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  1. http://goo.gl/jgDYUT Whether you love or hate the design, at least they attempted to build something visually interesting.
  2. Article from the Houston Business Journal: http://goo.gl/yrPdn6
  3. I no longer live in The Woodlands and have no love for the place. However your comment of it being a “parasite to Houston” really stuck in my craw, and I am curious exactly what resources it is draining from Houston. On the contrary, The Woodlands continues to make “service payments” (legalized extortion) to Houston to prevent annexation. Hardly a parasite. The Woodlands is grown large enough to incorporate and is developing a plan: http://goo.gl/fe1cMr however there is much resistance to that happening.
  4. Developments are not parasites; it’s the residents who move into the development that are users of the resources. However they also pay taxes to cover the cost of the expanded resources. The population is expanding daily and they have to live somewhere. When you moved to Cypress you became a parasite too. The only cure is mass sterilization and/or euthanasia, unless you have any better ideas.
  5. The new Grand Central Park website is up: http://www.grandcentralparktx.com/
  6. Would seem to make sense. They are currently extending League Line road east past 75 (becomes Tom Stinson drive and connects to Technology parkway) so businesses can have direct access to the industrial park.
  7. Was wandering through the Conroe Industrial park (west side of the airport) and stumbled across this lonely development. Could not find a sign naming the park, other than the ring road was Deison Park Blvd and found a “Constellation Plaza” plaque. There is no official parking lot but found a gravel area on the northeast side of the Deison loop. Was very beautiful and high-tech, even the drainage grates were done artistically. However the park was almost creepy having an abandoned feel. The planting beds were not maintained, but the fountains were on and most of the grass was mowed. Location on Google Maps: https://goo.gl/fz7QCh Found this new report: http://goo.gl/tOXEa1 that lists the actual cost of $14.5 million.
  8. From the ERCOT site map and description I erroneously assumed the entire area was ERCOT, and only The Woodlands was specifically excluded. The second map indicates the entire area is SERC which is now understandable.
  9. The map on the ERCOT page indicates the line is well east of The Woodlands. Did another search and found a map with a totally different eastern border. This border (if correct) makes sense why The Woodlands is on a different grid.
  10. Trivia information: The ERCOT region…does not include the El Paso area, the Texas Panhandle, Northeast Texas (Longview, Marshall, and Texarkana), or Southeast Texas (Beaumont, Port Arthur, and The Woodlands) http://www.opuc.texas.gov/ercot.html#ERCOT Not that it is necessarily good or bad thing, but just curious exactly why?
  11. http://impactnews.com/houston-metro/the-woodlands/shell-addresses-possible-montgomery-county-campus/ Shell Oil Company has addressed rumors of a planned Montgomery County campus. Shell, one of the world’s largest oil and gas companies, responded to an inquiry from Community Impact Newspaper Feb. 19, which asked if the company has plans to build a campus in Montgomery County. Head of U.S. Media Relations Kelly op de Weegh responded via email that such a facility is not in the works. “We have no such plans for Montgomery County,” op de Weegh said. Rumors of a possible Shell campus located from anywhere between Willis and The Woodlands have circulated for some time, particularly following the announcement, and subsequent construction, of the 385-acre ExxonMobil campus in Spring.
  12. Agreed. I defected from The Woodlands to get away from all that garbage. Figured the Conroe-Willis area would be far enough away but they just moved the mess north.
  13. http://impactnews.com/houston-metro/the-woodlands/howard-hughes-corporation-announces-details-for-new-conroe-a/ The Howard Hughes Corporation and The Woodlands Development Company have announced details regarding a new master-planned community north of Conroe. The as-yet unnamed project will be located on about 2,000 acres north of Conroe and south of Willis, about 13 miles north of The Woodlands, said Development Company Co-President Tim Welbes. The new Howard Hughes project will feature more than 1,400 acres of residential development that will house about 4,800 lots. By comparison, The Woodlands is housed on more than 28,000 acres and features 31,900 homes, according to the Development Company. The first homes will become available in 2016, and a grand opening is scheduled for spring 2017, Welbes said.
  14. My conjecture: I see minimal benefit for the Woodlands Parkway extension, definitely not enough to justify the $22M price tag. How many residents regularly commute to the Tomball area and west? The money would be much better spent, and benefit all south county residents, by widening 2978 south to the new 249 bypass. The two most likely scenarios for pushing the WP extension are: 1. The Woodlands township does not have property owner fees. Instead revenue is based on a local sales tax. The extension would theoretically bring in business from much wider area to enhance revenue. 2. Someone on the township board owns financial interest in property along the proposed route. Would be a good article for an investigative journalist to research. Disclaimer: I no longer live in The Woodlands or surrounding area so have no emotional connection to the issue.
  15. Just went on the market. They had an open house on Saturday: http://www.har.com/61282393
  16. Interesting…the Camp Strake property is currently “dry”. There is a proposition on the November ballot to allow the sale of alcohol. http://fatcatwebproductions.com/ThePaper_2014/md-thenews/content/conroe-voters-asked-approve-proposition-nov-4-ballot CONROE, TX (October 20, 2014) -- Conroe voters will have the opportunity to approve a November 4 ballot measure allowing for the legal sale of beer, wine and mixed beverages in the restaurants and hotels planned for the former Camp Strake property. When the former Camp Strake property was annexed by the City of Conroe, the wet/dry lines governing where alcohol could be sold did not move along with the annexation lines. The property, therefore, remained dry. This proposition ensures equal and fair application of Conroe’s current laws to all areas of the city.
  17. The Mestizo population of Mexico is considered Caucasian, as with a large of the population of Europe. Caucasian does not exclusively mean white American.
  18. It's been erect for 30 years now. Aren't you supposed to call if it lasts more than 4 hours?
  19. The Lake is actually above the full pool: source http://conroe.uslakes.info/Level.asp
  20. I have contacted the manager at the Westland Bunker Data Center who has agreed to schedule a tour. http://www.westlandbunker.com/ Would anyone be interested if I would setup a HAIF tour group of the bunker?
  21. Was looking for an interesting yet affordable place to move near Lake Conroe and toured Harbor Town this weekend. Looks very promising. Anyone who knows anyone who knows anyone who knows anyone that lives there? Would like the inside scoop from a resident on how the place really is.
  22. Conroe has already built a luxury terminal to handle discriminating private fliers. http://galaxyfbo.com/
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