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  1. (just trying to keep it HAIF related) Found a lab/? mix with spotted muzzle and paws at Harvard and 18th today. Really sweet, misses home. PM me if you know her.
  2. I'm looking for a good recommendation, too. My co-worker recommends Kiwi.
  3. Isn't that just about lot value?
  4. "Would you care to explain what you were doing out at 4:45 in the morning, sir?"
  5. Fill it with sand and leave it alone
  6. My .02....join the Heights Mom's Group mailing list and ask for nanny recommendations.
  7. I think that was done at the same time by the same company doing the path and was somehow included in the plans/costs.
  8. My five year-old really likes fire trucks. I'll keep an eye on him....
  9. Stahlman's on 59 had some profiles that we needed on our old house (that Montalbano didn't have).
  10. Our previous house had been treated several times for termites, and each time they put a sticker in the fuse box (why there?) with the date, company performing the service, and the type of treatment. I want to say I've seen the same type of stickers underneath the kitchen sink in a home. You might want to look around...
  11. If bagged and placed next to your can, the city will pick up lawn waste. If it's too big to be bagged you have to wait on heavy trash or take it to the dump. Somebody is going to tell you to compost the small stuff (not me).
  12. I went to her second townhall meeting. Maybe she could answer a question with any kind of specifics this time. I highly doubt it.
  13. The Constables drive Dodges with "Harris Country Constable" in a black and yellow scheme. HPD drives Fords/Lincolns in a blue/red scheme with "Houston Police" on them...
  14. Check this out: Really. Regardless of your political bent, don't we deserve better?
  15. I think this info got released in the dead of the night, so not much advance warning... Tuesday, August 11 10:00 am - 12:00 am Peavy Neighborhood Center 3814 Market Street (MAP) Houston TX 77020 (713-238-2237) Wednesday, August 12 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm Tidwell Community Center 9720 Spaulding Street (MAP) Houston TX 77016 (713-636-8221)
  16. I hear it might be the same people that own Dragon Bowl.
  17. I got this email today, and am planning on signing up: "The Houston Heights Association has worked diligently to keep our citizens aware of the Constable Patrol Program which is currently underway for the east side residents of Heights Boulevard. Citizens were informed that in order to have a successful program, we need a total of 250 paid households at the rate of $255 per household, per year for the full time service. The program began with a patrolling constable the end of May 2009. To date, 90 households are signed up and paid in full. If you wish to sign up for this program, it is not too late and we need to know immediately. If you have signed up but for some reason have not received your invoice for payment, we need to know. The HHA is not managing this program however it is our goal to assist our Heights residents in every way possible. Please send an e-mail to info@houstonheights.org and your inquiry will receive a quick response. The HHA believes the constable patrol is a worthy project. When you sign up and pay your fee, you will receive the 24 hour constable dispatch number and your home will be patrolled by notifying the constable office when you leave town. If you want to see this program continue, please let us hear from you. Chris Silkwood HHA President"
  18. Haven't done this for a while, but if you ride the Bray's Bayou bikepath all the way to the end, and then go to the powerlines just to the SW, there is a large wild parrot colony nesting in the transmission towers (29.670375,-95.536289 in Google Maps).
  19. What if it isn't a ditch, just ROW? Should the property owner not maintain it and not care?
  20. Tiko

    Shepherd Dr.

    Since when has N. Shepherd been in the Heights?
  21. I have exactly this situation which I find pretty aggravating.
  22. My attempt at sarcasm has failed How about this? "I flew over the Heights and I fail to see the appeal"
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