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  1. From todays "The Woodlands E-Neighbor" General Growth Properties, Inc. (GGP) announced on Thursday, April 16, 2009 that it has voluntarily sought relief under Chapter 11 of the United States Bankruptcy Code in the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of New York. Certain GGP subsidiaries and GGP
  2. The official report I have heard is Research Forest will be completed when 1488 goes four lanes. TW has a concern that RF will be a bypass for the 1488 traffic. Already the Stonebridge Church is having problems with people (like me ) knowing the gate code and using their access drive as a shortcut between RF and 1488. See
  3. I am attempting to restart this thread because the old one was drifting off topic. Please start other threads to discuss trees and dentists. Have any other stores committed to this development? Will the anchor store be a Target or Super Target?
  4. Where the heck do you get off thinking that TW is setup as anti-social? Our neighborhood on Wynnoak was overly social to a fault. Whenever my wife and I were working in the front yard inevitably five or six neighbors would come over to converse. Others would bring their dogs to play with our dog. Their kids would be playing football, baseball or soccer in the street. Before you knew it there were 10-15 people milling around our driveway and we could never get anything done. Maybe the exception is the megabuck gated areas, but that is only a small fraction of the neighborhoods in TW. Actually I can only think of three gated neighborhoods here. Why does everyone assume/accuse that every neighborhood is megabuck? I think TW has done a great job of developing the COMMUNAL bike paths, the COMMUNAL parks, and the COMMUNAL areas of Town Center. Plus every village has their own little COMMUNAL shopping center where you run into your local neighbors. How is this not promoting community?
  5. If I were potential business, I would have a huge concern about confusing my location by having a Magnolia name and/or address. We live nearby in Greenfield Forest, and everyone assumes we live near the city of Magnolia. At least the "Woodlands West" name gave a clear indication of the location. I noticed on the map this area has a name "Egypt", however there is another town called Egypt just north of Wharton. Considering the population explosion that we are about to experience in this area, there has to be better name to define this area. How about "Magnolia East"?!?
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