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  1. They are already in the process of expand SLEH. The expansion is further back off the road, not a very large structure expansion.
  2. Actually, if you look at the board roster, most of them are not physicians, they are CEO's, chairman, lawyers, etc.. So, its actually a bunch of incompetent folks who know nothing about academic medicine. Board Members * Mrs. Barbara B. Allbritton Director and Executive Vice President, Allbritton Communications Company * Mr. Robert H. Allen (Chair of the BCM Board) Private Investor * Mrs. Laura Elena Mu
  3. So, BCM has sent out the word that they are finishing the exterior of their new hospital, but will suspend construction of the interior indefinitely until they have the financial capacity to do so.
  4. My sources say that the original plan for the BCM hospital and clinic is still a go; The real question that needs to be answered is what happens to all of the faculty at SLEH when the new hospital opens. I think BCM has the potential to take a large faculty hit when this happens. Some of these folks are perfectly happy where they are and don't want to leave.
  5. So on the chron.com website it says that my power at hermann museum circle has been restored despite the fact I left 3 hrs ago to stay in austin. Can anyone confirm for me that power around hermann park and the museum district is restored?
  6. Can someone tell me if the museum district, specifically the area around hermann park has power?
  7. Here is some good info on UTHSC buildings going up in the new UT research park. http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/headli...iz/5094246.html
  8. MD Anderson is expanding its Alkek building by 9 floors, begining this fall. (will total 21 floors when complete. Here is the Houston Chron link http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/headli...iz/5079738.html
  9. Looks like preparation is being made for the demolition of the Crown Plaza hotel in the TMC across from TCH main. Cherry demolition I think is the name of the demo company sign on the building.
  10. Awesome. I really hope the hospital & clinic work out for bcm.
  11. I thought they are demoing both buildings. They have already stripped the inside of the buildlings, and I have seen crews that looked like they were going to tear the buildingds down, but maybe I'm wrong.
  12. Demolition has begun of the old TWU buildings in the TMC across from BCM to make way for the potential methodist inpatient expansion site.
  13. The building being demoed is to make way for the new Methodist inpatient building.
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