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  1. Tommie Vaughn passed away about five years ago. I'm pretty sure he didn't live in the neighborhood. The dealership isn't anywhere near the dry area.
  2. Interesting, what's the connection between Tommie Vaughn and this?
  3. Did I miss the link? Was it to this? http://www.myhoustonhouse.com/?p=1195 Thought that was an excellent post.
  4. Thanks to the changes in the historic ordinance, the hole is contributing and permanent. Any construction on the block must now include a huge hole.
  5. Youtube video of last nights meeting:
  6. Thanks for posting, Matarene - I enjoy these glimpses of the past, and it's a nice break from all the squabbling on here lately. Got any pics to share? You must have seen some amazing changes to the Heights and Houston as well.
  7. Not true through 2009. http://www.azdps.gov/About/Reports/Crime_In_Arizona/
  8. I stand corrected. Do you have any more details on what was amended?
  9. Just got an email that the ordinance passed 13-3 (without amendment I'm guessing). We now have 30 days to get 25% of district residents to sign petitions for a re-vote.
  10. I noticed at the intersection of 11th and Heights that the construction reveals a layer of brick about six inches down. I'm surprised those weren't pulled up when it was paved at some point. I bet it looked pretty neat if the whole length was bricked. Anyway, thought it was a neat glimpse at the past...
  11. Ah, the good old days...when we would sit on the porch and listen to the Jake Brakes and Rice Rockets.
  12. Wait till the high-speed chases originating from the Walmart parking lot.
  13. Welcome to the Heights. If the searchlight isn't coming in through your bedroom window, go back to bed...
  14. I've been with Corey Logan for years now and highly recommend him...
  15. Ditto - combined with the new ramps....uck. I like the Northwest Mall location idea, that makes a lot more sense.
  16. Pretty sure it was based on the original house on the NE corner of Harvard and 18th.
  17. I saw a sign posted at the bike path and White Oak saying that the hearing for the South Heights district is on July 15th at 3 pm.
  18. Does anyone know how our Council Member stands on this issue? I just tried to call in and speak with him or one of his staff members and they referred me to Laura Thorp (his community liaison). She's a past president of the Heights Association if that's any indication. <snark>She lives in an amazing, very large Victorian, too, but her block is almost entirely bungalows. I guess if it burned down she'd be forced by the Committee to rebuild a bungalow on the site.</snark>
  19. Hey Dbigtex, you're not basing your opinion on a grainy pic from Google Maps are ya? Go by and take a look at the place.
  20. If you cut to the E before the tracks you can loop around and there's a track crossing not too far away (Maury). I've been doing that and then taking the bridge over Crockett and back to the trail
  21. I'm told there won't be an opt out, at least not for quite some time - the city council will put a moratorium on permitting at least until the end of the year while they work on making the changes to the districts. If they want to change them, it seems fair to continue under the current rules until new voting/petitions can be circulated.
  22. Leaving aside whether or not it's a good thing for a sec (I have mixed feelings), is this what the people who signed the petitions were sold?
  23. I just had a friend call me SCREAMING about something the city is doing wrt historic districts. He said there's going to be a moratorium on permitting until Dec 31 put into place and the mayor is going to bring a vote to change them to protected districts. Anybody know anything?
  24. It looks like they're going to elevate it. They're prepping a lot of cylindrical supports there now.
  25. Heights West? First we were arguing whether or not the Heights extended to Shepherd (no), now it's all the way to Ella?
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