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  1. EDIT: Already covered above. However, still very excited about this. Will be interesting to see what this "Phase Two" will look like, given the comments in the articles below. http://www.marketwatch.com/story/gid-development-announces-dynamic-phase-two-of-regent-square-development-2013-02-14 http://www.chron.com/business/article/New-cinemas-in-Houston-give-luxury-a-starring-role-4276779.php?t=863144c6ed
  2. Crane is going up. Saw it last night, and this is a construction cam picture from their Facebook page:
  3. Per an internet search, towers on or within the Montrose - Dunlavy & Memorial - W. Clay rectangle: RESIDENTIAL The Royalton: 33 stories, 360 feet Legacy at Memorial: 25 stories, 315 feet The Sovereign: 21 stories, (unknown height) COMMERCIAL (all in American General Center) America Tower: 42 stories, 590 feet Wortham Tower: 25 stories, 337 feet Woodson Tower: 15 stories, 208 feet Riviana Building: 15 stories, 208 feet
  4. It will be interesting to see the extent to which that development ties into the prior Regent Square plans (if at all).
  5. Thanks Sam. I didn't see the demo work today, but was going to say that I'm almost positive it was the building(s) that you pointed out. They've been doing some minor demo work or prep work on these building(s), which are the ones that are immediately south of where the old JE Dunn trailers and parking lot used to be (the trailers used to be on that small grassy spot near the tip of the arrow). Of course, they removed the JE Dunn trailers a while back, but I've noticed over the past couple of weeks that the former trailer lots have been filled with trucks of workers who have been doing work on these building(s) (south of the former JE Dunn trailer lot). Looking at it on a map, it makes sense that they would be knocking out these Allen House buildings, and apparently leaving the others in tact for now. If you look at where the covered parking is, combined with the old trailer lot and the area where these structures are being torn down, I think it gives a pretty good idea of where the rough footprint for this building will be (correct me if I'm wrong). Here's hoping that things will progress quickly from this point forward. Could be a lot of construction going on around here over the next year or so with this and the Finger lot (one block east of this site on W. Dallas) looking primed to go.
  6. Signs are up on site. Didn't snap a photo, but they are advertising this website for the development: http://www.2900westdallas.com
  7. Agree that the yellow seating certainly looks to be depressed. I expect that it is mostly a sight-line issue. That yellow section is primarily for the freshman class, which usually will stand for most or all of the game. My guess is that the depressed seating is to maintain good sight lines behind the dedicated student area.
  8. Didn't see these renderings anywhere on here: http://www.baylorbears.com/view.gal?id=115301 Just a quick fact check: No doubt Baylor's current stadium is too large for present needs. It's been there for 50 years, and you probably count on one or two hands the number of times that it's been at capacity. Here are the numbers for the old and new stadiums: Baylor's current stadium (Floyd Casey Stadium) seats 50,000. The 2011 average home game attendance was 41,368. The new proposed Baylor Stadium will seat 45,000. It is designed to accommodate future expansion up to 55,000, if that's ever warranted. Having sat through many, many games at the old stadium, the new Baylor Stadium should be just about the perfect size.
  9. Very interesting. Agree with others who think this rendering looks to be off of the South side of W. Dallas, and I've been scouring the maps to figure out where this could possibly fit. My first thought from the rendering was perhaps west of College Memorial Park Cemetery (west of the Regent Square phase 1 lot). Don't see how it could possibly fit there though, with the Renoir and Gotham Lofts. Only other spots I could imagine would be somewhere on the Regent Square property, either phase 1 or 2 (phase 1 already cleared, west of Dunlavy; phase 2 is east of Dunlavy). This includes the W. Dallas / Rochow trailer lot noted above, which is shown in GID's renderings as being a planned midrise section of Regent Square phase 2. These are shown in the Regent Square renderings on GID's site: http://www.gid.com/d...nt-square.aspx In any event, this part of town is getting increasingly dense. Finger's nearby midrise apartments beside the Whole Foods are slated to break ground in February 2012.
  10. By the way, as someone who works a couple of blocks away and has watched the progress of this construction on a daily basis.... MainPlace really turned out to be an awesome building. The skin, curvature, reflections, etc. are stunning. Among the buildings Houston has built in recent memory -- this one truly is a gem. You guys should come check out the (near)-finished product from ground level if you haven't had the opportunity yet.
  11. Saturday, Oct. 16 -- 11:00AM:
  12. Dozers are on site doing dirtwork -- things are under way. But honestly... it's just a car wash.
  13. http://www.clevelandconstruction.com/InteriorDetail.aspx?ProjectID=68 Rendering is here. It's been posted here before (or in a Chron article or somewhere else), but here it is if anyone is curious. Looks like this is the side facing the parking lot (facing the AIG tower). Architect's website: http://www.stonesoup6.com/#whopage
  14. Nancy has a brief update: http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/business/sarnoff/7217466.html
  15. I've noticed this too, but I wouldn't read much into it. They've been doing pretty minor work on the site sporadically for the past couple of years, yet it still looks virtually the same as it did in 2007. They've also marked the Dunlavy / W. Dallas sidewalks for ramps and improvements at the intersection. My guess, however, is that the original "stimulus" deal with the tax rebate is dead. It required infrastructural improvements to begin by October 2009 and private development to begin by October 2010 (as reported by Chron). Latest word (cited above) is that private development may start in 2012 (http://culturemap.com/newsdetail/08-09-10-montrose-fields-forever-theres-a-billion-dollar-regent-square-project-among-those-weeds/). I may be misinterpreting what the original deal was, but I wouldn't think that a 2012 (or later) development was what everyone had in mind when the City was trying to "stimulate" its way out of the bottom of the recession in early 2009.
  16. Aqua Car Wash. Sign went up on the lot fairly recently, I believe. Also discussed here: http://swamplot.com/swamplot-street-sleuths-parking-lot-special/2010-08-17/
  17. I'm very pleased with the change in both name and design. This bridge is going to be a huge benefit to the area.
  18. Marvy Finger: "We should start April 15." For those of you who don't patrol the Chronicle, this is from earlier in the week: http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/nb/heights/news/6865603.html They've applied for building permit for Whole Foods. Finger says Whole Foods will break ground this Spring. The original plans for underground parking are intriguing... that could have added a level of urbanism to this developing corridor. Finger said he hopes to break ground on the neighboring upscale apartment complex by the end of the year. T-minus 2 months.
  19. Yeah, I'll verify this too. The rumor somewhere on here was that the LED on Wells Fargo was damaged by Ike, and the small LED piece that came on was probably malfunctioning due to the damage. I have noticed recently, however, that the same small LED piece has been cycling through different colors. I never saw it cycle through colors when the entire top of WF was lit.
  20. Yeah, and it looks like part will not rise past the 2nd or 3rd floor:
  21. Reported by Swamplot, this time lapse shows nightfall over the Texas Medical Center and Downtown Houston as viewed from Hotel Zaza:
  22. This is a drive-by HAIFing showing the fast progress being made on the top structure. Taken Friday, November 6th:
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