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  1. I would like to know more about the Fulton bowling alley. I know it started as a movie theater, was converted to a bowing alley, and then became the Stardust Ballroom that I walked past almost every day going home from Davis. But I have no idea of when those events occurred.
  2. http://www.houstonchronicle.com/local/bayou-city-history/article/Throwback-Thursday-to-Houston-s-past-6555118.php?cmpid=btfpm found this on chron today
  3. what was the name of the place in laporte on the ship channel? It was known for burgers and I think crab. iirc you got off 146, drove down the road past the cruise terminal, and turned left to the edge of the channel. It was washed away by Ike I think.
  4. there was two pesos and taco cabana. TC is out of San Antonio. The two restaurants were pretty much identical in layout, menu, and decor, the only difference was one was turquoise and the other pink. TC brought a trade dress lawsuit against two pesos and won. The result was TC wound up acquiring two pesos and taking over the locations.
  5. chi chis was in houuston sometime in the mid 80s. the only location i'm sure about was in humble, in the building that became, and still is, olive garden. ate there once or twice, nothing spectacular. miss el torito more.
  6. There is a documentary named "The Strange Demise of Jim Crow" from the late 90s that examines quiet desegregation across the south and apparently features the Houston situation prominently. I've never had the chance to see it and whenever I've looked I can find references but not an accessible link, though it's been awhile since I last checked and there may be some now. I remember an article about it and Foley's involvement in the chronicle.
  7. yeah, champions forest/1960 doesn't make much sense, but kuykendahl/1960 might. No real groceries the immediate area except for food town at Ella; all the others are several miles away.
  8. OK did some research. Info from the May 26, 1986 and May 28, 1986 Houston Chronicle stories "Explosion shatters building" and "Downtown fire damage set at $2.5 million Worry expressed over transients" To summarize: On Sunday morning 5/25/86 firefighters responded to reports of a natural gas leak at the Gieseke Building, 800 Fannin at Rusk. The building promptly exploded, fortunately with no loss of life as it was a Sunday morning after all. Tenants of the building at that time included two restaurants, an optometrist and a pharmacy. There was a vacant pool hall upstairs. Points of interest for haifers and intersections with this thread: The empty pool hall upstairs was, I believe, the former location of Le Cue, which was the place in Houston in the 50s and 60s where people like Minnesota Fats and Jersey Red would play when they were in town. By this point Le Cue had moved to a location in the Village above Swiss Haus. The Gieseke Building was the location of the downtown Roy Rogers, as I previously mentioned. In the May 26 story, the Chronicle quotes Luke Mizell, owner of Luke's Hamburgers, one of the restaurants destroyed. I believe he had the former Roy Rogers location there, which ties in with his ownership of the Galleria Luke's about the same time. I don't know if the financial loss from the fire had anything to do with why Luke's didn't survive, but it seems that it couldn't have helped. That's all I have for now. I'd like to know more about Le Cue. Growing up I knew of its existence but I never got the chance to go there.
  9. fwiw, there were Roy Rogers restaurants around until the early 80s. when I worked downtown there was one in a building on fannin I used to go to a lot. I'll always remember the message "Roy Rogers says it's western etiquette to clean up after yourself". I think that location may have been in the building that explodes and took out the golden pot Chineserestaurant behind it.
  10. Dirty's was on the corner of Chimney Rock and Beverly Hill, I believe. One of those places I still miss.
  11. correction - SW corner of the intersection, behind the Texaco.
  12. Earlier this week noticed signs up for a new WalMart market on the SE corner of Spring Cypress and Kuykendahl, across from the old Albertsons/Driver license center. Seems odd, only 1 1/2 miles from the 2920 supercenter, but it is in between two Krogers and should pull from the HEB at 2920/Spring Cypress. Has anybody heard anything about this? Can't find any information about dates or layouts but I might not be looking in the right places. I'm hopeful that this might be the impetus to transform the stretch of Kuykendahl between Louetta and S-C.
  13. Was it the Royal Coach where the disco Twinkles or maybe Tingles was located? I remember going there around 77 or so.
  14. Deauville Center is south of 525, and about a mile south of Greenspoint between 525 and West. It also had a Furr's, Randall's, and Bobbie MGee's. The movies were converted to adult by about 1980-81, just after Greenspoint opened. I don't think it was so much evidence of Greenspoint's decline as it was that Greenspoint was built in an area that was already showing signs of stress and probably should have been put somewhere else.
  15. Cowboy Chicken, out of Dallas. Ate there on a trip to rescue a friend and bring him home, and really enjoyed the food. Could see the concept working in suburbs like the woodlands or Katy.
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