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  1. On 5/26/2021 at 9:10 PM, bobruss said:

    I swear, every time this post appears I flash on the vaccine Moderna.

    I keep thinking of the DJ Moderat. Perhaps because Alexandria has one called the Modera Tempo...

    On 6/1/2021 at 5:20 PM, Paco Jones said:


    Modera Waugh



    716 Waugh Drive

    Houston, TX 77019





    7-levels of parking with 10 levels of residential units above.  Amenity deck and pool at level 8 and another amenity deck at roof.  392 units with SF of 412,431 (includes balconies).  174,736 SF of parking area with 575 parking spaces.  Exterior is comprised mostly of masonry and cast stone with a small portion being stucco.



    That's actually pretty massive for a Modera project...

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  2. On 10/6/2021 at 10:05 AM, astrohip said:

    I drove by this site yesterday. They were drilling core samples, and there were a few other pieces of construction equipment on site, that I had not noticed before.

    The Project They Couldn't Kill...

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  3. On 7/28/2021 at 9:30 AM, iah77 said:

    You think random people who don't own a property should have specific demands on how a project that is privately financed is developed down to the T? Why don't you share your address to we can evaluate how your garden and siding effect the quality of life of your neighbors lol 

    Who else gives a damn? And evaluating gardens and sidings is what homeowners' associations are for...

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  4. I've been struck by the sustained rise in both oil and natural gas prices in just three months. It should be good for the local economy. Still disappointed that Houston can't compete for some of the corporate relocations such as the rumored Goldman Sachs regional campus going into the Insurrection Belt in Far North Dallas...

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