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  1. I think I saw the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe at the AD Players in the 1990s one time. I am actually pretty surprised they get something like this, it seemed "community theater" back then, not bad just small.

    It was gifted to them by Bob McNair. Equivalents in DC would be the church-related theater companies (Aldersgate, St. Mark's) but on a much more ambitious scale.

  2. ^^^ wow, that white stone is of such thickness and high quality, that it shall render this place virtually indestructible.  it's going to be quite expensive to reside at this magnificent edifice!  


    You mean, it got stone and I missed it? :P

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  3. do you not understand what Houston First is or the importance of their mission for downtown...?


    Given their origins, Houston First is supposed to bring new businesses, new residents, new conventions and other new things to Houston by whatever means necessary. Including beatdowns of the Perots. ;)

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