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  1. Is it a legit practice to install this. Or just a passing fad?
  2. There were 18 sales in 2009 in Memorial Bend for homes built before 2000. The average sales price was 174 sqft. 339,500 might be a good starting price. Has it sold yet? Prices in this neighborhood have gone from 118 per sq ft in 2005 to 179 per sqft in 2009. Seems to me that the areas prices have held up pretty well. CyKat
  3. I thought that the links in the last line of your post were going to contain some more audio. Posting a Wiki entry there was a very lame thing to do. How dissappointing. Wikipedia entries???????? What was your point? CyKat
  4. Are you talking about the Greenhouse extension? Or is there more construction other than the road clearing project? CyKat
  5. retromodernjeff, Where does it say that the opening bid is 358k? CyKat
  6. Who are you trying to fool? Without even seeing it, I'd say the lot value alone is probably worth more than what you say. I know, I know, you're one of those guys,who knows someone who bought a house once, or maybe you even did, and now you are an expert. Carlton Sheets anyone? I get "experts" like you all the time trying to tell me about homes, and I've been in the new home business for about 10 years and I for sure aint no expert, not like you. CyKat
  7. How do you know this info? Do you know someone at Compass Bank? You imply that you have inside information, but it appears you were getting your info from the tax rolls. The buyer's loan amount listed in the tax rolls is $358,000. I'm sure that's what you are basing your comment on. It seems to me that the list price might be based on the tax appraisal, not always the best strategery. Although I don't know the market in that area and Compass Bank was probably relying on the Realtor's "expertise". CyKat
  8. Speaking of Royce Homes, Here's what a couple of the former Royce folks are up to. www.greenecobuilds.com "George Kopecky founded Greeneco Builders in 2008. Mr. Kopecky has over 30 years of experience in the homebuilding industry. He has started three homebuilding companies as well as been involved in numerous large land development projects. In addition, Mr. Kopecky also founded his own non-profit, needs based scholarship foundation - the Royce Builders Foundation for Youth; Mr. Kopecky still serves as an active board member. He also had an extensive career with US Home Corporation. He began working for US Home Corporation as a Construction Superintendent Trainee shortly after receiving his Bachelors Degree in Building Construction from Texas A&M University. He eventually became a Division President, with his last division being in Tucson, AZ. After leaving US Home Corporation, Mr. Kopecky started two building companies. One, Texas Colonial Homes, merged with Royce Builders in 1999. At that time, Mr. Kopecky came onboard to assist with overall management. Mr. Kopecky is now bringing his vast expertise and experience to Greeneco Builders." Hopefully, these guys won't just close up shop and screw everyone in their path like Royce did. Allegedly. CyKat
  9. I live in Katy and never heard of it. Maybe they should have advertised a bit more. You know what they say about the squeeky wheel...... It sounds like a place my wife and I would have enjoyed. CyKat
  10. How are the going to charge cars with one person, but at the same time allow cars with more than one occupant to ride at a lower rate, or no rate? How will they monitor it? CyKat
  11. You know Vertigo, that comment says a whole lot more about YOU, then it says about married men. CyKat
  12. To me, the sub-forums are the best part of HAIF. CyKat
  13. Never heard of it, and I live in Katy. When I saw your topic I thought maybe it was some new disease discovered in the wake of hurricane Ike. Cykat
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