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  1. I was driving around Southhampton today and all I can say is that the 476825363894736872 yellow signs in everyone's yards and on everyone's fences are a helluva lot more ugly than the building is going to be.
  2. We have had very good experience with Patina Metals, but I have no idea if they'll come out for that small of a job
  3. Yes that looks exactly like Mockingbird at Chevy Chase. And Sleepy Hollow is a very small circular drive at the south end. Happens to be where Fayez Sarofim and Jeff Hines live, among others
  4. I don't have an opinion on the specifics here but we recently used a plumber named Tuan, with Texan Plumbing, and we were VERY happy with his work ethic and problem solving skills. he can be reached at 713 856 7074
  5. Maybe that's why so many of them don't get built.
  6. I am not a marketing expert but I am an empty-nester living in River Oaks so I guess I'm part of the market they were targeting Yet the print advertisement I saw for the project showed a hot 40's ish blonde covered in jewelry and elegant clothes. In other words, a second trophy wife I'm pretty sure my wife and most of the first marriage empty nest wives in River Oaks and Tanglewood don't want to live in a building full of young second wives with their gym suits and their jewelry. So I found the marketing approach to be inconsistent with the conventional wisdom as to the project's theoretical t
  7. I have a River Oaks house built in 1930, and the pull down retractable attic ladder is broken Does anyone have a recommendation as to who might repair or install these ladders? Thank you
  8. The city needs to repave Allen Parkway with concrete. Once it starts raining, the asphalt patches combined with the curves creates the most dangerous driving conditions in the city. It's like an ice rink. I once threw my car into a violent spin of 360's, slamming into the curb then coming to a stop facing traffic the wrong way in front of the Bel Air. The construction guys who ran over to my car told me it happens all the time. In one spot closer to Dunlavy, the city cut grooves into the asphalt because it is so dangerous. All of the additional traffic this project (and West Ave) will bring on
  9. I am stunned that not more of you have signed the petition. We have to save the Astrodome. This is what defined Houston.
  10. I recently subscribed to Houston History magazine and find it to be interesting. As described on this website: http://www.history.uh.edu/public_history/h...view/index.html The Editor is seeking to increase the magazine's subscription base to perpetuate its existence. It's not very expensive (one year is $15 for three issues). If you have any interest I'd recommend subscribing as it's a good read and a worthwhile endeavor
  11. Anyone know where I can buy an old issue of Cite? I checked the RDA website and it does't appear to sell back issues
  12. Thanks for the info. I'd love for you to start a new topic on the subject, in case anyone else has any info about them -
  13. I own an original Mott house and would love to know more about them. Mine was built in 1930. I believe the RDA did a tour of Mott houses back in 1998, before I purchased my house. Any info would be greatly appreciated
  14. We live in a Katherine Mott house in RO that was built in 1930. Can anyone recommend a good contractor to handle slate roof repairs? Thank you
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