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  1. Tea Parties Across the Country! Read it and weep left-wing lunatics! You cannot delete my voice!!! I will not be silenced. The only way you can do that is to ban me. While WND has been tracking 400 individual tea parties across the nation, the American Family Association has announced its count is nearing 1,600
  2. "Tolerating" every harebrained opinion is what is destroying our country. Not all opinions are equal. Not all lifestyles are equal. And not all dissent is equal. Some -- I would say those from the ultra-left side -- are flat out dangerous. Tolerance is overrated and isn't always necessary...or wise. The trend is people are starting to wake up and the honeymoon is coming to a close. And the more people wake up to what this narcissist lunatic Socialist wants to do to the country (and the people's pocketbooks), I predict his approval ratings will sink into the toilet... Most of the country is not as extreme as Obama's kool-aid drinkers.
  3. Yeah, most conservatives have JOBS and actually work since they aren't looking for a government handout...go figure. And they aren't bohemian hoodlums who have nothing better to do than protest on street corners -- unlike the liberals, anarchists, Dems and commies. However, I would anticipate that Obama (with his plummeting approval ratings) would inspire more to attend this time. Also, Tea Parties will be taking place across the country on April 15th...not just in Houston. In Texas, there are parties scheduled for Dallas and San Antonio (at least) on the same day. However, unless the turn out is vastly overwhelming, I doubt the Obamamedia will cover it.
  4. TAX DAY TEA PARTY April 15 Wednesday 4 p.m. lasting indefinitely Jones Plaza
  5. KPRC Radio MOJO Host Chris Baker will be a speaker! For more information, visit: http://community2.myfoxhouston.com/_CONSTI...1537/82250.html or http://www.meetup.com/riders-of-texas/calendar/10103901/
  6. I'm very sorry to hear about that, RSB...my heart goes out to you and all those who lost property!
  7. I miss Hamburgers By Gourmet. Those were scrum-dilly-umptious! Especially the one with the chili on it.
  8. Again...for the love of Petey... What happened to the bloody lighthouse? Enquiring minds want to know! Thanks...you've been very hepful... Dis PS: Bolivar wouldnae be the same without the lighthouse!
  9. Fantasy, fantasy...you'll see. With regard to the "Messiah" label -- again, that comes from NATION OF ISLAM leader Calypso Louis Farrahkhan. HE called him that...and minions like you treat him as if he's the Messiah...so why not? Seems like a good label to me. Louis Farrahkhan...Reverend Wright...Bill Ayers...man, Obama can sure pick his friends! I don't know about you, but I pick friends I can relate to. Since all these guys are died-in-the-wool Marxists themselves...that sure reinforces MY label on Obama of Marxist. Birds of a feather flock together.
  10. It's not wrong if that's what Californians voted against. Who are you to say "this is wrong"? Are you saying a conservative vote is worth less than a GLBTG liberal one? The fact is -- even though I support the concept of CIVIL unions between same sex couples (for legal reasons) -- the notion of calling same sex unions "marriage" is out of step with the views of mainstream America. Dis
  11. There's plenty of visitors here who agree with me. But even so... ...rather than pursuing vain attempts to make me look ridiculous, why don't you prove me wrong instead? I think you'd be hard-pressed to do that. McCarthy apparently was QUITE CORRECT in his assessments. I don't know how McCarthy got turned into some kind of negative. To me, he was very prophetic. Recent history and events are actually proving him to be a genius of a sort.
  12. I'll name two right off: C.S. Lewis and William J. Murray (Son of Madalyn Murray O'Hair). Since this is not a religion thread, I am not going any farther with this topic. I was not the one who brought up religion anyway...and I'm not discussing it further. This just becomes a "Yes it is" and "No it isn't" argument that neither can prove or disprove. When did Louis Farrakhan become a conservative? I missed that memo. He inspires me to vomit. He's a Marxist. You don't call the fainting and fawning brainless? Well, I do. As a matter of fact, this is the most brainless I've ever seen the so-called "journalism industry". The news media is pretty much lock, stop and barrell in league with the Obama campaign. So much for fairness in reporting. Man, this really smacks of Nazi Germany...from the in-pocket media to the demonizing minions...to the Obama "youth corp"...to the online attacks on anti-Obama people... ZIEG HEIL!!! As to your map, there's still a lot of states in play. In a lot of those blue states he doesn't have an insurmountable lead. Especially if the polls are in error within those states. Get ready to have your riot, Obamatons...I think you're going to be unpleasantly surprised after those polls close election night. Oh...and thanks for the crying baby picture. I'll be sure to use it on election night after your stunning and historic loss (which will be GREAT because it will set back liberalism/Marxism for the next 100 years). But, you will probably be out burning cars and smashing windows for your "messiah" in the aftermath of his "stunning" loss. Hell, even HE recognizes he could lose...hence all the speeches about not getting overconfident by both the Marxist and Biden.
  13. It's funny how all these atheists always cry out to God on their death beds. That's all I have to say about religion. Die and come back and tell me what God had to say to you...then we'll talk.
  14. Gotta disagree. This time all the little commie/Marxists will have the ability to push their radical agenda on the country. Why do you think I've been so vocal about this coming threat? And the people of California never got to vote on the gay marriage issue to BEGIN WITH! It was legislation from the bench! Now, finally, the people of California will get to speak at the ballot box! Wow...some vestige of democracy still exists in California. I think that's a GOOD thing. Judges shouldn't be social engineers. If the PEOPLE vote in gay marriage, I will still think they are stupid, but will at least respect a vote.
  15. I'm with you, LF. 100,000 brainless morons or 2 billion brainless morons -- it makes no difference. Still a pack of brainless morons. People are in a for a rude awakening if they put the Marxist in there. I'm going to laugh my ass off at you Obama minions when he starts stripping your earnings for every commie program he wants and when he starts censoring YOUR speech and thoughts the way he's for doing that to conservatives. Your time will come too. Don't think it won't. (IF he gets in there. That's still an IF.) And don't tell me Powell isn't supporting the Marxist because of skin color. It's as obvious as the nose on his face. As for the Chronicle, they don't call it "Houston's Pravda" for nothing. Charles Krauthammer being he exception. I haven't bought that worthless liberal propaganda rag in years! I highly doubt that will change. This election is STILL way too close. Obama hasn't put McCain away yet. Pathetic on his part...but this should have been "no contest" for McCain at this point too. When the choice is a Marxist or a moderate RINO Republican I think the RINO should be far and away in the lead. But...we have a brainless half of the country -- and it's not the conservatives.
  16. I wish a third party candidate had a chance. I agree with you on this...we definitely should have a viable third party.
  17. "I'm not saying that either Democrats or Republicans have a monopoly on questionable behavior; that's just my favorite example. Bottom line: Character matters, and no elected officials should be having affairs." Wow! Sweet agreement on this one, Ed...
  18. Well of course he doesn't describe himself that way. He *might* lose some votes that way. No, he's counting on all the votes from the uneducated and borderline Marxists in this country to put him in the White House. He knows there's a huge constituency of stupidity out there. I'll give Obama this -- he's no fool. But, I am glad that you see his policies as they are. That's good enough for me...and I don't care who takes my word for it as long as they "see the light" one way or another. It's not the journey...it's the destination. Just to be clear: I was NOT saying Obama is an Islamic terrorist. I using that purely as an illustration on semantics. But, I think I get what you are saying: Don't get bogged down in labels...just focus on the policies. That's good enough, but people should also be free to call him what he is. I mean, I don't know about you but I call a "dog" a "dog"...not a "four-legged hairy mammal that barks". Dis
  19. Hey GENIUS! You misread my post! Hold my hand and let's walk through this... Foley was the LAST one I mentioned...and I said Republicans don't get off the hook either. HAHAHAHAHA!!!! Ok! Oh I agree wholeheartedly. And that's why I think there's no need for gay prostitution ring people like Barney Frank either.
  20. Exactly! I like the way you...well...*think* N Judah!
  21. Yeah, but Dims had them lapped way before that. JFK...Ted Kennedy's Chappaquiddick incident...Bill and Monica...the sordid Barney Frank gay page scandal...the Mark Foley gay sex emails scandal... Do I need to go on? I didn't think so. I'm not excusing any such similar behavior by Republicans...but let's be honest, ok?
  22. You were cruising along and then you hit "a speed bump". Why? Why the ridiculous "self-censoring" when it's not even warranted? People need to quit being "respectful" to those who do not deserve it. The terrorists who flew planes into the WTC and Pentagon were ISLAMIC TERRORISTS (not freedom fighters or misguided and misunderstood souls). And Obama is Marxist. So please, let's get back to calling things what they are. Why try to deny it? Face it, accept it...embrace it...because "thems the facts". Obama is what he is. Do you think debating over the shade of blue the sky is a worthwhile thing? Of course not. Obama's ideas ARE Marxist/Socialist. I've been all through that and there's plenty of evidence online and off to support this claim -- but don't expect me to rehash it. What's more frightening though...is that we do not know the extent or depth of his Marxism... If he gets in there, we'll find out. Of that I am sure.
  23. He's not what I would call a conservative. Look at his positions. Despite his vote on the bailout package, I don't think he's a Socialist.
  24. What a skank... I always say -- if you're sleazy enough to cheat, at least trade UP! I don't understand dudes like this. ::shakes head::
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