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  1. I've seen many ranges come and go. The one on Kingsland (between Mason and Fry in Katy) changed owners frequently and to my knowledge is a paintball course now. It has an automatic dispenser which set your ball on the tee by just tapping a lever.
  2. Don't be afraid. Most of them will only ask for money or something at worst. Just don't make yourself look like a stranger to the area. Anyone can sense fear. Walk into Sears like you know where you're going.
  3. Ah that's good that the Town and Country location is still open. I read online that the Buffalo Speedway location closed because the land was getting too valuable.
  4. I remember two Luby's that have closed. One on Buffalo Speedway and the other in Town and Country. It was located in front of a parking garage for the mall. From what I remember it was always pretty busy. The one on Buffalo Speedway seemed to have a good bit of business also.
  5. Search google images for "Dubai Snow". You'll find interior and exterior photos of this structure.
  6. It did have a lot so I won't rule this out. Actually I think I remember the skating rink too.
  7. I swear there was a miniature golf course in Memorial City Mall at one time. Back when they had the entertainment area upstairs and one in the food court.
  8. Ski park worked in Dubai http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/middle_east/4491650.stm People aren't going to outdoor theme parks in Houston cause they probably can't stand the heat. It'd be sad if they didn't go to this one cause they couldn't stand the cold. Maybe Houstonians only like to shop, eat, and get fat. Semi-kidding only!
  9. Ah well then there were probably multiple incidents.
  10. I was at the Hyatt and remember there was parking at the old Sheraton. I decided to use the Hyatt's valet parking though. That was earlier this month. http://www.google.com/maps?q=717+Polk+St,+...mp;t=k&z=19
  11. I searched and no one had mentioned this place before it seems. Do you guys remember the miniature golf, arcade, and rides here? There was an area where the arcade is now, an entrance to the upstairs area by the food court, and one entrance to the upstairs along the main hall.
  12. My mom replied with "There're two places that I have in mind. One is huge indoor building on loop 610 East and I can't remember the name either. The other is Trader Village that's a outdoor place on North Eldrige & 290. ". I'm not really familiar with either. That's for the basketball arena.
  13. I heard the rumor that someone got injured on that spider web, but that rumor developed as I recall long before the park closed. Look at the green algae in the wave pool and pools of water below the slides.... http://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&hl=en&...c=addr&om=1 Someone on a review site said the slides were getting rusted out and towards the end the wave pool broke along with other attractions. None of which were they fixing. I remember all the great attractions metioned above. Malibu, Mountasia, etc. Looks like any existing ones like that one of 59 S won't last long either. Despite how nice they are they're all getting torn down. The go kart track on I-45 south heading away from town was swallowed up to become a parking lot for the building next to it. You can still see the track, but the grass has been replaced by gravel. Never went there. Still sad to see all these outdoor recreation places dying. People just can't beat the heat.
  14. I'm going to send my mom an e-mail on that one. When I was trying to look up photos on the hospital on Wilcrest and Bellaire I came up with nothing. Going to look into the other medical center mentioned. The land wasn't very developed in front of it. Left a good view from the main road. Field was sprouting some pretty tall weeds, grass and whatnot when I saw it. Wilcrest and Bellaire... is that the area of Bellaire highly populated by Asian businesses? At that corner is that the big Asian shopping center?
  15. Thanks everyone for trying to help. I think those basketball arenas were never in this bad of condition. I sure hope not at least. It must have been around 15 years ago. It was hosting a bunch of merchants selling random stuff like a flea market would. The flooring inside was wood and it did have basketball goals. Out of time on comp again, but I'm researching the hospitals you guys have listed.
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