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  1. Neighborhood associations are good at getting rid of them (Williamsburg Settlement is a terrific example). As soon as they are put up along the median they are gone within 5 minutes. Every time. Last I heard, they have moved on.
  2. TJ, da*mit, you beat me to it. My 83 year old uncle sent me that pic and I just howled with laughter. Too perfect for an avatar!!
  3. I have 4 Astros tickets to tonight's game against the Reds. $120. Section 107 row 29. Email me asap! I can take PayPal and I can send you the tix via email. Polly
  4. Parrothead


    Love Dave Chappelle. I saw George Carlin in Vegas back in 97 and he was the funniest mofo ya ever saw, OMG, I was dying. Don't like Ellen's stand-up necessarily, but I LOVE the characters she plays and I enjoy watching her show. I saw the unedited version of Eddie Murphy's "RAW" not too long ago, and it is still funny as heck, but not nearly as funny as watching Bill Cosby's "Himself". I can remember my dad watching that and losing his mind laughing. Dennis Miller is a freaking genius.
  5. Okay, dropped now to $450--anyone?!?!?
  6. Yep, took pics of them back in the 90's with my friend Scott when we were heading down to Matagorda. We just couldn't believe they were there in the middle of nowhere. It was creepy but cool at the same time! So glad to see they've been renovated.
  7. Holy crap! I am so excited! I may have to change my BBQ favorites list. Hmmm!!
  8. Swinging Door County Line Goode Company Those are the three best, IMHO.
  9. aw crap. I will have to make some time to go down to N. Shepherd. Roasted corn, yum! Butter and salt, heck yes.
  10. Ah--that's an idea. I wonder if the Fiesta on I-10 and Blalock has them. I will have to call and ask. Thanks Heights! (and...I am with you on the eating some on the way home....they are just SOOOO good!!!!)
  11. Hey TJ, if you're willing to share your recipe, my PM box is waitin' for you. I love Ninfa's, and like Mr. Football, I love Escalante's as well. BTW, anyone know where I can get FRESHLY made corn tortillas other than Ninfa's? I love them with my fajitas. SOOOO good!!! Totally different from packaged corn tortillas for sure!
  12. My husband's! Fresh, chunky, full of avacado, onion, tomato, lime, mmmmmm!!! So good!!!
  13. O'Connor & Assoc. are strictly a convenience-based service. They can't do for you any more than you can do yourself. We received the same personalized letter, along with our assessment statement, from LAST year. I thought, wow, if they can't even get the year right, perhaps I'm better off on my own.
  14. Wow, we had a great open house!! Met a lot of very nice people. If we don't get a contract this week, we'll have another one on the 27th. There will be an ad in the Houston Chronicle for it that day as well!
  15. Yeah, that's not selfish at all. Hopefully that kid won't be too screwed up.
  16. So...the woman that "bought" my elliptical....didn't. Still for sale. $500 friends, come and get it.
  17. We just put it on the market Puma. The ad I put here a while ago was sort of a "preview", I guess. FWIW I agree with you--I think with everything that's happening over here it shouldn't take too long. It's definitely priced right for a sale.
  18. Thanks TJ! We have loved living here! I will be a bit sad to leave as I am quite the sentimental twit.
  19. Just wanted everyone to know that I am holding our condo open on Sunday, May 20 from 2pm-5pm. There will be coffee with all the fixins, and snacks also. I will have the press kit from City Centre for you to browse as well as other information and sales figures in our neighborhood so you have an idea of what prices are around Town & Country. Hope to see some of you! PM me if you have any questions. Polly
  20. He's the music on my MySpace page.
  21. I love that! It's terrific. I also love slow, seductive flamenco. I have several favorite records from when I was a kid. They were my parents' albums and I loved to listen to them and watch my parents dance and laugh. The stereo (a Fisher Hi-Fi from '72) was off-limits to me, but if I asked, my dad would always oblige, and sometimes he would dance with me in the living room (I was really little then, about three or four). Orange Blossom Special by Billy Vaughan, that whole album brings tears to my eyes, many special memories of my parents and grandparents. The Smothers Brothers, my parents would just laugh and laugh at that. Herb Alpert--Whipped Cream and Other Delights Harpers Bizarre--can't remember the name of the album...but it was GREAT! ...and of course, my GREASE album
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