examples? The River Walk in San Antonio is concrete lined and still looks nice, although I know what they did there is a lot more complex. They re-route most of the water away from the river walk part of the river to keep the restaurants from ever flooding, right?

    I've heard that channelization sometimes results in reduced flooding along the channel but it also leads to enhanced flooding upstream an downstream of the channel. I'm not sure if that's the case here though.

    Anyways, I think Braes would look a lot better if they planted trees on the sloped banks of the bayou, even though it has been channelized. I think those bare grassy hills along the sides in combination with the concrete gives the worst possible aesthetic. The roots of large trees on a sloped bank like that generally prevent erosion so I imagine it would be an all around positive thing to do.

    Didn't they do that in the easternmost section of it? Re-naturalize it? I thought that was part of the project.

  8. That case was most likely a straw buyer scam too. They buy the homes put renters in them and collect rent but never pay the mortgages. Some scams pay the mortgages for a few months to pretend that they didn't intend on letting them go. But, There is no way you can buy a brand new home and pay for it with renters without at least 30% down (much less actually turn a profit). And of course if they put that much down they would never go into forclosure.

    That's interesting. Incredible that they can get away with it. I mean, they win, and the builder wins (because they sell six units all at once), but how on earth could a bank be stupid enough to fall for it? I guess that's the question of the year. Yet another reason to thank the bankers for the mess we're all in.

  9. My evidence is limited to what I saw happen in one townhome community in the third ward, but perhaps it is indicative of a wider trend. There, we had 48 townhomes. Built around 2003-2005. Most were owner-occupied, and those were very stable. Nice working people, paid their bills, no foreclosures. But about a half-dozen were purchased by a single, out-of-state investor. They put in some renters, didn't seem to screen them very carefully. Revolving door. A few years down the road, they all went into foreclosure. Property values sank as these stupid houses went for peanuts.

    Bad timing, bad investment...

    I suspect the previous poster is correct, the housing market crash hit the third ward just as builders had gotten started there, so it really took a hit.

  10. Where in New York? Does it have to be Manhattan, or will one of the other boroughs or New Jersey work as well?

    Has to be Manhattan. If I want another borough, I have friends with couches there.

  11. Does anyone have a recommendation for a hotel in NY for the budget-minded traveller? This budget-minded traveller is a female traveling alone, so I'm not interested in seedy dives. thanks.

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