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  1. Please drop in on us during BOMA's Expo 2014 at the Reliant Center, Booth 431, May 22, 2014, between 2PM to 8PM. And check out the latest in Turnstiles, & Portal from Aeroturn USA Iris based Biometric Camera/Readers by EyeLock & SRI International/Sarnoff, designed for Indoor & Outdoor Applications with exceptional throughput numbers Best in class Tailgate Detection Sensors from IEE. Represented by GenesisFusion Marketing Agency - Houston Please RSVP us at info@genesisfusion.biz
  2. Morning All Two reasons comes to mind. The first being that the oil companies are doing away with independents. The second being the need by law to upgrade the current underground tanks. At a cost of well over a $1,000,000.00 per site. The sites with poor traffic flow are generally doomed. Just a through or two Rick
  3. until
    Was wondering who was planning on attending Boma 2014?
  4. Better yet, Sears should rehab the building back to it's original Art Delco design and use it as an anchor for a area wild remake of the area! just a through or two Rick Houston
  5. There in the DFW area currently, so it's a matter of time I guess! Having lived in the bay area for the last 20 something years I can hardly wait!
  6. Hello All I trust everyone is looking forward to the holidays! I've been ask to compile a list of major buildings here in Houston, who are using some form of building control (security) that includes either turnstiles, poetals or both. Anyone who can add to my short and slowly growing list, so please lets hear from one and all.
  7. Why is there such an absent of office condominium's in Houston, like the ones you finds in Dallas?
  8. Can it be ... an enlighten Texan? I'm not alone! ...judged more along the lines of a true Saint! <Grin>
  9. Your quote hit the nail right on ...based on recent events... its a keeper!
  10. So what's with this town - lots of great ideas but never any actions - just what do the clients pay their architects to do in the first place? I've been back in town for the better part of two years and all I've seen is a circle jerk - lots of start and stops - but nothing in the way of a major project ever get past the design stage!http://www.houstonarchitecture.info/haif/style_images/1/folder_rte_images/textcolor.gif Are the local/regional developers that short of funds or what? I mean there busy work and then their busy work! What ever happen to the cutting edge style - that was once found here in Houston - did we all just get old or what? I mean there busy work and then their busy work! ric
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