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  1. I asked my Dad what he remembered about the area then and this is what he said:

    "In the 70s, the road traveling north and south along what later became the east Beltway access road, had an overpass constructed over Red Bluff Road and one over Pasadena Blvd. I can't recall what the road was referred to before the Beltway name was attached to it. Seems the it had a name that was from the street that it took the place of in the Golden Acres rural residental area. Anyway, Pasadena residents were told that these overpasses would never require a toll. It was not until later in the 70s or early 80s that the second side access road overpasses were constructed, but still no formal construction on what is now the Beltway."

    Hope this helps


  2. Wow! Pasadena is a lot bigger than I thought. On 5atexasfootball.com, it lists Pasadena HS, Pasadena South Houston HS, Pasadena Rayburn HS, Pasadena Memorial HS, and Pasadena Dobie HS. That's five high schools in a suburb. But then again maybe there's something I don't know. I mean, for example, Garland is a big suburb of Dallas. It might have just as many high schools as Pasadena does.

    Yes NB, Pasadena is big, of course, not as big as

    Houston, but big.


    The paper mill is the predominant smell that actually

    comes from a plant in Pasadena...all the other big smells

    you can thank Houston and Deer Park for. ;)

    But like Midtown Coog said...smells like money to me.

    Thank god for folks not too proud to work and/or

    live in the area. Houston would be a cow town still if

    it were not for the towns off 225.

  3. We are currently in intermission between Acts I and II of *Premature Hurricane Panic*

    When Dean was out where Felix was I was reading people from northwest Houston talking about leaving already. These people learned nothing from Rita.

    I really would like everyone who wants to panic to leave town, and not come back. These people are a burden in an emergency situation and the people who died in the evacuation can thank these inland-dwelling cowards for it. Don't leave unless you have to.

    Brewster McCloud for Govenor!

    It never hurts to be prepared for the worst,

    but please, just say no to "premature hurricane panic."

  4. Aug. 2, 2007, 7:40AM

    City grants protection for the Old 6th Ward

    District shields historic homes from demolition


    Copyright 2007 Houston Chronicle

    The City Council created Houston's first protected historic district Wednesday, shielding more than 200 buildings from demolition in the Old Sixth Ward.

    Preservationists hailed the 12-1 vote as a new era in Houston's cultural consciousness.

    The 33-acre protected district contains the highest concentration of historic homes in Houston, many dating back to the late 19th century. The neighborhood has been listed in the National Register of Historic Places since 1978.

    "We're very happy," said Jane Cahill of the Old Sixth Ward Neighborhood Association. "We were afraid the trend of abolishing the neighborhood's historic construction would continue."

    Since 1998, 10 historic structures in the Old Sixth Ward have been demolished, 51 inappropriately altered, four relocated, and 12 replaced with new construction incompatible with the neighborhood's character, according to the city's Department of Planning and Development.

    Link to full article

    (deleted copyrighted material, added link) dbigtex56



    Check out: http://www.old6ward.org/

  5. I bet those overhangs (sails?) are going to catch a lot of upward force from hurricane force winds. Hopefully they took this into account in the design and construction of it....

    The homeowner won't have to worry about the overhang as much as getting all those windows covered and secure from

    flying debris! :wacko: But when you can afford to build something like that on the beach, what's a few picture windows?!

  6. A bit off topic, but I did some digging on Milt Larkin. He was born in Navasota and his father was also a Milton Larkin. When his father died, his mother Ella moved to Houston. I found them in the 1920 census living at 80 Gable Street (McKee) in Frostown. It looks like this was a boading house.

    Very cool info! I am going to check that out.

  7. Wow, that's an interesting find! I'm going to try to swing by the library this week. If I can get there, I'll post a few of these pictures.

    Oh yay!! Thanks. I love history and I love big band music!

    According to my research this band never did record... :closedeyes:

    but, the fact that there are pics is awesome! :D

  8. TheMiltonLarkinBand.jpg

    The Milt Larkin Band at the Rhumboogie Club, Chicago, 1942. Players as identified by Larkin, from the left: Cedric Haywood (piano); Lawrence Cato (bass); Milt Larkin (trumpet, leader); Alvin Burroughs (drums); trumpets: Calvin Ladnier, Clarence Trice, Jesse Miller; trombones: Arnett Sparrow, Streamline Williams; saxes: Frank Dominguez (tenor); "Ernest Archey" (alto on this occasion); Moses Gant (tenor); Sam Player (alto and baritone). Photo courtesy of Richie Dell Thomas; caption provided by Otto Fl

  9. I am glad you are out, but why set yourself up for hate crimes with a rainbow sticker.

    I won't even put an equality sticker on, just because of the intolerant environment we live in.

    It is getting better, but all you need is some prejudice drunk @sshole to hurt you in a parking lot.

    I totally agree. This is when I was 18, and I am 30 now. I have not had a sticker on since...

    well I take that back...I did a few years back when those magnets came out that you could take

    off...but back then my hair was REAL short and a guy was following me around and staring at me.

    I think he thought I was a boy...ha! So I took that chit off and it has never graced my car since.

    I figured out I did not have to "label" myself to identify. Your concern is very sweet by the way.

  10. As friends, that is a VERY generous gift, I commend you fo that. :wub:

    I wonder, since people are born gay, would a gay sperm and a lesbian egg produce a more likely gay oriented child? :unsure:

    It is just something that I would do for these guys...it certainly would not be a service

    offered to just any ol boy :rolleyes:

    OK, Musicman got you already, so I will leave this one alone :blink:

    Nope, I was born gay, I did not turn gay, and I did not chose to be gay.

    Amen sista :P

  11. I would swear that my current place of employment is located on the "ugliest street in Houston."

    It is off of the Hardy Toll Rd between Gulf Bank and Little York...the armpit of Houston...people if you want to adopt a stray dog, this is the place. :closedeyes: ,

    I have to agree with those that said Hardy St.

    Jensen has some interesting and historic appeal as does Airline...I just can't say those streets are downright ugly.

  12. Wow. How I LOVE this forum! :wub::)

    Amazing stuff. Thanks for all the great info...there are some very

    valuable and resourceful people on this site.

    Jupiter, can you tell where you are presently residing vs. the old maps??

    How cool is that?!

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