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  1. I took some of the ornaments off last night and just took some beads off a little while ago. It's kind of busy around here right now to do too much. When I was little, just as soon as we finished opening presents, my mom would start taking down the tree. Christmas is over. The stores are already putting Valentine stuff out today.
  2. When I was little we'd go to my grandparents' house on Christmas Eve and open gifts and eat finger foods, like sandwiches, dips, cookies, etc. Then at home my sister and I would open our presents from each other, I think. Then do our "Santa" presents Christmas morning. For lunch we'd do Christmas presents and the whole turkey thing at my other grandma's house. Actually I think sometimes things were reversed, the Christmases at grandparents'. Now we still do Christmas Eve at my grandma's house (my grandfather died). Still do immediate family late Christmas morning/early afternoon. My other grandma passed away, so now we have Christmas day dinner at my aunt's house at around 4:00. We don't do presents with them. Something funny: I remember being so excited one year that I got out of bed and asked my parents if it was time to open presents only to have them tell me that the 10 o' clock news just went off. I could never sleep on Christmas Eve.
  3. The video is available in on the website. Catch it while you can! http://abcnews.go.com/WN/ I think it's a great idea. It got some national attention on Yahoo news a few days ago as well. Check out the poor woman at :38. She doesn't know where the "music" is coming from and looks like she's in pain.
  4. Fa la la la! And I thought I was being negative before (which I kind of felt guilty about). I don't like human clutter, either. Especially when it's cold because peoples' jackets and coats make them larger than they really are and spaces tighter. I don't like to wear jackets if I can't help it, because it feels like I've been swallowed by a Muppet and makes me not aware of my size. It's not like the jackets have nerves in them. You can't feel anything like whether or not you're dragging your arm through filth, which is always a top concern. Crowded resturants are bad because there are people on all sides of you and if their jackets are puffy it makes it worse. I just realized I must have claustrophobia when it comes to bulky coats.
  5. TJones, don't put up your capris either! Ha ha. My sister is about the same size as me and she's always hot. And I'm not petite, I'm just sort of average. I'm thinking of taking up crack in the new year, though, so we'll see. I got a new one with gold embellishments. Always adds a touch of class to an otherwise plain shirt. On the back it says, "F*ck y'all" over a marijuana leaf. I had that customized. Mmm, yeah, it's tight!
  6. Oops! I thought it looked like the C on the Cincinnati Reds cap. Did you get the island idea from my avatar? That's acually a "Lost" postcard from ABC.com. But yeah, living on an island would rule. You all can come. We'll have a beach party a la '60s B movies!
  7. Ok, yes, the ground was sweating. I noticed that, too. I stepped in cat poo poo and got my feet all wet, but so what.
  8. Ooh, well, whatever floats yer boat. I'm assuming you live in Ohio? The Reds avatar...
  9. Yeah, you better put that smiley face on there. Now today was awsome! Could have used a little more sunshine, but I'll take this. I woke up this morning burning up and went, "ahhhh". I wore my favorite summer blouse today. This is what I'm talking about.
  10. That'd be much too cool for summer. Mid '80s for summer would be good.
  11. Even I don't like it that hot. Somewhere hovering between 80 and 70 would be ideal. Throw in some 60 degree days so that everyone can enjoy their new sweaters or whatever. These 40 degree temps and white skies are misery. And it zaps my energy worse than any hot summer day.
  12. It's not even officially winter yet. If we're getting our February weather in mid-December, I hate to think what February might bring. I know a lot of you like it because it feels Christmas-like and that's fine, but it is sure bringing me down.
  13. Those are going to be a booger to take down.
  14. Awsome!! Congratulations! This is a neat thread.
  15. :banging fists: Melt! Melt! Melt! Melt! Ha ha! I know, I just mean in general most everywhere you go it'll be limp brown ugliness. I went to Austin last late February and it was so brown and ugly that it made me appreciate the Houston winters so much, as I always have anyway. Now here it is only mid-December and look! Sorry, I'm not being very pleasant.
  16. So I guess this is going to kill everything and we're going to have a brown winter now instead of a green one. Yuck!
  17. Well I admit I wasn't expecting this. When I heard about a chance of snow I thought it would be a couple of flurries. Big deal. A couple of hours later it looked like movie snow.
  18. I grew up here in Houston and it's a big yawn for me too. Sorry, I'm not in a great mood today. Not all of it had to do with the weather. It's just one of those days. I don't give a crap about ice falling from the sky.
  19. Do you ever get the urge to bite into a stick of Chapstick or other lip balm? I like Soft Lips personally. Sometimes I want to bite it plumb in half. I think it would feel good.
  20. Ah, whatever. I mean even when it's gorgeous outside but still chilly, it gets me a little down. I just don't like the cold, period. The only thing I like about the cold is that I can drink hot tea all day long and I like hot tea. In the summer I'm good if I can get one cup in at breakfast.
  21. Oh. I misspelled weather. Is that what?
  22. Wish it would warm up already. Cold wheather depresses me. Even if it's beautiful outside.
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