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  1. We gave Ref's a shot a couple of weeks ago, and were not impressed. Our table was dirty when they sat us, and when we requested another table, they took us to ANOTHER dirty table. They were not very busy, so they could've cleaned up. Another disappointment was the fact they covered their pretty hardwood tables with cheap black tablecloths (which are basically glued to the tables). The only reason this irked us, is that the tables are made of recycled basketball court... perfect for a sports bar! It seems like there are some bugs to work out, and I wish them the best. Vintage Park needs to keep all the tenants they can!
  2. Rumor has it that a locally owned retailer is using that space for a new specialty foods/deli/wine shop. I think it will be a welcome addition to that area, and certainly an added benefit for the residents of that building.
  3. Looking at their permit, it does look like this will be another wine bar.
  4. I had heard they'd open this month as well, but by the looks of things, it will likely be November. In fact, I don't think they have their liquor permit yet, so that will always cause delays.
  5. I heard they will try to be open in the next week or two. Most of the construction work is complete, and they've gone as far as stocking the bars, so it shouldn't be long.
  6. This is referring to the streets, not the schools. The property in question is off Wunderlich, north of 1960. No clue what they're clearing for, but my guess would be more homes.
  7. I spoke with the Infrastructure Department yesterday, and they're reviewing the barricade request. They also forwarded on the details of the buildings to the Public Health Department. Hopefully the ball is now rolling...
  8. I just heard back from the Permits Division, and it turns out these streets are not yet accepted by the county. Now I know the answer, from an official source, and that argument is over. In a related question, what can be done about abandoned, collapsing homes, which pose an imminent threat to others and are in currently in bankruptcy? Yeah, I know, it's a mess....
  9. This is a great idea, and what the MOHOA seems to be leaning toward.... especially to prevent extra pedestrian traffic. The Vintage Royale HOA called both the builder and developer, from my understanding, and both told her the roads were not yet county roads, and could be blocked off at the residents' discretion. They even gave her a real barricade and permission to use scrap lumber from the homes (all of which have now been ripped to shreds by my neighbor's kids).
  10. The law is based on distance from front door to front door, as it was explained to me "as the crow flies." When it comes down to it, businesses of all kind must obtain permits before opening. When that permitting process is complete, it means they have permission to operate at that location. Let's face it, the city and TABC both screwed up here, and the Spec's crew shouldn't be punished for it. Obviously someone in the permit department did not do their job.
  11. A resident of Vintage Royale did speak to the fire department about this issue, and the way the subdivisions are set up in relation to the nearest fire stations, they said they would never use these roads to get to a fire. If there were a fire in Majestic Oaks, they would use Old Louetta to enter the neighborhood. If it were in Vintage Royale, they'd come through their main entrance. In fact, he recommended installing a gate across the roads to close them off, and locking it with a county lock. This way, emergency vehicles could get through, should there ever be a reason to. A resident of Majestic Oaks called the constable to bring up this point, and they basically blew her off, citing this was not an issue. As far as liabilities go, I believe the homeowners of Vintage Royale are most concerned, at this point, with someone entering the collapsing buildings, getting hurt, and suing their HOA for it. The builders are gone, and their management company is trying to push them off on someone else, so sadly they have nobody to speak up for them. I feel bad for the people who bought in that neighborhood. Some have tried selling their homes, but nobody will buy them due to the terrible state of their subdivision.
  12. Bear with me, as my brain is fried after all the info I've looked over the past 24 hours... I see the land by Keystone Ridge is listed as "Pure Account." This block of road, as well as the western half of Monarch Mist is largely what is in question here. From this map, does it mean these are public streets? I found the platting info, where it was submitted to the county, but I cannot find any record of the inspection/acceptance of the roads. In fact, I see where Vintage Royale Sec. 1 stopped after the Record Drawing Inspection, but the remaining steps were not completed. Vintage Royale Sec. 2 has not completed any of the inspection requirements. There has been quite a bit of criminal and suspicious activity on these empty roads and in vacant homes, including theft, drug use, vandalism, underage drinking, and street racing. Just a few weeks ago, the fire department had to come out for a bonfire some kids had set with scrap lumber on the open lots. The residents of that neighborhood have blocked off this chunk of road with a barricade (which is fine with me), but is it legal?
  13. I checked this log, and none of the street names in question are listed. Is it a fair assumption that these roads have not been handed over to the county yet? I've checked HCAD, but can't really determine what's going on. If you look at this map: http://www.hcad.org/iMaps/Tiles/Color/4967A5.pdf, the roads in question are those south and southeast of the new Louetta Water Plant that is currently being built (Keystone Ridge, Monarch Mist, Silverston, Powder Springs, and Wolf Ridge). While the lots are shown on the map, only about 10 were ever built upon. The few that do have a structure on them were abandonded the week before Hurricane Ike. Two residents claim they've contacted the county, the constable, and the builder (who is now in bankruptcy) and the roads are still private property. One claims she called and the roads are indeed public. This has become a HUGE debate, and I've got to find the correct answer.
  14. I am looking to confirm whether roads in an undeveloped subdivision belong to the county or are still private property held by the builder. Where do I go to find this info? I've been checking out every county agency website I can find, but I'm lost. Typically, when are the roads deeded over to the county? What agency keeps track of this?
  15. Oh no, you forgot the lovely rainbow brite apartments on Spring-Cypress just west of Hufsmith-Kohrvile.
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