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  1. Not so fast... http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/front/6339016.html
  2. Sounds interesting, but the link you posted didn't work - would you mind re-posting?
  3. Can you confirm that you live near by? And, to whoever posted photos, can you confirm that those are not photoshopped? Can anyone confirm that this is actually HAIF's website and not a phishing site??? If you can, how will you confirm that your confirmation is accurate???? (sorry, just feeling goofy this morning)
  4. Just curious why you think it is good news?
  5. Just curious if anyone knew anything going on with this development? I'm sure like many things it is stalled b/c of the economy... But just curious if some of you well-connected types konws anything specific. Maybe Obama will see it as a shovel-ready project... Nothing like building a bunch of yuppie townhomes to get the economy going...
  6. Just saw this in the Chronicle - looks like KBR will be staying at the Clinton Dr facility in the near future... 'KBR The weak economy and troubled credit markets scuttled plans for a new office complex planned near Katy for Houston-based KBR, the company saidlast month. The campus was designed to include more than 910,000 square feet of space at the southwest corner of Interstate 10 and Grand Parkway.'
  7. I noticed they have started digging on the lot next to DT - I assume for the garage. Not quite as exciting as a tower, but thought I would make a note... (Sorry if this was already posted).
  8. Please not another thread arguing about the boundaries of the East End... UESNewbie, you can call it east end... If it's south of I-10, people are going to call it East End. Even the www.greatereastend.com defines the east end as south of I-10.
  9. I read the same sign, and I also interpret the sign as simply being a permit to allow the company to demolish the site. I suppose that means that we don't know what will be built on this site (which, for now is better than a water plant). Ninja - let us know if you are talking about a different sign, or if you understand the SWPP differently. Thanks!
  10. Are you freaking serious? Is it water or waste? Aren't there plenty of places farther from downtown to treat water?? It better not smell like poop all around there now (or should I say more like poop - there is already some kindo f waste treatment plant near by that you can smell when the breeze kicks in)
  11. I am illiterate at inserting pictures, but I am attempting... Also, here is the googlemap: Acco The Acco facility was at Jensen and Grayson (right next to the on ramp to I-10 East from 59 North). There is a steel pipe manufacture that is right next to the Acco facility that does not appear to be going anywhere (it is the struture on Jensen between Roanoke and Bryan streets). It is now the only structure along Jensen between Grayson and the Bayou (except I think there is a small house somewhere near the bayou at Foote street).
  12. Ooops, I ASSumed that b/c he owned the land where the canal street gallery and the old elementary school are that he also owned the land where the new apartments went up.
  13. I figure someone must be planning to do something with this property, b/c they have torn down all the buildings and are taking the effort to pull up the concrete. The bad part about this property is that the train runs RIGHT behind the property (of course, that did not stop Atkinson from building the Canal Place apartments). And the tracks separate the plot of land from another completely unused plot of land ear the bayou.
  14. Lockmat, Where did you get those layouts and what are they showing? What streets are those? That is amazing if that is all going in at canal/navigation!
  15. Homeowners near the projects (in what was/is called BallPark I) said that they had heard the projects would be shut down - does anyone know if there is any truth to this? They are certainly in bad shape compared to the ones at Runnels and 59. But then again, if they shut them down, where will the people go?
  16. I noticed Acco has a sign saying they have moved - anyone know what may go in its place? (500 points if you say retail/dining).
  17. I don't have pics yet, but there are two sets of townhomes being built just north of Clinton Drive and just East of Jensen. Don't quote me on the streets, but one is one block north of Clinton between Sydnor and Meadow (actually, it is not one block north, it is adjoining another plot of land one which townhomes are already being (slowly) built). The second is about three blocks worth of development near Gregg or Grove street starting about three blocks north of Clinton and going north for three blocks. This development is a little interesting because the billboard said something like "patio homes starting from the 160s". Not sure why they called them patio homes, and it was nice to see a price substantially below 200K, as a lot of what was built there lately was climbing into the 300s. Nice to have a mix.
  18. I don't know about Discovery Tower, but the Apartments in the picture next to 5 Houston look way bigger than they will be in real life. I work near there, and they are just about out of crane space, so I don't even think it will be as tall as 5 Houston...
  19. The website says the park opens in April. It looks pretty obvious that they are not going to have the Northeast corner (the pond, etc) finished by Saturday... Unless they start pouring some serious concrete by midnight.
  20. Just to clarify - won't the garage be built on a block to the north (one block up LaBranch)? Not trying to be a richard, just want to make sure I understand where the garage would be. The only block that is kind of to the East is where i though the new hotel was going to go. Also, back to my other question - does this crane sitting in the lot mean anything is right about to happen?
  21. There was a crane type thing with a big ball on the end of it today on the parking lot. The parking lot was closed off too... interesting?
  22. Awesome tour on your blog - makesme want to get out the bike and get moving!! Thanks for sharing!
  23. The wife and i are going this Friday. There was no problem getting a reservation. I will let everyone know how it goes.
  24. I think a causal bar on level 1 with lots of outdoor seating would work great. You wouldn't even need that much seating, as people could just mingle in the surrounding area. There was a bar in York, England on the river that I always think of when I think of the sunset building. I guess a big problem is the flooding (if you had the bar on the lowest floor, which is what I think would be nice so that you could have people accumulate around the area).
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