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  1. Along those lines; Depending on which TV station you follow, the voter turnout was very low - around 14 %. Parker won with 53% of that. That's 7.4%. If only 7% of the city even cared enough to bother voting for her, the number of people who might tune into the inauguration would almost certainly be too low to justify any sort of significant coverage.
  2. Good riddance. I stopped listening about a year ago. Just couldn't get past his constant "yeah, she's hot...she's a babe...she's a cougar...his wife is hot...hey, remember the mom in (insert movie or TV show from the 80s)...etc, etc, etc. Wexler is every bit as juvenile. For the record, I like a beautiful woman as much as the next guy, but the frat boy humor and 30-minute diversions into which player has the hottest wife or which female sports reporters are hot were beyond tiresome. Felt like I was losing IQ points after every drive home. May have to give 610 a listen this week.
  3. State has nothing to do with it. As has been pointed out twice already, certain cities - not states - are synonymous with certain types of media. If someone is going to have a good chance of making it big in theater, their best bet is New York City - not all of New York state. Film; Los Angeles- not all of California. Television; Los Angeles or New York City - not all of California & New York state. Opera; San Francisco or New York City - not all of California, or New York state. Also, you're dealing with (in a positive way for the various types of media) many decades of media-specific infrastrucure. Media corporations\organizations and their industry support are not going to move or substancially expand away from the well-oiled machines that those cities are. There is no reason to. In fact, there are many reasons not to. Houston is medicine, oil, & space exploration. We have a very respected world presence. It just happens not to be as recognized to the masses who aren't directly involved because it's not media or pop culture-driven.
  4. She must have married later. When I watched her about ten years ago, she was Tonya Simpson. I don't remember what, or if, they said her last name was on Oprah last week.
  5. On Oprah yesterday, the show was about 3 chefs moving in with 3 families for a few days who couldn't cook, were wasting money, food, etc on delivery & frozen. The families were scattered around the country. Tyler Florence spent a few days living with a family of 5 in Texas. They never talked to the husband really, it was all the mom and three girls and Tyler teaching them how to shop & cook for a family. The mom was the former channel 2 traffic woman - Tonya Simpson.
  6. Tonight Pudge Rodriguez set the record for the most games ever caught in the history of major league baseball. He did it on the road while the Astros were playing his former team, the Rangers. When he stepped up to the plate for his first at-bat tonight, the fans gave him a standing ovation. They did the same thing the night before when he hit a home run against his former team. I thought that was an outstanding show of respect & appreciation for his years there, as well as his accomplishment in setting the record. Well done, Rangers fans.
  7. Tradition seems like a very strange word to use for banning something. Maybe "decades-old rule" or "long time policy", etc. But Tradition? That sounds like it's something everyone looks forward to or is proud of - "Hey everybody, it's time for our 47th annual banning of food".
  8. +1 to that. Very interesting read.
  9. I hope the Astros do get involved and find a home for some of the Buffaloes memorabilia. It would be nice if there were a Houston Baseball History building or section of Minute Maid. Houston has a rich enough baseball history to warrant preservation of those types of things.
  10. That is an incorrect statement.
  11. So, what did you think of Rigoletto? I mean aside from the naked woman in the first act.
  12. Man, I saw a ton of movies there when I was kid, in the 70s. Great movie experiences and a ton of fond memories. Everything was so grand compared to theaters of today.
  13. Man, the thing is full to the top every other week - and that's with me breaking down all the boxes and packaging and arranging them so they don't waste space in the big container. I also rinse all plastic food containers and metal cans. I have to say, there's a strong showing on pick-up days in my neighborhood. Hope it makes a difference.
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